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SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2nd May 2023, Shift 1, 2, 3 Complete Overview, Good Attempts

SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2nd May 2023

SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2023: The Staff Selection Commission is conducting the SSC MTS examination from 2nd May 2023 to 19th May 2023 & 13th June 2023 to 20th June 2023. The exam will be conducted in 3 shifts. We are going to provide you detailed SSC MTS Exam Analysis for 2nd May Shift 1 and Shift 2. The SSC MTS Paper Analysis Tier 1 2023 will help you to understand the level of examination and the number of good attempts.

SSC MTS Exam Analysis Today

The SSC MTS 2023 Tier-1 Shift 2, 2nd May 2023 exam is over now and the candidates whose exam is scheduled for upcoming shifts have been waiting to know what is the level of questions asked in Shift-1 and Shift 2. We are providing you with a detailed SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2023 of all shifts along with the number of questions asked, and the number of good attempts which will help the candidates who are going to appear for the next shifts. The SSC MTS paper analysis provided by us is directly from the candidates who appeared for the exam.  The first shift exam was conducted from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM, 2nd Shift was conducted from 12: 00 PM to 1: 30 PM.

SSC MTS Paper 1 Exam Pattern

  • This year SSC has revised the SSC MTS Exam Pattern 2023. As per the revised exam pattern, a Computer-Based Examination will be conducted which is divided into 2 Sessions: Session-I and Session II. It is mandatory to attempt both Sessions. Not attempting any session will disqualify the candidate.
  • Paper- I will be objective type (Multiple Choice Questions).
  • There will be no negative marking in Session-I.
  • In Session II, there will be a negative marking of one mark for each wrong answer.
  • The questions will be set in English, Hindi, and other 13 languages.
Subject No. Of Questions Marks Duration
Session 1
Numerical and Mathematical Ability 20 60 45 minutes
Reasoning Ability and Problem-Solving 20 60
Total 40 120
Session 2
General Awareness 25 75 45 minutes
English Language and Comprehension 25 75
Total 50 150

SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2023: 2nd May Shift 1 and 2

As the first day both the 1st and 2nd slots of the SSC MTS examination have already been conducted, it is time to check the SSC MTS Exam Analysis. Let’s have a look at the detailed Section-Wise and overall analysis of the 2nd May 2023, all shifts of the SSC MTS 2023 Tier-1 Exam.

The level of the exam can be considered as Easy to Moderate as reviewed by the aspirants who attempted the Tier-1 exam in the 1st and 2nd Shift. The section-wise difficulty level and overall good attempts have been detailed below.

The below table depicts section-wise and overall good attempts in the SSC MTS exam. Candidates can understand the difficulty level and match their attempts with the mentioned one. The overall level of the exam was found to be Easy-Moderate.

Subject Shift 1 Good Attempt Shift 2 Good Attempt Shift 3 Good Attempt
Session 1
Numerical and Mathematical Ability 20 20
Reasoning Ability and Problem-Solving 20 20
Total  40  40  
Session 2
General Awareness 19-21 18-20 (Moderate)
English Language and Comprehension 22-23 20-22 (Easy)
Total 41-44 38-42

SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2023: English Language

The English Language section can be a tough nut to crack for many aspirants. The overall level of this section in the SSC MTS Exam was found to be Easy-Moderate.

SSC MTS Exam Analysis Shift 2

  • Cloze Test (5 Ques)
  • Spelling Check (2 ques)
  • Active and Passive
  • Heartless Synonym
  • Poke Your Nose Idiom and Phrases (2 ques)
  • Group of sheep is called?
  • Antynoym (3 ques ) and Synonyms (2 ques)
  • Fill in the blanks (3 ques)
  • One word Substitution (2 ques): Vagabond
  • Sentence Improvement 2-3 ques

SSC MTS Exam Analysis Shift 1

  • Clandestine: Synonym
  • Meaning of Noble 
  • Cordial: Synonym
  • Comic: Synonym
  • Idioms and phrases: 3 questions
  • Antonym/Synonym Callous / Blithe
  • Cloze Test Based on “Story of a Farmer”
Name of Topic No of Questions  Level 
Sentence Improvement 2 Easy
Fillers (Single Filler) 2 Easy
Error Detection 5 Moderate
Idioms/Phrases 2 Easy
Para jumbled 1 Easy-Moderate
Antonym/ Synonym 4 Easy
One word substitution 2 Easy
Spelling check 2 Easy
Cloze Test 5 Easy
Total 25 Easy

SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2023: Numerical Ability

The detailed SSC MTS Exam Analysis for the Numerical Ability. Candidates can score more in this section as this is totally calculative. The topic-wise distribution of marks has been provided below.

SSC MTS Exam Analysis Shift 2

  • Mathematical operation: 2 ques
  • Number System 2 ques
  • Percentage 1 Q
  • Proft and Loss: 2 Qs
  • DI single Pie Chart
  • Average: 3 Qs
  • LCM and HCF 1 Q
  • Speed, Time, and Distance 2 Qs
  • Partnership 2Qs

SSC MTS Exam Analysis Shift 1

  • Percentage Income based ques
  • x+1/x=5, Find the value of x^2+1/x^2=?
  • PA=1000, R=10%, T=2 years, then find the value of CI.
Name of Topic No of Questions  Level 
S.I, CI, Profit/Loss 2-3 Easy-Moderate
Number Series 2 Easy
Mensuration 1 Easy-Moderate
Simplification 2 Easy-Moderate
Algebra 2 Easy-Moderate
Time and Work 2 Moderate
Percentage 3 Easy
Mathematical operations 3 Moderate
Miscellaneous 2 Easy-Moderate
Total 20 Easy-Moderate

SSC MTS Tier 1 Exam Analysis: General Awareness

The General Awareness section always comes up with surprises. Mixed reviews were seen from the candidates regarding this section. The questions were mainly asked from current affairs and Static GK.

SSC MTS Exam Analysis Shift 2

  • Current Affairs: 6-7 ques
  • Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam
  • Who introduced the Silver Tanka?
  • Article 17 (Untouchability) related ques
  • Human Body’s Normal Temperature
  • Who was the UK president for 44 days?
  • Walker Cup is related to which sports?
  • Meghalaya Harvesting festival
  • Indian Railway’s carbon-free target
  • Jain temple was built by?
  • CENSUS Highest Literacy Rate?
  • Who won Major Dyanchand Award 2021 for Parashoooting?
  • Who won Padma Bhushan Award in 1998 for Kuchipudi Dance Form?
  • Who was the president of the Swaraj Party during the time of its foundation?
  • Bharatnayatam related one ques
  • Shiv Kumar belongs to which musical Instrument?
  • Total Geographical Area of India Worldwide?
  • Science 2-3 ques

SSC MTS Exam Analysis Shift 1

  • IPL 2022 related one ques
  • Vishakhapatnam capital related one ques
  • Where was the First Female G-20 Meeting held?
  • Article 61 related one que: impeachment
  • The 3rd Battle of Panipat was held in which year?
  • Modern History: Round Table Conference was held in?
  • Middle History Ibrahim Lodhi related
  • Article 51
  • History 5-6 ques
  • How many national emergencies have been declared?
  • One question from folk dance
  • One question from Paragliding Festival
  • Festival: Mopin
  • Ilyas Khan plays which musical instrument
  • 1 Question from Budget
  • Who is the present CM of Bihar?
  • Biospherical reserve in India is situated in?
  • The cell membrane is present in which part of the human body?
  • “Race of My Life book” written by whom?
  • Corporate tax for 1 rs in 2023?
  • Deccan Maratha Revenue related one ques?
  • Homi Bhabha cancer institute is situated in?

SSC MTS Exam Analysis 2nd May 2023, Shift 1, 2, 3 Complete Overview, Good Attempts, read in Hindi

SSC MTS Exam Analysis: Reasoning Ability and Problem-Solving

This section is comprised of questions asked from various topics. This section contains 20 questions for 60 marks. This section of the examination is qualifying in nature with no negative marking. The questions asked are provided here.

SSC MTS Exam Analysis Shift 2

  • Coding Decoding- 1 ques
  • Analogy: 1 ques
  • Seating arrangement (Circular): 2 ques
  • Syllogism  2Qs
  • Oder and Ranking 1 qs
  • Number Series 2 Qs
  • Analogy GK based
  • Matrix 1 que
  • BODMAS 2 Ques


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What is the total number of questions asked in the SSC MTS Tier 1 exam?

The total number of questions asked is 90 for 270 marks.

What are the overall good attempts for SSC MTS Tier-1 Exam of 2nd May 2023, Shift-2?

As per the analysis, the overall good attempt is 40 for Session 1 and 38-42 for Session 2.

What was the level of SSC MTS Exam 2023 2nd Shift?

The level of the exam was Easy-Moderate.

In how many shifts the SSC MTS Exam 2023 is taking place?

The SSC MTS Exam 2023 is taking place in 3 shifts.

How many sections are there in SSC MTS Tier-1 Exam 2023?

The SSC MTS Exam 2023 is conducted in 4 sections.

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