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Important Days in June in India, List for June 2023 Events

Important Days in June 2023

Important Days in June 2023: June is the 6th month according to the Gregorian Calendar which is usually followed by the world. This is the second of four months to have a length of 30 days, and the third of five months to have a length of fewer than 31 days. In many parts of India, June marks the beginning of the monsoon season. The important dates are asked in many of the competitive exams in the general awareness section. Candidates preparing for the SSC, Railways, Banks, UPSC Civil Services, NDA, CDS, PSC, and other exam needs proper General Awareness preparation to crack it.

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Important Days in June

Here we are providing you with the list of the most important days in June for national as well as international events. Candidates just read the detailed table provided below and this will help you to move one step ahead towards your government exam preparations.

Check out the list of National and International Days of June 2023 given below:

Important Dates Events
1st June
  • World Milk Day
  • Global Parents Day
2nd June
  • International Sex Workers Day
  • Telangana Formation Day
3rd June World Bicycle Day
4 June
  • International Day of Innocent
  • Children Victims of Aggression
5 June World Environment Day
6th June World Pest Day
7 June World Food Safety Day
8th June
  • World ocean day
  • World Brain Tumor Day
9th June World Accreditation Day
12th June World day against Child Labour (Anti Child Labor Day)
14th  June World Blood Donor Day
15th June Global Wind Day
18th June International Picnic Day
19th June National Reading Day
20th June World Refugee day
21st June (3rd Sunday)
23rd June United Nation’s public service day
23rd June International Widow’s day
26th June International Day against Drug abuse & Illicit Trafficking
27th June International MSME Day
29th June National Statistics Day
30th June International Asteroid Day International Day of Parliamentarism

Most Important Days in June: Detailed Information

There are several important days celebrated in June in India. Here are some notable ones.

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1st June- World Milk Day

We are always asked by our parents to drink milk every day because milk is rich in calcium required for healthy bones. It provides livelihood to many dairy farmers as well. we celebrate world milk day to raise awareness about the milk

1st June- Global Day Of Parents

Global Day of Parents is celebrated to honor the sacrifices made by parents to make their children successful.

3rd June- World Bicycle Day

In today’s stressful life, it is very crucial to remain healthy by doing exercise. Bicycle is one of the means of transportation that is used commonly. World bicycle day is celebrated to raise awareness of the usage of bicycles as means of transportation as it is eco-friendly.

Bicycle Day Images - Free Download on Freepik

4th June- International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

This day is celebrated to have the attention of society toward the suffering undergone by children around the globe who are the victims of aggression. Thousands of children face domestic violence who have lost their parents

5th June- World Environment Day

With the passing of every single day, we hear news of global climate change which is going on due to the disturbing ecological balance of the environment. India observes World Environment Day to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote actions to protect the environment.

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6th June- World Pest Day

The problem of pests increases in the rainy season as it gives rise to a lot of diseases so there are pest organizations that play a very crucial role in guarding public health. This day is celebrated to raise awareness about this

7th June- World Food Safety Day

It is very important to eat healthy food and avoid eating at roadside food stalls as it increases the chances of food infection. This day is celebrated to bring awareness and promote action to help prevent, detect, and manage foodborne risks, contributing to food safety, human health, etc.

Free Vector | Hand drawn world food safety day illustration

8th June- World Oceans Day

This day is celebrated to mark the importance of oceans which are getting polluted due to sea garbage and due to which the marine life is getting affected

12th June- Anti-Child Labor Day

Anti child labor day is observed to focus attention on the global extent of child labor and the action and efforts needed to eliminate it.

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14th June- World Blood Donor Day

This day is dedicated to recognizing and thanking voluntary blood donors for their life-saving contributions. Various camps and initiatives are organized across India to encourage people to donate blood.

World Blood Donor Day | Blood Donation | Birla Hospital

19th June- National Reading Day

India will celebrate the 27th edition of the national reading day on June 19 this year. This day is celebrated in honor of the father of India’s library movement Puthuvayil Narayana Panicker.

20th June- World Refugee Day

This day is organized every year by the United Nations and is designed to celebrate and honor refugees from all around the world.

21st June- International Yoga Day

This day is marked globally to highlight the physical, mental, and spiritual advantages of yoga practice. Yoga fans in India take part in mass yoga sessions, workshops, and other events to promote the value of yoga in leading a healthy lifestyle.

26th June- International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking

To raise awareness among people against drug abuse and the illegal drug trade, international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking is observed every year on the 26th of June. The first international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking was observed in the year 1989.

27th June- International MSME Day

Medium and small-scale enterprises play a very important role in the growth of the country’s economy. This day is celebrated to mark the contribution made by the MSME Sector to the development of the country.

29th June- National Statistics Day

To mark the birth anniversary of Prof. Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis who made a valuable contribution in the field of economic planning and statistical development.

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30th June-World Asteroid Day

‘The Asteroid Day’ is celebrated on June 30 every year. It is held on the anniversary of the Siberian Tunguska event that took place on June 30, 1908, the most harmful known asteroid-related event on Earth in recent history. The United Nations has proclaimed it to be observed globally on June 30 every year in its resolution.


When was the International Day of Yoga celebrated for the first time?

The International Day of Yoga was first celebrated on 21 June 2015. Since then it is celebrated worldwide on 21st June.

When is World Environment Day is celebrated?

World Environment Day occurs on 5th June.

When is World Food Safety Day occurs?

The World Food Safety Day occurs on 7th June.

Which day is celebrated on 23rd June?

These are the days celebrated on 23rd June:

1.International Olympic Day
2.United Nations Public Service Day
3.International Widow’s Day.

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