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SSC CHSL Posts List, Salary Structure, Career Growth

The Staff Selection Commission or SSC conducts annual recruitment exams for 10+2 or Higher Secondary Pass candidates. The SSC CHSL Notification 2024 has been released on 08 April 2024. The national-level exam will be conducted from 1 July to 12 July 2024 to fill up 3712 vacancies in various government departments and ministries. The SSC CHSL Posts include LDC, JSA, DEO and DEO Grade A. Earlier PA and SA posts also came under the SSC CHSL; however, the government has shifted these posts to the SSC CGL 2024 Exam.

Check this detailed guide on SSC CHSL Posts 2024 if you are deciding to appear for the upcoming SSC CHSL 2024 Exam. This post can also help you prepare according to the qualification criteria for your preferred post and also at the time of the SSC CHSL Post Preference form filling.


Vacancies for different SSC CHSL Posts are announced along with the official notification. SSC CHSL 2024 notification has been released notifying all the SSC CHSL posts for 2024. Detailed department/ministry-wise vacancies will be released soon. Candidates can check all the CHSL Posts below:

  • Lower Division Clerk (LDC)
  • Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA)
  • Data Entry Operator (DEO)
  • Data Entry Operator, Grade ‘A’

SSC CHSL Posts and Salary 2024

The Gross and In-hand salary for SSC CHSL Posts varies with the post and location of posting. The Pay Level in SSC CHSL ranges from Level 2 to Level 5 which provides a decent salary to 12th-pass candidates qualifying the CHSL exam. Additionally, being a government job, all the SSC CHSL Posts 2024 provide secure employment with ample promotion opportunities.  Check the post-wise Pay Level and Basic Pay ranges for all SSC CHSL Posts in the following table.

SSC CHSL Posts and Salary 2024
Posts Pay Level
Lower Division Clerk (LDC) Pay Level 2 (Rs. 19,900 to 63,200)
Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA) Pay Level 2 (Rs. 19,900 to 63,200)
Data Entry Operator (DEO) Pay Level 4 (Rs. 25,500 to 81,100)
Data Entry Operator (DEO) Pay Level 5 (Rs. 29,200 to 92,300)
Data Entry Operator, Grade ‘A’ Pay Level 4 (Rs. 25,500 to 81,100)

SSC CHSL Job Profile and Promotion

The SSC CHSL Posts offer a diverse range of job profiles specific to the allocated government departments and ministries. The responsibilities in SSC CHSL Posts include clerical desk jobs, managing files, data entry, and data management. Candidates can get regular promotions by appearing in departmental exams for these SSC CHSL posts.

Lower Division Clerk (LDC)

LDC Job Profile: Candidates opting for Lower Division Clerk or LDC among the various SSC CHSL Posts perform day-to-day clerical tasks like typing, simple data entry, file maintenance, etc.


  • The LDCs handle data entry tasks and keep records of their department or ministry.
  • They organize files, maintain documents and assist with paperwork.
  • They also assist officers in administrative work.

Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA)

JSA Job Profile: The Junior Secretariate Assistant posts under the SSC CHSL Posts are also clerical. However, as compared to LDCs, they have greater responsibilities.


  • The JSAs draft official letters, notices, and circulars that are sent to other departments or ministries and also published on the official websites of the concerned department or ministry.
  • JSAs also manage files and records.
  • They also assist officers in administrative work.
  • JSAs interact with other departments and help in inter-departmental communication.

Data Entry Operator (DEO) and DEO Grade A

DEO Job Profile: The Data Entry Operator as the name suggests is a specialized post for data entry and computer-based work. The DEO and DEO Grade A posts under the SSC CHSL Posts are also similar. However, the Pay Level differs across ministries and places of posting due to the workload and complexity of data handled by the DEOs.


  • DEOs are entrusted with the task of entering data with maximum accuracy in the system.
  • They help maintain databases in spreadsheets and on other software the Government uses.
  • DEOs also create reports and summaries for different projects undertaken by the concerned departments or ministries.

SSC CHSL Post Preference

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) now conducts the SSC CHSL Post Preference process online after the SSC CHSL Tier II Results are finalized. Through this process, candidates can convey the SSC CHSL Posts they are willing to join. Candidates have to make their choice carefully while filling the SSC CHSL Post Preference form as this cannot be altered once the final results are declared. The place and department/ministry of posting will finally depend on the final cutoff for each post of the concerned department/ministry as well as the vacancies.

Factors to Consider for SSC CHSL Post Preference 2024

The SSC CHSL Post Preference Form is the final stage of the recruitment process conducted by the SSC as a precursor to the Final Results. Thereafter, the relevant department/ministry conducts the further process of joining like Document Verification, Medical Examination, Police Verification, etc. wherever necessary. At this stage, no change in the SSC CHSL Post selected, the department/ministry or the place of posting will be entertained.

Hence, candidates must make their choice very carefully in the SSC CHSL 2024 Post Preference form. Here are some factors to consider for the SSC CHSL Post Preference:

  • Post-wise vacancies in each department/ministry: The higher the vacancies the lower the Final CHSL Cut Off may go for that CHSL post/department/ministry.
  • The popularity of the CHSL Post in the specific department/ministry: Some ministries like MEA, and departments with offices in Delhi are more popular among candidates. Getting selected for these SSC CHSL Posts will be more difficult and a higher rank and marks are required to clear the post-wise cutoff.
  • Job Profile: The job profile of LDC and JSA versus the DEO is strikingly different. Candidates who are excellent with numbers and data will prefer to become DEOs while those good at communication, drafting, and organizing files will prefer the LDC and JSA posts.
  • Promotions and Career Growth: Candidates should confirm with people working in their preferred departments and ministries regarding the promotions. Although regular departmental exams are conducted for promotions, vacancies may not arise every year which may lead to promotion being extended to even 5 to 10 years.
  • Workload: The workload differs in different departments and ministries. The DEOs can be said to have an overall higher workload as they deal with complex data. In other cases, headquarters may have more workload and may not be preferred by the candidates who want to prepare for further examinations.
  • Place of Posting: Candidates categorize the place of posting based on hometown or outside the home state. Ideally, most people prefer to stay close to their families where they can get home-cooked meals and do not need to face homesickness or language barriers in a completely different city.
  • Salary and allowances: The SSC CHSL Posts range from Level 2 to Level 5. Although, Pay Level 5 of DEOs sounds better, at times certain ministries offer better allowances at Pay Level 4. Also, considering the job location should have a greater priority than the salary/pay level.
  • Personal Choice: This is a variable factor. Candidates may have several reasons, family, personal ambitions, future goals and many more for choosing a CHSL post regardless of the above-mentioned factors.

SSC CHSL Post Preference For Females

Although a distinction cannot be made between SSC CHSL Post Preference for Males and Females, candidates can consider the above-given factors for exercising their SSC CHSL Post Preference. We are providing here a general SSC CHSL Post Preference which can be considered along with personal choices. The following preference order is based on salary and allowances and the level of work handled in each post in decreasing order:

Data Entry Operator (DEO) > Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA) > Lower Division Clerk (LDC)



What is the highest pay level offered by SSC CHSL Posts 2024?

Data Entry Operator (DEO) is the highest post under SSC CHSL 2024. DEOs get a Pay Level 5 salary with basic pay ranging from Rs. 29,200 to 92,300.

What is the typing speed required to get one of the SSC CHSL Posts in 2024?

Data Entry Speed of 8,000 (Eight Thousand) Key Depressions per hour on Computer is required for DEOs whereas, LDCs must possess 35 words per minute (w.p.m.) in English or 30 words per minute (w.p.m.) in Hindi.

In which language can I attempt the typing test?

Typing test for SSC CHSL 2024 can be attempted in either English or Hindi.

What is the eligibility criteria for SSC CHSL Posts 2024?

Candidates who are 12th pass can apply for SSC CHSL Posts.

What is the age limit for SSC CHSL Posts 2024?

The age limit for SSC CHSL Posts ranges from 18 to 27 years. However, category-wise age relaxation can also be availed by candidates.