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Ordnance Factories Day in India, 18th March

Ordnance Factories Day in India

Observed every year on March 18th in India, the Ordnance Factories’ Day marks the day when the oldest Ordnance Factory in the country, located at Cossipore in Kolkata, West Bengal was established in 1802. It is on this day that the Ordnance Factory, Small Arms Factory, Field Gun Factory, Ordnance Equipment Factory as well as the Ordnance Parachute Factory all celebrate with great pomp and excitement. 

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Popularly known as the Fourth Arm of Defence, the Ordnance Factories Board is one of the four arms of defense in the country, along with the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, and the Indian Navy. The history of the Ordnance Factory and this day has its roots stuck deep into the times of British Rule in India. In 1775, the East India Company founded the Ordnance Board at Fort William In Calcutta. This was mostly because they had realized the importance that military hardware had when it came to increasing their powers, both political as well as social, in the country. 

National Ordnance Factories Day is quite important in India, especially since it is the need of the hour for every citizen of the country to know about the proper arms and ammunition required for the country’s security. Moreover, it is also important for them to know about the defense measures that the country is taking for its own safety. 

Ordnance Factories’ Day Celebration

The factories celebrate Ordnance Factories Day by putting up exhibitions and displaying guns, rifles, ammunition, artillery, and much more. Furthermore, these exhibitions are open to the public too. It is on this day when workers of all classes and departments within the various industrial weapons facilities take part in the occasions. The celebration of Ordnance Factories Day in India usually starts with the flag hoisting ceremony and the singing of the National Anthem. Then, the workers start a parade, which is followed by exhibitions. Moreover, one can also see the photographs of the many mountaineering expeditions displayed in the exhibitions.

In addition to this, the staff and employees also conduct discussions, seminars, and talks regarding the development of new defense technology in the country. Finally, employees and workers also receive certain recognitions, rewards, and awards for their dedication to their work and the industry. 

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What is the history of Ordnance Factory in India?

The details related to that are provided below.

Which is the biggest Ordnance Factory in India?

OFB was the 37th-largest defense equipment manufacturer in the world, the 2nd-largest in Asia, and the largest in India.

How many ordinance factory are there in India?

There is the total of 41 Ordnance Factories in India.


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