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World Blood Donor Day: Safe Blood Saves Lives

The blood you donate will be regenerate in your body within weeks, and you need not fear that you will damage your body by donating blood.

World Blood Donor Day: Donating blood isn’t so common, and there are very few dedicated numbers of people who do it regularly. You may find that that there are people who might have done it for just once and a lot of others who wouldn’t have donated blood at all. There are several misconceptions regarding blood donations that make people apprehensive about donating. It has to be known that the blood you donate can save precious lives. World blood donor day is celebrated on June 14th to create that awareness and make people understand how crucial it is to donate blood.

World Blood Donor Day 2020 Theme: Safe Blood Saves Lives

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The blood you donate will be regenerate in your body within weeks, and you need not fear that you will damage your body by donating blood. People can donate blood regularly in a safe, prescribed manner. The blood gets donated to treatments as well as urgent medical interventions. During surgery for medical conditions, accident victims, maternal as well as neonatal care all need blood for life-saving purposes. 

Many of the countries getting safe blood is a struggle as there is no equipment to test the blood. Only a minor percentage of the population can procure safe blood for medical usage, mainly seen in developed countries. The developing countries have very few hospitals that can afford the equipment, thus resulting in an inadequate supply of safe blood. 

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Lack of awareness about voluntary unpaid blood donation has to be created. The world blood donor day is celebrated to get the government along with policymakers to work with NGOs to initiate the motivation towards safe blood donation. The objectives are clear and laid out pretty simply

  • Encouraging people to donate blood as well thank them
  • Awareness creation as to how donating blood can save lives
  • Safe blood donation can lead to effective health care
  • Mobilizing support from all quarters to strengthen the blood donation campaigns 

These initiatives will bring in positive change to the communities to have access to safe and quality assured blood and blood product. It may help not only emergency but in normal situations as well. On world blood donor day, the theme and objectives are chosen specifically targeting regions wherein there still is a need for awareness regarding blood donation. It is the day wherein

  • Governments
  • National health authorities
  • National blood transfusion services
  • NGOs
  • Hospitals
  • Volunteer doctors
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all come together to provide adequate resources and help put systems in place and infrastructure and hold blood donation camps, as seminars or street plays to depict the importance of safe blood transfusion. They work for 

  • Improve the collection of blood got from voluntary blood donors
  • To provide quality donor care
  • To promote and implement the right clinical usage of the blood collected
  • To set up systems of surveillance for the entire process of blood transfusion

The world donor day is like a huge campaign drive to help people understand the thought of saving lives and how gratifying it would be a lifesaver by giving some of your blood. It also demonstrates to the people to carry on donating, and there is no harm in donating blood regularly.


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