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Delhi Police Exam Analysis 14th November 2023, All Shift Exam Overview

Delhi Police Constable Exam Analysis 2023

Staff Selection Commission is responsible to conduct the Delhi Police Examination from today i.e. 14th November 2023. With the completion of Shift 2 of the exam, SSCADDA is now providing a comprehensive exam review below in this article. Delhi Police Exam Analysis 2023 is provided here which helps the candidates to get important insight into the exam pattern, difficulty level of the paper and type of questions asked in each section.

Delhi Police Constable Exam Analysis Today: Difficulty Level

As per the feedback received by the candidates who took the examination, the overall difficulty level of the exam was easy to moderate. Check the section-wise difficulty level below.

Section Difficulty Level
Reasoning Easy
General Knowledge/Current Affairs Easy To Moderate
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate
Computer Awareness Easy To Moderate
Overall Easy To Moderate

Delhi Police Constable Exam Analysis 14 November: Good Attempts

As per Delhi Police Constable Exam Analysis 2023, the good attempts for Shift 2 of 14th November 2023 lies between. Here we have tabulated the average number of good attempts based on feedback from candidates.

Section Good Attempts
Reasoning 23-24
General Knowledge/Current Affairs 32-34
Quantitative Aptitude 09-10
Computer Awareness 07-09

Delhi Police Exam Analysis 2023 Sectional Review

There are a total of 4 sections covered in the Delhi Police Constable Exam, namely Reasoning, General Knowledge/Current Affairs, Quantitative Aptitude, and Computer Fundamentals sections. In this article, we have discussed the complete Delhi Police Constable Exam and summarised the questions asked in today’s 2nd shift after taking the feedback from the candidates who had appeared in the Shift 2. Check the detailed Delhi Police Constable Exam Analysis for the exam held on 14 November 2023 in Shift 2 below.

Delhi Police Exam Analysis: General Awareness & Current Affairs

As per the student’s feedback, 10 to 12 questions were asked from the static GK and the overall level of this section was Easy To Moderate.

  • Which is the first Bank of India?
  • Where is the Saas-Bahu Temple is located?
  • Which things we adopted from American Constitution?
  • How many percent population is dependent on agriculture?
  • Who won the IPL in 2023?
  • From where Satyamev Jayte is taken?
  • Question related to 70 Amendment Act
  • Article 110
  • Black Sea belongs to which Ocean?
  • Article 21 (A)
  • Vitamin B1
  • Question related to G7

Delhi Police Exam Analysis: Quantitative Aptitude

  1. 10% increase in price and 20% consumption. Find Expenditure
  2. A completes 25% work in 5 days and B completes 20% work in 10 days. How many days does A+B take to complete the work?
Topics No. of questions
Profit and Loss 01
Time and work (MDH Concept) 01
Percentage 01
Discount 03/02
CI and SI 01-02
Simplification 01
Average Speed 01
Number System 03

Delhi Police Exam Analysis: Reasoning

Reasoning included puzzles, coding-decoding, and series-based questions. 25 questions has been asked from Reasoning.

  • 25 : 99 : : 15 : ?
  • RAM = J
  • + 10 – 20 + 30 – 40
  •  Value of *
  • Question related to letter and figure

Delhi Police Exam Analysis: Computer Knowledge

  • Spell Check in MS Word 2010
  • What is used to connect telephone lines?
  • Shortcut key to check print preview
  • What is used to connect telephone lines?
  •  Edit Cell
  • trl + x 
  • Blank Document

Delhi Police Constable- Shift 3 Analysis

The Delhi Police Constable shift 3 exam was conducted in several centers and the analysis for all the subjects such as Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, General Awareness, and Computer Knowledge. The number of questions for all the topics and types of questions asked in the exam is provided below.

Quantitative Aptitude

The topics asked in the shift 3 exam of Quantitative Aptitude is as follows:

Quantitative Aptitude
Ratio & Proportion 1
Percentage 1
Profit & Loss 1
Simplification 0
Proportion 0
Number System 0
Discount 1
Time & Work (MDH concept) 2
Pipe & Cistern 0
Time, Speed and Distance 0
Train 1
Race 0
Boat & Stream 0
Average 1
Mixture & Allegation 0
Simple Interest 1
Compound Interest 1
Mensuration 2D 1

Types of questions asked:

Train: Two trains having 210m and 240 m. Speed- 97km/hr and 79km/hr respectively in opposite direction. Find in how much time, both the trains will cross each other.


The reasoning for Delhi Police constable exam is divided into Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning.


Number of questions asked in verbal reasoning:

Reasoning (Verbal)
Coding-decoding 2
Analogy 1
Similar Set 1
Number Series 2
Alphabet Series 1
Dice 4-5
Venn Diagram 1
Syllogism 1
Mathematical Operation 2
Seating 1
Blood Relation 0
Direction 0
Ranking & Order 0
Clock/Calendar 0
Dictionary Order 0
Classification 0


Reasoning (Non-Verbal)
Figure Series 2
Figure Completion 4
Hidden Figure 1
Paper Folding & cutting 1
Mirror/water Image 2
Figure Analogy 0
Figure Classification 0
Figure Counting 1

General Awareness

Questions asked in the General Awareness are provided below:

  1. From which article the High Court can issue Writ- Article 226
  2. Who is called final Interpreter of Constitution- Supreme Court
  3. Constitution Amendment is borrowed from which country- South Africa
  4. Related to appointment of Supreme Court Judges
  5. How many seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes in Lok Sabha- 84
  6. Hindutva growth in 2011 census as compared to 2001 census- 20%
  7. Konark temple is situated at- Bay of Bengal
  8. Hariprashad Chaurasiya is related to which instrument- Flute
  9. SEBI Act – 1992
  10. Cripps Mission- March 1942
  11. Who topped Khelo India Youth Games- Maharashtra
  12. Mein Kampf book was written by-  Adolf Hitler
  13. Long walk to freedom- by Nelson Mandela
  14. Dronacharya prize is given to- coach or teacher
  15. Saao-Jaao dance- Goa
  16. Sahitya Academy Prize of 2021
  17. By which amendment “Secular” word is added in Constitution- 42nd Amendment
  18. Which Vitamin do we get from Sun- VItamin D
  19. Name and Symbol of chemical elements
  20. Paro Tshechu is the festival of which country- Bhutan
  21. Ashvagosh was the courtier of which ruler- Kanishka
  22. Mrinalini Sarabhai is related to – Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi
  23. Full form of PPP- Purchasing Power Parity
  24. 89th Amendment
  25. Which language is used to publicise the Buddhism- Prakrit
  26. By which Act, the Civil Services was added- 1892 Charter Act
  27. Question related to Ozone layer
  28. Compilation of buddhist scriptures- Tripitak
  29. Why is Mahavir Swami called Jina- conqueror of physical comforts

Computer Knowledge

Topic-wise questions asked in Computer Knowledge is as follows:

Computer Knowledge
MS Excel 4-5
MS Word 3-4
E-mail 1
Internet/Search Engine/Web Browser 1-2

Questions asked in Computer Knowledge subject in Delhi Police Exam 3rd shift is provided below:

  1. Icon used for e-mail attachment- paper clip icon.
  2. Logo of Undo
  3. Which option can we find in Insert icon- Table
  4. To reach to starting of document- ctrl+home
  5. Shortcut to save any file- F12
  6. Which bar is situated below the title bar- Ribbon
  7. Which chart is not available in the MS Excel 365- Space Chart
  8. Shortcut key for macro- Alt+F8
  9. Shortcut Key to insert row
  10. Ctrl+Shift+N is the shortcut for- Incognito mode

Good Attempt in Delhi Police Constable Shift 3

Candidates who have appeared in the 3rd shift of Delhi Police Constable Exam can check the good attempts for all the subjects. For the ease of candidates number of attempts is provided in the below table:

Good Attempt in Shift 3
Subject Number of Attempts
Quantitative Aptitude 12-15
Reasoning 21-23
General Awareness 22-23
Computer Knowledge 7-8

Delhi Police Constable Exam Pattern 2023

  • Type of questions: MCQs
  • Time Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Total Questions: 100
  • Negative Marking: 0.25 Mark
Section No. of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
Reasoning 25 25 90 Minutes
General Knowledge/Current Affairs 50 50
Quantitative Aptitude 15 15
Computer Awareness 10 10
Total 100 100 90 Minutes

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Is there any negative marking in Delhi Police Constable Exam 2023?

Yes, there is the negative marking of 0.25 in Delhi Police Constable Exam 2023.

What is the date of Delhi Police Constable Exam 2023?

Delhi Police Constable Exam 2023 will be conducted from 14th November to 3rd December 2023.

Where can i find the detailed exam analysis of Delhi Police Constable Exam 2023 for Shift 2?

You can get the detailed exam analysis of Delhi Police Constable Exam 2023 for Shift 2 is discussed above in this article.