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Important Days in December 2023, Check Complete List

Important Days in December 2023

December is the twelfth and last month of the year and has 31 days in total according to Gregorian calendar. In December month we celebrate various important days due to their cultural and religious importance. In the month of December, several important days are celebrated for their national and global significance. The name December was derived from the Latin word ‘Decem’ which means 10 and depicts the tenth month of the Roman Calendar. General Awareness is the important scoring part of the competitive exam. This may help the candidates to prepare accordingly for their desired job.

Important Days in December

Some days are also celebrated to commemorate the events related to it. There are many important days in December and we celebrate them with their objectives too. Each day comes with a new event to feel happy and proud. Students also need to prepare for the important days of the month of December for their upcoming examinations. To facilitate the students to prepare well, important days of the month of December have been listed in detail in this article.

List of Important Days in December

General Awareness is an important section asked in several competitive examinations. The important days in December month are listed below. This list may help in the preparation for examinations and also enhance your knowledge.

List of Important Days (December)
1 December
  • World AIDS Day
2 December
  • National Pollution Control Day
  • World Computer literacy day
  • International day of Abolition of Slavery
3 December
  • World of the Handicapped or International Day of Persons with Disabilities
4 December
  • Indian Navy Day
5 December
  • World Soil Day
  • International Volunteer Day
6 December
  • BR Ambedkar’s Death anniversary
  • National Microwave Oven Day
7 December
  • Armed Forces Flag Day
  • International Civil Aviation Day
8 December
  • Bodhi Day
9 December
  • The International Anti Corruption Day
10 December
  • Human Rights Day
  • Death Anniversary of Alfred Nobel
11 December
  • International Mountain Day
  • UNICEF Day
12 December
  • Universal Health Coverage Day
13 December
  • National Horse Day
14 December
  • National Energy Conservation Day
16 December
  • Vijay Diwas
18 December
  • Minorities Rights Day in India
  • International Migrants day
19 December
  • Goa’s Liberation Day
20 December
  • International Human Solidarity Day
21 December
  • Blue Christmas
  • World Saree Day
22 December
  • National Mathematics Day
  • Winter Solstice
23 December
  • Kisan Diwas (Farmer’s Day)
24 December
  • National Consumer Rights Day
25 December
  • Christmas Day
  • Good Governance Day (India)
26 December
  • Veer Bal Diwas
  • Boxing Day
27 December
  • International Day of Epidemic Preparedness
31 December
  • New Year Eve

Important Days in December 2023 with their Significance

The important days in December with their importance and significance are mentioned here in detail. So refer to the below content for the same.

1 December – World Aids Day

World AIDS Day is observed on 1st December every year to raise awareness of AIDS caused by HIV infection. World AIDS Day is an important and popular campaign run by the World Health Organization. For the first time, the world’s largest conference on HIV and AIDS will be hosted in person in Montreal, Canada, as well as virtually, to make it accessible to as many people as possible. The theme for World AIDS day 2023 is “Let communities lead”.

2 December – World Computer Literacy Day

World Computer Literacy Day is observed on 2nd December annually. The objective to celebrate this day is to create awareness while driving digital literacy in underserved communities. It promotes the inculcation of technological skills among women, children, and young professionals. The theme of World Computer Literacy Day 2023 is “Literacy for human-centered recovery – Narrowing the digital divide”.

2 December – International Day of Abolition of Slavery

International Day of Abolition of Slavery is observed on 2nd December every year across the world. The abolition of slavery meant the legal prohibition of slavery, especially the institutional enslavement of Black people in the U.S. The theme of International Day of Abolition of Slavery 2023 is “Fighting slavery’s legacy of racism through transformative education”.

3 December – World Day of Handicapped International Day of People with Disabilities

International Day of People with Disabilities is celebrated on 3rd December the whole world. This day is celebrated to make disabled persons strong and motivate them to achieve whatever they want in life. There are many campaigns also launched globally to support persons with disabilities. The theme of 2023 International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) is “United in action to rescue and achieve the SDGs for, with and by persons with disabilities”.

4 December – Indian Navy Day

Indian Navy Day is observed on 4th December in India. It is celebrated to recognize the achievements and role of the Indian Navy in the country. 4 December was chosen as that day in 1971, during Operation Trident, the Indian Navy sank four Pakistani vessels including PNS Khaibar, killing hundreds of Pakistani Navy personnel. The theme for Navy Day 2023 is “Jalameva Yasya, Balameva Tasya”.

5 December – International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day is celebrated on 5th December at the global level. The United Nations Volunteers Program (UNV) coordinates International Volunteer Day on 5 December every year to recognize and promote the tireless work, not just of UN Volunteers, but of volunteers across the globe. The theme of International Volunteer Day 2023 is “The power of collective action: if everyone did.

6 December – BR Ambedkar Death Anniversary

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar was the head of the drafting committee of the Indian Constitution. He passed away on 06th December 1956 and since then this day is celebrated as BR Ambedkar Death Anniversary. He also served as first Law and Justice Minister of independent India during the tenure 1947–52.

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7 December – Armed Forces Flag Day

The Armed Forces Flag Day is observed on the 7th of December annually. Since 1949, 7th December is observed as the Armed Forces Flag Day in the country to honor the martyrs and the men in uniform who valiantly fought on our borders to safeguard the country’s honor. There cannot be a nobler cause than laying down one’s life for the country. The theme for Armed Forces Flag Day in 2023 is “The union of hearts, the union of hands, And the flag of our Union forever.”

7 December – International Civil Aviation Day

International Civil Aviation Day is observed on 7th December across the globe. It is observed to recognize the importance of aviation to the social and economic development of the world. The theme for International Civil Aviation Day 2023 is “Advancing Innovation for Global Aviation Development”.

9 December – International day against corruption

International Day Against Corruption is organized on 9th December across the world. It aimed to end corruption totally and various acts and campaigns are launched for the same. This day will be observed in 2023 with the theme “Uniting the World Against Corruption.”

10 December – Human Rights Day

Every year Human Rights Day is observed on 10th December. It aimed to make people about their rights and not exploit them. The theme for Human Rights Day 2023 is “Freedom, Equality and Justice for All.”

11 December – UNICEF Day

The full form of UNICEF is UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children Emergency Fund. As the name suggests, this organisation raises fund tp help the world, specially the children. The theme of UNICEF day 2023 is “For Every Child, Every Right”.

11 December – International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day is observed on 11th December every year. It is organized to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life, highlight the opportunities and constraints in mountain development, and build alliances that will bring positive change to mountain peoples and environments around the world. Th theme of International Mountain Day 2023 is “Restoring mountain ecosystems”.

14 December – International Energy Day

International Energy Day is observed on 14th December across the globe. It is observed to highlight the importance of energy consumption and its use in our day-to-day life, its scarcity, and its impact on the sustainability of global ecosystems. The theme for International Energy Day in 2023 is “Energy transition = Energy security!”.

18 December – International Migrants Day

International Migrants Day is observed on 18th December across the world. It is organized for the protection of human rights. The theme for International Migrants Day 2023 is “Honouring the Contributions of Migrants and Respecting their Rights”.

19 December – Goa’s Liberation Day

Goa’s Liberation Day is observed on 19th December annually. It is one of the most significant days in the history of Goa, also considered a forgotten war of freedom, December 19 commemorates the freeing of Goa from Portuguese rule by the Indian Armed Forces and the complete independence of the Indian subcontinent.

23 December – Kisan Diwas (Farmer’s Day)

Kisan Diwas, or National Farmers’ Day, is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister and farmer leader Chaudhary Charan Singh. The idea behind celebrating the day is to express our gratitude to farmers who form the backbone of the country’s economy.

25 December – Christmas Day

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December every year. It is celebrated by the majority of Christians. The Roman Christian historian Sextus Julius Africanus dated Jesus’s conception to March 25, which, after 9 months, is December 25. It is celebrated at a global level by Christian Community.

29 December – International Bio-diversity day

International Bio-diversity day is observed on 29th December annually. In December 2000, the UN General Assembly adopted 22 May as IDB, to commemorate the adoption of the text of the Convention on 22 May 1992 by the Nairobi Final Act of the Conference for the Adoption of the Agreed Text of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The theme of International Bio-Diversity Day 2023 is “From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity”.
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What are the important days in December 2023?

There are many important days in December having wide significance. Few of them are World AIDS Day, Indian Navy Day, World Computer Literacy Day, Vijay Diwas, UNICEF Day, Goa's Liberation Day, and the much-loved Christmas Day.

When is Christmas Festival celebrated?

The Christmas Festival is celebrated on 25th December annually. It's a popular festival in the Christian community and now-a-days people celebrates this day with utmost happiness.

What are the themes of important days in December 2023?

The themes of all the important days in December 2023 are mentioned in the above article.

What is theme of World Aids day 2023?

The World Aids Day is celebrated on 01 December every year. The them of World Aids Day 2023 is “Let communities lead.”

How many bank holidays are there in December 2023?

There are 18 bank holidays in December as per the Reserve Bank of India. Along with five festival holidays, there are 5 Sunday and 2 second Saturday on which the banks will be closed.