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World Water Day: 22nd March

Water is our lifeline, and the amount of freshwater seems very less compared to water bodies prevalent on the face of the earth. Hence, 22nd March is picked out to commemorate a day for water and as World water day. There isn’t enough potable water, and people have ventured far to have access to water. The need to use water judiciously is the call of the day.

  • World Water Day 2023-> 22nd March
  • Theme-> Accelerating the change to solve the water and sanitation crisis
  • World Water Day first observed in 1993

Why the UN marks Water Day?

Most water bodies seem polluted with chemicals, Sewage, plastic, other debris, all caused by human negligence and apathy. On this day, we have the world over with the emphasis of preserving freshwater and replenishing the water table by various means is worked out for several regions which are facing an extreme water crisis. Numbers were put forth on how water resources are depleting year by year and why so little gets done to prevent this act against nature. 

World Water Day In Hindi

How can Water be saved?

Committees get formed, and discussions on sustainable water policies are tabled and tried to be implemented both in developing and third world countries. But as industrialization peaks and an increase in the population comes to the fore. The consumption and depletion of the water resources are rapidly happening at the same time.

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Nonetheless, a day is devoted to water. It is an essential commodity that no one can forego. Our health depends on it. Water is required for various reasons right from the economic causes to the social and human development related issues that need water. The United Nations has worked out multiple programs for public awareness so that people can understand the repercussions of neglecting such a vital building block of our life.

Various seminars, conferences, round table meetings, and other expositions mainly held to make the world leaders and advisory boards to several nations to stand together. And help make efforts to save the remaining freshwater resources and rejuvenate the ones that have dried up or drying up.

As the world is facing Coronavirus Pandemic with more than 2 lakh cases confirmed around the world, people must wash their hands properly at regular intervals. Although it is necessary to wash hands for 20 seconds, people must not waste water. Do not let the water run for 1-2 minutes while you are applying the soap. Utilize the water properly in this fight against Covid-19.

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Why World water day is celebrated?

22nd March is picked out to commemorate a day for water and as World water day.


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