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RRB JE Salary Structure, Gross Pay and In Hand Salary

RRB JE Salary 2024: Railway Recruitment Board has announced 7911 vacancies for various departments for the post of Junior Engineer through an official notification. Candidates who want to join Railways, should know about RRB JE Salary and other benefits. RRB JE Salary falls under the Level 6 pay scale, with a basic salary of ₹35,400, which is comparable to the starting salary of an SSC Junior Engineer. Junior Engineer Salary is decided by Railway Recruitment Board. You will be knowing important things related to RRB JE Salary Structure in this article below.

What are the posts under RRB JE?

The candidates who are selected through the RRB JE Recruitment Process are appointed to various posts. These include the posts of JE, JE in Information Technology, Depot Material Superintendent, and Chemical & Metallurgical Assistant. As this article is about the remunerations provided to the selected candidates, it is necessary to state that the RRB JE Salary structure has been revised as per the 7th pay commission. All the posts under the RRB JE are provided below:

  • Junior Engineer (JE)
  • Junior Engineer (Information Technology)
  • Depot Material Superintendent (DMS)
  • Chemical & Metallurgical Assistant (CMA)

RRB JE Salary 2024

The salary of Junior Engineers selected will mainly consist of Basic Pay and Grade Pay. The basic pay that has been decided as per the 7th pay commission guidelines is Rs.35,400/- and other allowances are entitled to at that time. The grade pay for various posts under RRB Junior Engineer is given below:

Name of the Post Pay Band Grade pay
Junior Engineer (JE) Rs.35400 – Rs.112400 Rs. 4,200
Junior Engineer (Information Technology)
Depot Material Superintendent (DMS)
Chemical & Metallurgical Assistant (CMA)

RRB JE Salary Based on Job Location

According to the official Notification, the RRB JE Salary will depend upon the location of the posting. The Indian Railways have divided cities into 3 classes (Class A, Class B, and Class C) in which candidates will receive their salary according to the class of the city they have been posted. The three classes are as follows:

  • Class A: Metropolis
  • Class B: Metropolis + Other Big Cities
  • Class C: Village + Small Cities

The salary structure for Junior engineers according to their job location is given in the table below:

RRB JE Salary Structure as per Job Location
Component Class A Class B Class C
Basic Pay 13,500 13,500 13,500
Dearness Allowance 16,875 16,875 16,875
House Rent Allowance 4050 2700 1350
Other Allowance 4000 4000 4000
Salary in Hand 38,425 37,075 35,725
Deduction (Approx) 2000 2000 2000
Total Pay 36,425 35,075 33,725

RRB JE Salary After 7th Pay Commission

After the completion of the Training period, candidates will get the following salary. Candidates will get an increase in Basic Pay, which turns out to be Rs.36,500/-. Here, we have taken the X-Category for House Rate Allowances (HRA) which is 27%  for the candidates.

RRB JE 2024 Salary 
Income (Gross) Deductions
Salary Components In Rupees Salary Components In Rupees
Basic Pay Rs.36,500/- Income Tax Rs.6163/-
Dearness Allowances (50%) Rs.18,250/- Professional Tax Rs.200/-
House Rate Allowances Rs.9855/- Miscellaneous Tax Rs.1000/-
Travel Allowances Rs.4716/-
Total Rs.69,321/- Total Rs.7363/-
In-Hand Salary: Rs.61,958/-

RRB JE Allowances & Perks

Once selected in service, the Junior Engineers will be provided a variety of allowances to lead a comfortable life in the city where they are posted. The allowances and perks apart from basic pay in the salary structure are as follows:

  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • City Compensatory Allowance (CCA)
  • Railway Pass
  • Educational Allowance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Special Allowance

There have been certain changes in the House Rent Allowance after the 7th Pay Commission has been levied. The House Rent Allowance revised changes are as follows:

City- category House Rent Allowance after the 7th Pay Commission House Rent Allowance before the 7th Pay Commission
Population>50 lakhs (X) 24% 30%
The population within 50 lakhs (Y) 16% 20%
Population <5 lakhs (Z) 8% 10%

RRB JE Responsibilities & Job Role

As the name suggests, the role of JEs is exclusively in the engineering domain where they can put their knowledge to use and contribute significantly to the Indian Railways. All kinds of work related to the technical side of things fall in the domain of a JE. He/She will have various responsibilities of a Junior Engineer are given below:

  • Periodical and Accounting verification of stores and tools in his charge.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the valuable equipment like Overhead (OHE), and substations (PS) which are indulged in the shifting of rolling stock.
  • Monitoring the signaling installation of the stations.
  • Checking the working and availability of IT hardware/ software/ office equipment like photocopiers, fax machines, etc.

RRB JE Civil Engineer Job Profile

  • Maintenance and construction of Railway buildings such as the encroachment of railway land, staff quarters, water supply to these buildings, etc.
  • Platform Extension Work, construction or repair of Platform Sheds, Painting, etc. all the work included under asset creation.
  • For safe, smooth, and fast movements of trains responsibility is to ensure that railway tracks are proper and maintained.
  • Maintenance of the Bridges, conducting workshops and construction in the railway division.
  • Making the estimation, and drawing of work need to be put in for full platform readiness.

RRB JE Mechanical Engineer Job Profile

  • To make defect-free rolling stocks, i.e., diesel.
  • To maintain the conditions of components of goods wagons and passenger coaches.

RRB JE Electrical Engineer Job Profile

  • Monitoring and maintaining the valuable equipment like Overhead (OHE), and substations (PS) which are indulged in the shifting of rolling stock.
  • Maintenance of electric locomotive, equipment overhead, and traction (i.e. control the speed at which the drive wheels spin) distribution, lighting & air conditioning (AC) of the train, power supply, safety system, etc.
  • Producing and safeguarding the Main Line EMUs (MEMUs), Electrical Multiple Units (EMUs), and Electric Locomotives.

RRB JE Electrical Engineer Job Profile

  • Look after the signaling installation of the stations.
  • Finalizing the proposal for work budget, revenue, and periodic review.

RRB JE Career Growth

After a certain period, there are good chances of promotion for RRB JE. However, the period is different for all departments. Many times, candidates might have to take departmental exams for promotions. Such exams are meant to assess the technical skills and knowledge gained by the Junior Engineers while on the job. The various steps in the career progression of a candidate selected through RRB JE Recruitment are as follows:

  1. Senior Engineer
  2. Senior Section Engineer
  3. Assistant Divisional Engineer
  4. Divisional Engineer
  5. Senior Divisional Engineer



What is the Pay Band of a Junior Engineer in RRB JE?

The Pay Band of a Junior Engineer in RRB JE is Rs.35400 – Rs.112400.

What is the highest post in RRB JE?

The highest post under RRB JE is Senior Divisional Engineer.

What is the grade pay of a Junior Engineer?

The grade pay of a Junior Engineer is 4,200/-. Candidates must go through the detailed salary structure to understand the Grade Pay.

What are the additional allowances and perks given to the Railway JE candidates?

The candidates wo will be appinted as Junior Engineer under Railways will get additional allowances as House Rent Allowances, Dearness Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance, Railway Duty Pass, Education Allowances, Travel Allowances, Medical Allowances and Other Special Allowance accordding to the 7th Pay Commission.


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