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SSC JE Electrical Exam Analysis 2024, Check Difficulty Level and Good Attempts

SSC JE Electrical Exam Analysis: The Staff Selection Commission has successfully conducted the SSC JE Electrical Examination 2024 for 968 vacancies. SSC JE Exam 2024 has been scheduled for 5th, 6th, and 7th June 2024 in 3 shifts.

Candidates who are preparing for the upcoming shifts must understand the exam pattern and the type of questions asked in this shift. SSC JE Electrical Exam Analysis 2024 will provide you with a good understanding of the difficulty level of the exam.

SSC JE Electrical Exam Analysis Difficulty Level

SSC JE Electrical Exam Analysis gives you an insight into the difficulty level, good attempts, and questions asked in the exam. In this article, we are providing you detailed SSC JE Electrical Exam Analysis which helps you to track your performance in all 3 shifts.

SSC JE Electrical Exam Analysis 2024
Date Shift Good Attempts  Difficulty Level
5th June 2024 Shift 3 130-140 Easy-Moderate
6th June 2024 Shift 2 140-150 Easy -Moderate
7th June 2024 Shift 3 120-130 Modrate

SSC JE Electrical Exam Pattern 2024

Before moving forward with the exam analysis candidates must be aware of the exam pattern. SSC JE Paper 1 will be an objective-type exam. There is a negative marking of 1/3rd mark for each wrong answer.

SSC JE Electrical Paper 1 Exam Pattern
Papers No. of Questions Maximum Marks Duration & Timings
(i) General Intelligence & Reasoning 50 50 2 Hrs.
(ii) General Awareness 50 50
Part-B General Engineering (Electrical) 100 100
Total 200 200

SSC JE Electrical Exam Analysis 2024

SSC JE Electrical Exam for the first shift has been conducted successfully. According to the review obtained by candidates, the level of the exam was of moderate level. Here are some of the questions that were asked in the first shift of the SSC JE Electrical  Exam.

Questions asked in the Reasoning Section

The overall level of the General Intelligence and Reasoning section was of easy level. Some of the topics on which questions were asked are as follows:

5th June questions:

  • Direction Test
  • Blood relation
  • Coding decoding
  • Direction test
  • Syllogism
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Figure Counting
  • Embedded figure

6th June questions:

  • Seating Arrangement
  • Statement Based  Questions

7th June

  • Analogy
  • Blood Relation
  • Coding Decoding
  • Alphabetical Order
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Syllogism

Questions asked in the General Awareness Section

Questions in this section were asked from History/ Polity, Geography, General Science, current affairs and static GK. Some of the topics/questions as shared by the candidates are given below.

5th June 2024 Questions:

  • Question on Article 76
  • Question on Padma awards
  • 2023 Telangana Governor
  • 2011 Census negative population growth in which state or UT?
  • India has not hosted which international games?
  • Question on schedule 4 of Constitution DPSP
  • Who is Nagaland CM?
  • Mohe Ghar Scheme is of which state?
  • Height of Kanchanjangha
  • N2O5 is the formula for which chemical compound?
  • Karewa Soil found in which geographical location?
  • When was the First Five-Year Plan implemented?
  • 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act
  • Which is the Longest River in Rajasthan?
  • Paal Dynasty
  • Who was India’s First Finance Minister?
  • Kambala festival is celebrated in which state?
  • Article of the constitution related to the allocation of seats in the Rajya Sabha
  • “Swaraj is my birthright” Who’s quote?

6th June questions:

  • Flute-related Hari Prasad Chaurasia one questions
  • Five-year Plan Related
  • Ampere related questions
  • 2 questions related to articles
  • Festivals
  • Article 19A
  • Antyodaya Yojana
  • September – first woman Vidhan sabha adhyaksha from which state
  • Vitamin B12 another name
  • Which disease lack of vitamin D (bone pain)
  • Heat good conductor question
  • Basic numerical from mass volume density
  • One unit conversion
  • Computer-stage device

7th June

  • India’s rank in Asian Para Games held in China
  • Question on Right to Health
  • Who appoints the Chief Information Commissioner of India?
  • The smallest unit in Biology/human body
  • ATP formation
  • Second most populated State Census 2011
  • Mitochondria
  • Eukaryotic cell
  • Governor of Andhra Pradesh

Questions asked in Electrical Engineering

Section/Topic Number of Questions
BEE 25-27
Machine 24-26
Power system 12-15
Basic electronics 6-8
Utilization and estimation 4-6
Measurement 2-6

Some of the questions asked in the paper were:

  • Which motor is used in power factor correction?
  • 1 question from the Reluctance motor
  • 1 question from Hysterisis Motor
  • 1 question from the shaded pole induction motor
  • 8 equal capacitors are connected in parallel having equivalent capacitance of 20 microfarad. Find its capacitance.
  • When does the Bipolar Junction Transistor go into cutoff mode?
  • 1 question from I E Rule
  • 1 question from bandwidth relation
  • 1 question from the isolation transformer
  • 1 question from the synchronous machine
  • 5-6 questions from AC Fundamentals
  • 1 question on maximum power transfer
  • Questions from the magnetic circuit
  • 4 questions from the three-phase induction motor
  • Question on power flow
  • The torque in the induction motor is least affected from
  • Question on hot wire instruments
  • Ar. Voltage Control
  • Question on VTH & RTH
  • PNP & NPN transistor
  • Discharge Lamp
  • Damping
  • Matching impedance
  • Cold Reserve capacity
  • Power factor of induction motor
  • Series Resonance Circuit
  • Which motor is used in Vacuum cleaner?

6th June Questions:

Topics Number of questions
Basic electrical 18-20
Machine 20-22
Power System 12-15
Basic electronics 08-10
Measurement 05-07
Utilisation and estimation 10-12
  • PMMC instrument torque equation
  • Radial and Ring Main distributor
  • How induction motor works as a transformer?
  • Resonance Related questions
  • Transformer (Turn Ratio)
  • Torque
  • 1 question related to the Quality Factor
  • Ring Main
  • Leng’s Law Related one que
  • Measurement related question
  • Load Resistive related queue (Power Factor Angle)
  • Temperature coefficient of resistance
  • Superposition theorem
  • Reactive power for resistive load
  • 10 vertical lines 8 horizontal lines and the horizontal frequency is 1000 Hz find the vertical frequency
  • Formula for load factor, Demand factor, diversity factor
  • 1 question on demand factor
  • Relation of airgap and power in induction motor
  • 1 question on no load transformer

7th June

Topics Number of questions
Network 18-20
Machine 30-32
Power System 17-18
Basic electronics 8-10
Measurement 12-15
Utilisation and estimation 6-7
  • Application of shaded pole induction Motor
  • Unit of permittivity
  • End condenser method – value of A & D
  • Full form of MOSFET
  • Unit of Current
  • How to minimize creeping error?
  • Question on underground cable
  • Hydro generator diameter and axial length
  • Which configuration is used in medium transmission line analysis?
  • Use of Damper winding
  • One numerical on load factor
  • The electrical equivalent of solar cell
  • One question on demand factor
  • One question in BJT on Q point

What after the SSC JE Tier 1 Exam?

Candidates who clear the cut-off must start preparing for the next stage now. Candidates qualifying the Tier 1 will be eligible for the next stage of selection. Even those who have performed average in this exam should be ready to appear in the Tier 2 Exam. Candidates can check the SSC JE Tier 2 Exam Pattern and Syllabus and then attempt mock tests to complete their preparation.



What was the overall difficulty level of the SSC JE Electrical Exam 2024?

The overall difficulty level of the SSC JE Electrical Exam 2024 was easy-moderate.

Where can I find detailed SSC JE Exam Analysis 2024?

Candidates can find detailed SSC JE Electrical Exam Analysis 2024 here in this article,

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