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World Theatre Day 2023: 27th March, Theme, History

WORLD THEATRE DAY: For many centuries now, the theatre has constantly been one of the major forms of entertainment for people. Not only is it fun, but it can also inculcate a lot of information and knowledge within a person. Every year, on March 27th, we celebrate World Theatre Day around the world. We celebrate it to create awareness about the importance of theatre. This year, the theme of World Theatre Day is  “Theatre and a Culture of Peace”

History of World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day, also known as WTD, was initiated by the International Theatre Institute (ITI) in the year 1961. Ever since its initiation, ITI centers around the world, along with the international theatre community, celebrate the day annually on March 27th. Theatres all across the globe organize and host events to mark this day. In one such event, a theatre personality, known for their works in theatre, shares and circulates the World Theatre Day International Message at the invitation of ITI. In the message, they share their reflections of the theme of Theatre, along with a Culture of Peace. 

The first-ever World Theatre Day International Message was written by Jean Cocteau of France in the year 1962. Ever since that year, the ITI Centres, which have grown to over 90 number around the world, observe and celebrate this day with theatre professionals, actors, lovers, schools, and more. The International Message is also translated into over 50 languages, read for thousands of people before performances in theatres, and even printed in numerous daily newspapers. Additionally, radio and television channels also transmit the Message to viewers and listeners across five continents. 

How can I celebrate World Theatre Day?

In addition to attending the celebrations at the various ITI centers, you can also listen to, or read the International Message every year and spread that across to people, using social media. Additionally, you reach out to the theatres and ITI centers and participate in organizing events for the day or in competitions as well. 

If you wish to support the theatres, you can donate to the various organizations that are associated with safeguarding the theatres around you. You can also join a theatre and learn acting or music for an elevated fun and enjoyable experience.

This year because of the pandemic situation,UNESCO is going to celebrate this year on the online platform. On the page of WORLD THEATRE DAY, you will see all the performance videos contributed by ITI Centres all over the world. There will be 3 sessions of the videos.

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Why World Theatre Day is celebrated on 27th March 2023?

Every year, on March 27th, we celebrate the World Theatre Day around the world. We celebrate it to create awareness about the importance of theatre. 


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