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UPSSSC AGTA Syllabus 2024 and Exam Pattern

The UP Subordinate Services Selection Commission has announced 3446 vacancies for the Technical Assistant Group C post in the Agriculture Department in the detailed notification issued on 4th March 2024. Among the various important details, it also has released the syllabus for the written exam. The paper consists of three parts i.e. Technical, Computer Knowledge and General Knowledge of Uttar Pradesh. In this article, let us take a look at UPSSSC AGTA Syllabus and Exam Pattern for the exam.

UPSSSC AGTA Exam Pattern 2024

UPSSSC AGTA Exam consists of 3 Parts i.e. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. The first part consists of 65 questions on Crop Science, Biotechnology, Plant breeding & Crop Psychology, Soil & Water Conservation, Agriculture Extension, Agriculture Economics & Schemes, Dairy and Animal Husbandry. Part 2 contains questions on Knowledge of Computer & Information Technology and the third part tests the candidate’s information level regarding the state of Uttar Pradesh. Candidates can check the table below for UPSSC AGTA Exam Pattern 2024.

Part Subject Question Marks Time
Part 1 Crop Science 25 25 2 Hours
Biotechnology, Plant Breeding & Crop Psychology 10 10
Soil & Water Conservation 15 15
Agriculture Extension 05 05
Agriculture Economics & Schemes 05 05
Dairy and Animal Husbandry 05 05
Part 2 Knowledge of Computer and Information Technology and Technological Development & Innovation in this field 15 15
Part 3 General Information related to the state of Uttar Pradesh 20 20
               Total 100 100
  • Each correct answer will add 1 mark to the score.
  • Each wrong answer will reduce 0.25 marks from the score.

UPSSSC AGTA Syllabus 2024

After going through the exam pattern and getting acquainted with the subjects asked, candidates should also make themselves familiar with the syllabus of these subjects. Knowing the syllabus helps the candidates to streamline their preparations and score good marks in the examination. It is one of the initial steps of the preparation strategy and holds an equivalent place as that of the previous year questions. The syllabus of each subject as mentioned in the detailed notification is provided in this article below.

UPSSSC AGTA Syllabus Crop Science

This subject is asked in the exam to test the candidates’ knowledge regarding the various aspects of the production, harvest, preservation and processing of crops. For Crop Science subject, candidates can check the detailed syllabus/topic here.

  • Classification of crops, major cereals, pulses, oilseeds, millets, fibber, cash crops, spices and fodder, fruits, flowers and vegetables. Crops grown in the state and major coproduction techniques and agro practices.
  • Post-harvest management of produce.
  • Fruits and vegetables preservation and processing.
  • Principles of crop rotation, cropping patterns and types of farming like dry farming, integrated farming, natural farming, mono-cropping, multiple cropping, intercropping and types and importance of organic farming,  it’s socio-economic importance/use.
  • Importance of seeds, types of seeds and their production methods.
  • Method of seed treatment and its importance.
  • Basic principles, scope and importance of crop protection, major equipment and chemicals used in pest control, integrated pest management.
  • Insects, pests and diseases of major crops and its management.
  • Principles and systems of produce storage and factors affecting the quality of produce and storage and its management.

UPSSSC AGTA Syllabus Biotechnology, Plant Breeding & Crop Psychology

Biotechnology has been a revolution in the agriculture industry as it contributes in enhancing the quality and quantity of production. As the candidates are expected to know the various aspects of agriculture, biotechnology is an important subject and the topics covered in it are provided in the points below.

  • Importance and utility of Biotechnology in agriculture.
  • Principles, use and importance of genetics and plant breeding.
  • Photosynthesis, Respiration, Evaporation, Plant Anatomy and Metabolism.

UPSSSC AGTA Syllabus Soil & Water Conservation

Soil and Water are some of the most important resources necessary for agriculture. Candidates should be aware of the basic concepts and current developments in the conservation of these resources. The topics covered under this subject are as follows:

  • Properties and components of soil, the process of soil formation, types of soil erosion and its conservation techniques.
  • Essential nutrients found in soil, role and associated deficiency symptoms.
  • Classification of fertilisers, their nutrient content and methods of application.
  • Integrated nutrient management, types, importance and roles of organic fertilizers/bio-fertilizers.
  • Soil Microbiology and its major role in crop production.
  • Soil survey, methods of soil sampling and conservation.
  • sources, methods and importance of irrigation.
  • Basic concepts and methods of drainage.
  • Watershed management.
  • Types of Pollution and Environmental Protection.

UPSSSC AGTA Syllabus Agriculture Extension

Agriculture extension is a very crucial aspect of modern-day farming and is provided by the government to the farmers. It also contributes in the financial inclusion objectives of the nation. The topics covered under this subject are:

  • Principles of agriculture extension and rural development.
  • Extension methodologies, audio-visual aids, classification and their importance.
  • Training objectives, importance and it’s types.
  • Different programs and schemes of the government of India and the state government.

UPSSSC AGTA Syllabus Agriculture Economics & Schemes

For decades, agriculture has been the primary activity and the largest employer in India. Various aspects of the economics involved in the development of the agriculture sector should be known to the candidates appearing for the AGTA Recruitment. The topics covered in this subject are provided below.

  • Role of agriculture in one trillion economy of UP.
  • Economic reforms in the agriculture sector.
  • Import and export in agriculture produce.
  • Formulation of plans for agriculture.
  • Principles of Agricultural Statistics.
  • Principles and importance of agricultural economics.
  • MSP of different crops.
  • Agricultural marketing .

UPSSSC AGTA Syllabus Dairy and Animal Husbandry

All of us are aware that agriculture and animal husbandry go hand in hand. The AGTA Recruitment exam, however, tests the deep understanding of this subject among the candidates. The detailed syllabus of this subject are provided in the points below.

  • Different breeds of domestic animals and feed management.
  • Objectives and methods of animal breeding.
  • Milk production and its distribution.
  • Basic knowledge of poultry farming, fish farming, apiculture and sericulture.
  • Major diseases of domestic, animals, diagnosis and their treatment.

UPSSSC AGTA Syllabus Knowledge of Computer and Information Technology and Technological Development & Innovation in this Field

In almost every competitive exam, the basic knowledge of computer and IT is asked to test the candidates’ awareness of the modern developments in technology. The topics asked in this subjected are given in the points below for the reference of the candidates.

  • History, introduction and application of computer, information technology, internet and world wide web.
  • General knowledge related to Hardware, software, input, output, IP address, IT gadgets and their applications., e-mail, printer, tablet, mobile, MS Word and MS Excel, Operating Systems, Social Networking, and e-governance.
  • Digital financial tools and applications.
  • Future Skills and Cyber Security.
  • Technological Development and Innovation in the field of computer and IT.

UPSSSC AGTA Syllabus General Information related to the State of Uttar Pradesh

In this part of the question paper, questions based on History, Culture, Art, Architecture, Festivals, Folk Dance, Literature, Regional Languages, Heritage, Social Customs and tourism, Geographical landscape and Environment, Natural Resources, Climate, Soil, Forest, Wildlife, Mines and Minerals, Economy, Agriculture, Industry, Business and Employment, Polity, administration of Uttar Pradesh and Current Events and achievements of Uttar Pradesh State will be asked from the candidates.


What is the exam pattern of the UPSSSC AGTA Recruitment 2024?

The written exam of the UPSSSC AGTA Recruitment 2024 consists of 3 parts containing 100 questions in total worth 100 marks.

What is the negative marking scheme for the UPSSSC AGTA Exam 2024?

There is 1/4th (0.25) negative marking applicable in the UPSSSC AGTA Exam 2024.

What is the syllabus for the UPSSSC AGTA Exam 2024?

The detailed syllabus for the UPSSSC AGTA Exam 2024 has been provided in the official notification. It consists of 3 parts and a total of 8 subjects i.e. Crop Science, Biotechnology, Plant Breeding & Crop Psychology, Soil & Water Conservation, Agriculture Extension, Agriculture Economics & Schemes, Dairy and Animal Husbandry, Knowledge of Computer and Information Technology and Technological Development & Innovation and General Information related to the state of Uttar Pradesh.