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SSC CHSL Tier 1 Questions Asked In Exam 2023 All Shifts

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Questions Asked In Exam 2023

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam Questions Asked 2023: The Staff Selection Commission conducts the SSC CHSL exam every year for recruitment in various Ministries/ Departments/ Organizations of the Government of India. Staff Selection Commission has started conducting the SSC CHSL Exam Tier 1 from 2nd August 2023 in 4 different shifts. The exam will be conducted till 22nd August 2023 for a huge number of vacancies. Candidates can check the detailed questions asked on 2nd August 2023 SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam.

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 3rd August 2023 1st Shift


  • Static-6 Q
  • Article 22,54 related question
  • Jhoomar
  • Census 2011- Lowest Sex Ratio
  • Literacy Rate
  • Kedarnath
  • Folk dance realted question
  • Pallava Dynasty
  • Sakshi Malik
  • Economy- 2 Questions


SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 2nd August 2023 3rd Shift

  • Question on Rameshwaram Temple
  • Question related to Ayushman Bharat
  • Question-related Beri Beri Disease
  • Question related to eastern and western ghats
  • Question-related 2011 Padmashri Award
  • Question related to constitutional amendment

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 2nd August 2023 2nd Shift

  • Eastern & Western Ghat
  • Classical Dancer
  • Ali Akbar Khan plays which instrument
  • Article 22
  • Weighlifting 49 kg 2022 Winner- Mirabai Chanu
  • Magnetic Field
  • Who invented Argon along with William Harvey
  • CSIR comes under which Ministry
  • NABARD 2022 Financial scheme

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 2nd August 2023 1st Shift

  • Which award was given to Rukami Devi in 1956?
  • Dance- Bihu
  • Question-Related To Vitamin
  • What is the effect of adding salt to ice?
  • Five-Year Plan 1951
  • Question-Related To Article 23
  • Article 368 Constitution Amendment
  • PM Kaushal Yojna
  • Physics Nobel Prize 1909
  • By product of Potassium + Alcohol
  • Medieval Periodic Table related
  • IPL 2023- Orange Cap
  • Widow Remarriage Association 1861
  • Melting point of Aluminium.

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 10th March 2023

  • 11-12 Questions asked from Current Affairs 2022
  • Which team was not qualified in IPL 2022?
  • In Khelo India, how many medals won by Haryana?
  • Soul of Constitution called?
  • In which year “Beti Bachao beti padao” scheme was launched?
  • Barometer is used for?
  • What indicates Article 15?
  • Who won Women’s Basket Ball in 2022?
  • What is the capital of Pandyas?
  • Mohiniyattam Dance form
  • Kathak dance is related to which region?
  • Vyas Samman 2022
  • Yojna related Question
  • Jabalpur is situated on the banks of which river?
  • Law of Demand
  • How to move curser in Ms-word with keyboard?
  • URL Full Form)
  • Pradhan Mantri Jandhan Yojna scheme started in which year?
  • Who received Major Dhyanchand Award 2022?
  • Financial Emergency comes under which article?
  • Humayun Reign
  • WC Banerjee- 1885 session
  • Ozone layer related question
  • Which river flows into Bay of Bengal?
  • Who is known as Father of National Income?
  • Vitamin B deficiency disease
  • Chemical name of Bleaching Powder
  • One question from Pension Scheme
  • Last Women’s FIFA World Cup was hosted by which country?
  • Side view mirror of car is convex or concave?
  • One question from palace of Maharashtra
  • Who received the Nobel Prize from South Africa?
  • Raman Chaturvedi belongs to which stream?
  • Which one is not a Graphics related software?
  • Fifa World Cup
  • Womens Cricket World Cup 2021 winner
  • Multidimensional Index- Poor Country
  • Book & Author
  • Pradhanmantri JanArogya Yojna
  • Article 50
  • Highest Mountain in India
  • Highest Plateau of the world
  • India’ s rank in Happiness Index 2022
  • Question on Black Soil
  • Agriculture related question
  • Harappa Civilization
  • Khilji Sultanate
  • Computer- Shortcut Key

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 9th March 2023

  • The current affairs are from the last 6 months. (7-8 Questions)
  • Pongal Festival is celebrated in which state?
  • One ques related to the Theme (related to Corona)
  • One question of Appointment
  • Article 20 is related to what?
  • Women’s Next FIFA World will be hosted by which country?
  • What finally led to the downfall of Razia as the Sultan of Delhi?
  • Algae belong to which kingdom?
  • One question from the Emergency article
  • One question from UNESCO World Heritage
  • Yakshgana dance form belongs to which state?
  • Antonym-> Normalise, Meticulous
  • Synonyms-> Agony
  • Who is the Prime Minister of Ireland?
  • UNESCO World Heritage
  • Article 32
  • Polity-related 1 ques
  • Economic-related formulae asked

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 12th August 2021

  • ICC World Cup-related one question.
  • Aluminum Coating process?
  • Chambal is tributary of which river?
  • Brand ambassador of Paytm First Games?
  • First Indian Women to be Miss World?
  • Linear Data structure which is a collection of data items having similar data types stored in Contiguous Memory Locations?
  • Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is in which state?
  • Sur Sarovar was added to Ramsar Site in which year?
  • Where is the headquarter of the International Table Tenis Federation?
  • CISR full Form?
  • Which of the following is used to make rayon?
  • Who started Dolavira’s excavation in 1990?
  • All India Chess Federation Chairman 2021?
  • Who is the author of Manucharitam?
  • Ugadi is celebrated in which state?
  • Under which Article Indian Citizenship came?
  • Carbon atoms in Monosaccharides?
  • bhand pather dance is of which state?
  • INC Founded in?
  • FICCI Awards 2020?
  • Ayushman Bharat Yojana Started in which year?
  • World Consumer Rights Day?
  • kalbeliya dance state?
  • Which of the following is a computer language?
  • 2nd Indian Football Player who has played 100 Football Matches?
  • New Zealand’s First Indian Origin Minister?
  • Most of the questions were asked from current affairs 2020
  • Who was the first miss world?
  • What is the pH value of Acid?
  • One question related to river.
  • Who is the Ambassador of Paytm?
  • One question related to the Galvanization process.
  • Anto/ Syno-> Jeopardize
  • If Time=2.4 years, rate= 15% and P= 46,000, then find C.I.?
  • There were 2 questions from DI (Bar Grapgh)
  • If x+(1/x)= given , x^4+(1/(x^4))= ?

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 11th August 2021

  • In 1937, which state was declared by the then British as ‘ United Provinces’?
  • Input Device Joystick works as which of the following?
  • Which of the following is a part of the CPU?
  • Which of the following is not a virus-born disease?
  • Which is First Indian Team to Qualify for Group Rounds in AFC Champions League?
  • In Jan 2021, First Eastern Khelo India Sports School is inaugurated at?
  • Jarawa & Onge tribes are of which UT or State?
  • Human Development Index 2020 India’s Rank?
  • Who is the founder of the Kirana Gharana?
  • Monetary Policy Committee Of India Founded in?
  • Mayurakshi, Damodar and rupnarayan are tributaries of which river?
  • Winner of Cairns Cup Chess Tournament 2020?
  • Pakistani Squash Player who has won 6 World Squash Championships?
  • Which of the following is a novel written by Amrita Pritam?
  • What is the charge of an electric dipole?
  • Full-Form of LED?
  • Which of the following State has the largest number of Districts?
  • Hornbill festival celebrated in which state?
  • In which year Mahatma Gandhi came to India
  • Battle of Bedara?
  • Author of The Legends of Pensam?
  • One question related to river
  • One question from Damodar river
  • Jawra language belongs to which state?
  • Which island is situated in the Bay of Bengal?
  • Most of the questions were asked from the static part.
  • One question related to the virus.
  • Which state was established in 1941 in India?
  • In which year Nagaland formed a separate state?
  • One question related to Lucknow from 1978
  • What is the state flower of Manipur?
  • Synonyms-> Travel
  • Synonyms-> Forsake

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 10th August 2021

  • Nutrition Month Of India?
  • Editors Guild Of India founded in?
  • Which State was founded in 1963?
  • India’s first-ever Youth Ambassador by UNICEF in 2018?
  • Protein is made of?
  • Youngest Mayor of India?
  • Which States or UT’s forest cover is zero Percent?
  • International Children’s Peace Prize 2020?
  • What type of Computer is used for Weather Forecasting?
  • Solar Tree is made in which state?
  • Indian State with highest road length?
  • Most Catches in cricket as slip fielder?
  • BCCI 88th AGM Meeting 2020 Held in?
  • x+1/15x = 3 find 9x^3+1/375x^3?
  • If 3 sec a + 4 cos a = 4root3 then 1-sin a +cos a =?
  • 10 Men or 15 women take 30 days to complete a work how many will 15 men and 27 women will take?
  • an article is sold after a 15 % discount at 425. if Sold without discount profit will be 15 %. Find CP?
  • In a triangle, ABC DE is parallel to BC. AD=3,AE=2 , DB = 6 Find EC?
  • P = 12000 Time = 5 Years SI= 6000.Find CI of the same Principle and the same rate for 3 Years?

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 9th August 2021

  • World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated on which day?
  • Who is the man of the series in IND vs AUS 2020?
  • Cloze Test-> Student & their studiesCircle counting question
  • Who is the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir?
  • Vidhyut Mohan related questions
  • Himalayan Range related question
  • 5-6 questions from Static awareness.
  • Which new sport is included in the Olympics?
  • Pakistan first played Olympics in which year?
  • Longest Ghaati in India?
  • Who is from India elected as chairperson of the world health organization’s Executive? [Ans- Dr. Harsh Verdhan]
  • Chuy Valley is located in which country? [Ans- Kazakhstan]
  • Boxing Championship 2020 related question
  • There were more Current affairs questions than static
  • Pakistan’s first female who participated in Olympics.
  • How long did Pakistan rule Bangladesh?
  • Which is a Polar molecule?
  • While Washing clothes by washing soda which reaction takes place?
  • Who was the youngest player to debut in a Test Match?
  • Which of the following Passes is located in Pirpanjal?
  • Safed Koh lies in which country?
  • Quant was very calculative and time taking
  • The volume of large cube was given cut into 27 equal pieces. The area of each small cube was asked.
  • x+2y= given, x3+8y3= Given, find the value of x and y
  • What is the Perimeter of right triangle having two sides 25 and 20?
  • Spelling error -> Acquire, Assimilation
  • Idioms-> Cook the Book, Cut for corners
  • Synonym -> Absolute, Paranoid
  • Antonym -> Candlestine

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 6th August 2021

  • Good Goverance Day is celebrated on whose anniversay?
  • Tulip garden is opened in which state?
  • Khayal is folk dance of which state?
  • Who got best actress award in Crystal awards?
  • who is the captain of the female hockey team?
  • E-sampada Yogna comes under which ministry?
  • one question related to the shooting
  • Qutub Shahi tomb is located in which state?
  • Indian high court was first established in which state?
  • Who got the Nobel prize in economics in 2020?
  • kylie Festival is celebrated in which state?
  • One puzzle was asked from profession
  • Blood relation question was asked in statement form
  • There were 2 questions from Folded figure
  • Spelling check-> Installment, Boundary
  • Synonym-> Commence
  • Idiom-> Play with Fire
  • Cloze test topic-> Queen and sparrow story
  • Antonym -> imitate
  • Error detection-> Simple past tense
  • Who is the husband of Hamina Bano?
  • What is the time duration of Lok sabha Work?
  • Who is the president of BCCI?
  • Who got Nobel Prize in Physics in 2020?
  • Article 74 related question.
  • If an item sold for 577.75 and get 15%profit, then if the same item sold for 130% profit. Find the selling price?
  • Atal Pension Yojana Related question
  • India won its Last hockey Olympic in which year?
  • Questions were asked from Cricket
  • Sambhar lake is located in which state?
  • Night blindness is caused by which vitamin?
  • Press Freedom Index 2020 Top country?
  • Lovelina wins Olympics in how much kg?
  • In International Freedom Index, which country took 1st place?
  • In 20-20 Test, the highest number of wickets was taken by which Indian player?
  • In 2018 Commonwealth Games, how many medals were won by India?
  • Battle in 1612 between British vs–?
  • Dilip Kumar’s autobiography-related question.
  • Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichai Yojna was started in which year?
  • Youngest Congress president till now? Ans: Maulaza Abdul Gandhi azad
  • In 2018, India won how many gold medals?
  • What is the rank of India in the Economy Forum Index?
  • Questions were asked from Constitution.
  • Synonyms -> Callous
  • Antonyms -> Livid, Affinity, enthusiastic
  • One word substitution -> Matricide
  • Topic of cloze test-> Fuel related

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 5th August 2021

  • Who is the founder of the Slave Dynasty?
  • In Olympics, how many medals won by India in wrestling till now?
  • Who is Chief of National School drama?
  • What is the minimum age to be a member in loksabha?
  • Which of the following is taken from Russian Constitution?
  • Current Affairs were mostly asked from 2020.
  • How many number of floors are there in Qutub Minar?
  • Dadasaheb Falke award related question
  • Khajuraho Temple is in which state?
  • Question Related to 42nd Constitutional Amendment?
  • Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary is located at?
  • Sambhar Lake is in which state?
  • Question-Related to Lohit River?
  • 4-5 questions were asked from History.
  • Budget related question
  • Two circle are joined externally. Find the total radius of both? one radius is 4 and radius 3.
  • Who discovered blood circulation?
  • What is the measure of Inertia?
  • FIFA world cup 2022 will be held in which country?
  • Commonwealth Games will be held in which year?
  • Which App was launched by the Ministry of Home Affairs?
  • Ebola is caused by?
  • One question from Keibul Lamjao national park?
  • One question related to Article 48?
  • First indigenous pistol by DRDO?
  • International Film Festival of India host state?
  • There was no question from HCF & LCM
  • If in a 13/18 sheet, 3 cm square cut from each corner, then find the area of the remaining part?
  • Cloze Test Topic-> Hydroelectric power generation
  • Synonym-> apathetic
  • Synonyms-> immortal
  • Idioms & phrases-> big hearted
  • Who was the First Governor-General of India?
  • Shantiswarup Bhatnagar related to which field?
  • Who can remove the Chief Justice of India?
  • Who was the 1st Indian Governor of RBI?
  • Atal Pension Yojana was launched in which year?
  • Raja Parv festival related to which state?
  • How many Lok Sabha seats in Mizoram?
  • Question related to article 148.
  • India’s Longest salt lake
  • Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state?
  • Question Related to Mount Diablo?
  • In Human Development Index India’s Rank on which number?
  • Who is the President of Hockey India?
  • India’s 1st Ginger processing center is located in which state?
  • Body temperature managing gland?
  • Cheery blossom is celebrated in which state?
  • Which country will host FIFA 2022?
  • By selling 144 tin boxes. Ram suffers a loss equal to SP of 6boxes. If the total CP of boxes is 7200 what SP of a box?
  • Two women A and B separately can mow a field in 8 and 12 hours respectively if they work in stretches of one hours alternatively B beginning at 9am when will be the mowing be finished?


SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 4th August 2021

  • Question-related to Dhronacharya Award?
  • Nobel Prize Economics Award winner?
  • PM Saksham Yojana Related question?
  • Seats of Assam in Rajya Sabha?
  • Recently Which Game is added to Asian Games?
  • Driver Less Metro Started in which city?
  • Best Footballer of 2020?
  • Suryadhara Lake is in?
  • Shimoga Festival is of Which state?
  • Buxa Tiger Reserve is in which state?
  • Fruit Portal is made which state?
  • Cornwallis Code in which year?
  • Satluj River Origin?
  • Fit India Movement Brand Ambassador?
  • A person who sells flowers?
  • Correct Spelling – Envelope?
  • Go to the Dog
  • 32,16,96,?
  • When did IBN Batuta visit India?
  • Who is the snooker champion?
  • One question from ajanta ellora caves?
  • What is the origin of Chambal river?
  • One question from article 74?
  • Questions from common wealth games in India?
  • Who is the youngest lok sabha speaker?
  • Greenpath scheme related question
  • Most current affairs questions were asked from 2020
  • Some questions were asked from Computer?
  • Down syndrome illnesses comes under which type of illnesses?
  • Distance B/W Sun and Earth is minimum at?
  • Question related to the detergent?
  • What is the formula of Plaster of Paris?
  • In Olympics in which field India won most medals up to 2020?
  • Chairmen of All India Football Federation?
  • One question from Tagore Award 2020?
  • Who is the chief justice of AP high court?
  • When was Vijaynagar empire found?
  • One question from Shabri Mala Temple
  • Where is the Corporate headquarter of SBI?
  • Why currency devaluation is done?
  • What is the Shortcut to print?
  • What is the SI unit of Pressure?
  • Finance Commission Artcile?
  • Telangana state was formed in which year?
  • Who is the President of Srilanka?
  • Who is the Chairman of FICCI?
  • Kabartal Wetland State?
  • What is the formula of Dry Ice?
  • Current affairs questions were asked from last 6 months or Oct 2020
  • cosA=4x^2/(1+4x^2), find the value of sinA?
  • From 2D, Equilateral triangle question was asked.
  • Find the parameter of Pizza slice when diameter was given.
  • 1,2,11,36,?
  • Venn Diagram – Women Professor, Widow
  • a:b 2:3 ,2c:5d 3:5 so value 5c:10d ?
  • The difference between simple int 11per year and compound int 10per 2 year rupee is 25000.


SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 19th April 2021

  • Full form of ICAR?
  • Chief Justice of Odisha High Court?
  • Cheif of CISF?
  • ICC Decade Women Player?
  • Question-Related to Pravashiya Bharti Samman?
  • Khalsa Panth founder?
  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli capital?
  • Satish Vyas is related to?
  • Full-Form of VDU?
  • PM of Netherlands?
  • Beri Beri because of which vitamin deficiency?
  • Which of the following is a good conductor of electricity?
  • Which of the following river does not fall in the Arabian Sea?
  • Kolhapur city is situated along which river?
  • Currency of Myanmar?
  • Badminton Federation Tournament 2020 hosted by?
  • Which of the following king used Pillar Inscription?
  • Supreme court was established in?
  • Har Ghar Jal Yojna Started in?
  • In 2020, Dr. Harshvardhan Appointed as Chairman of?
  • Full form of ASCII?
  • Garfield Sobar Award?
  • Heart and Soul of Indian Constitution?
  • Kathakali Dance is of which state?
  • New CJI of India?
  • Losoong festival?
  • Karmyodha Granth is based on?
  • Idiom Butterfilies in stomach
  • Antonym – Resign, Current
  • Idiom – To Pull Someone’s Leg

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam Questions Asked: GA CHSL Exam Questions | All Shifts Download PDF

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 16th April 2021

  • Wings of fire is autobiography of?
  • Who is Governor of Andhra pradesh?
  • Capital of Russia?
  • Currency of Myanmar?
  • Tel & Ong are tributaries of?
  • Wisdon Player 2020?
  • Question related to Lucknow Pack 1916?
  • Which of the following award is associated with hockey?
  • Full form of JPEG?
  • Which of the following state had maximum fishries output?
  • Question related to National Disaster Management Agency?
  • Question Related to Nuakhai festival?
  • Jog Falls is on which river?
  • Spelling – Accidentally
  • Idiom A Bolt from the blue?
  • Resplendent – Synonym
  • Two items were sold at 624 each.On is sold at 24% Profit & other at 24 % Loss. find overall Profit or loss %?
  • Single Discount to successive discount to 10 % , 17 % and 25 %?
  • The ratio of length of three sides of Triangle is 4 : 4: 5 and perimeter is 91 CM. find the largest Side?
  • x-3=1/2x , find x^4 + 1/16 x^4 =?
  • 7A = 4B= 14C , find A:B:C?
  • x/y + 1 =4 , x^2+y^2/y^2 = ?
  • 2019 Jnanpith Award?
  • The Population Myth : Islam , Family Planning & Politcs in India AUthor?
  • FICCI Sportsperson of the Year?
  • Founder of Vijayanagar Dynasty?
  • Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2020?
  • ICC ODI Player of the Decade?
  • Kumbh Mela 2021 is organized at?
  • Largest Warehouse in Harapaan Civilization?
  • Which State tops in Prodution Of Jute?
  • DGP of Andman & Nicobar Island?
  • National Stock Exchange CEO?
  • Synonym – Bland
  • Idiom Get One’s Duck in a row

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 15th April 2021

  • Nazma Heputullah governar of which state?
  • Who is the chairman of All India Chess Federation?
  • Tamasha Dance is of?
  • The longest river of Nepal?
  • Ian Bell belongs to which country?
  • Unit of Capacitance?
  • Statue of Unity located in?
  • 2007 T20 Cricket world cup winner?
  • Statue of Liberty is along which river?
  • Fundamental Rights is taken from which country?
  • Patkai Hill is located in?
  • Fundamental Duties is added during which amendment act?
  • When alkalie reacts with water then which gas forms?
  • Name of Military Excerise between India And Srilanaka?
  • Gate of India build in honor of?
  • Jhora Dance form is of which state?
  • Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty Dargah is at?
  • World Badminton Championship 2019 held in?
  • Wooden Satellite which country?
  • CACP Full Form?
  • Fundamental Right is taken from Which country?
  • SEBI chairman?
  • Full-Form Of LCD?
  • Neutron is discovered by?
  • Current Governor of Punjab?
  • Chairman of Sail?
  • Question-related to Supreme Court Bar Association?
  • Khelo India Youth Games Headquarter?
  • Which of the following Metal is found in the human body?
  • Tehri Dam is located in?
  • Hightest alitute hill statation in India?
  • Antonym – Transparent
  • Idiom – Back to sqaure one

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 13th April 2021 [Shift-2]

  • Highest paid athlete in 2020?
  • Which ministry launched PAN India Survey?
  • Leader of Northeast India in Revolt of 1857?
  • Which chemical gives green color to firecracker?
  • Senior Billiards National Championship winner?
  • In Which national park hot air balloon safari is launched?
  • New CM of Uttarakhand?
  • How many members are nominated by President in Rajya Sabha?
  • Passex Exercise Dec 2020 countries?
  • Hoysleshwara Temple is in which state?
  • According to census 2011 Lowest population density is of which state?
  • Rajayasabha Was Founded In Which Year?

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 13th April 2021 [Shift-1]

  • At which river, India’s Manchester is situated?- Sabarmati River
  • Which vitamin’s deficiency causes Sterility?- Vitamin E
  • Which country Lionel Messi belongs to?- Argentina 
  • Which operation was started during August Movement?- Operation Zero Hour
  • Babarnama was written in which language?- Persian
  • Kambala festival (Buffalo race) is celebrated in- Karnataka
  • Mulagh medal was awarded to which player?- Ajinkya Rahane (cricket)
  • Baglihar Hydroelectric power is situated on which river? Chenab
  • A device used for measuring Altitude- Altimeter
  • Ordinance power is given by which Article? Article 123
  • Youngest Mayor of Kerala- Arya Rajendran
  • Who has given the first vote in the 2019 Election? ITBP Solider Arunachal Pradesh
  • Author of Untold Story- APJ Abdul Kalam Azad
  • Who led the 1857 Revolt in Lucknow?- Begum Hazrat Mahal
  • “Niyabat-e-khudai” title was given to Balban
  • 10 Degree Channel separates: Andaman & Nicobar
  • ICC Spirit of Cricket was awarded to: MS Dhoni 
  • 2nd Round Table Conference was held in: 1931 in London
  • Under which Amendment, the voting age was changed from 21 years to 18 years: 61st Amendment
  • Antonyms: Stretch
  • Synonyms: Emerge, Isolated
  • One -word substitution: Retrospection
  • One Word- Study of Map
  • Error: Subject Verb Agreement
  • Spell Check: Auspicious, Endeavour
  • Cloze Test: Like based
  • Voice: Past Indefinite Tense
  • Narration: Simple Assertive Sentence

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 12th April 2021 [Shift-3]

  • BARC Headquarter is located in which state?
  • What is the capital of Mizoram?
  • Global Climate Index related question?
  • Who is the current Education Minister?
  • What is the scientific name of Onion?
  • One question related to Article 61.
  • Who is the shakespeare of India?
  • Sardar Sarovar Dam is situated on which river?
  • Who is the chairman of UPSC?
  • Who discovered the Cell?
  • Who won the Dhaka Marathin?
  • ELISA test is relaed to which of the following?

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 12th April 2021 [Shift-2]

  • Author of Amnesty?
  • Renuka Lake is in?
  • Paman Island?
  • 100 % Organic Union Territory?
  • What is UBUNTU?
  • Term Hang in a computer?
  • Central Vigilance Commissioner of India?
  • Onion is Red Because of Red Pigment?
  • First-ever Female Wrestler to get a medal in the Olympics?
  • MRP = 35600 SP = 34688 Find Discount %?
  • Right to Constitutional Remedies Article?
  • After which event, Vallabh Bhai Patel got the title of SARDAR?
  • MRP = 35600 SP = 34688 Find Discount %
  • Pretend – Antonym
  • Precision – Antonym
  • Idiom – Rule the Roost

SSC CHSL Questions Asked on 12th April 2021 [Shift-1]

  1. One question related to Champaran Revolt?
  2. World TB Day is celebrated on which date?
  3. According to Census 2011 literacy rate is highest of which state?
  4. Who is the author of “Pathway to God”?
  5. Perfect soil to grow Cashew Nuts?
  6. Which Indian Batsman played most test matches?
  7. Largest Floating solar park in which state?
  8. What is the chemical formula of Bluevitriol?
  9. Who is the Current Agriculture Minister?
  10. City Along Saryu River?
  11. Who is the Deputy Election Commissioner of India?
  12. Who is the Chief Justice of Telangana High Court?
  13. Gandhi Sagar Dam situated in?
  14. What is the chemical name of Vitamin C?
  15. Global Hunger Index Rank of India?
  16. Cell Theory is given by?
  17. Who is the Napoleon of India?
  18. x+1/x=5 Then x^3+1/X^3= ?
  19. A distance of 48 KM is travelled with speed of 40 KM/hr and 52 Km is travelled with 65 km/hr. Find the Average speed?
  20. In a Triangle ABC, AB = 6 root 3 , perpendicular is drawn from point A on BC at E of length 9 and EC = 3 root 3.Find Angle A?
  21. If Principal of 2000 amounts to 2662 in 3 years. Find SI?
  22. x^4+ y ^4 +x^2y^2=117 and x^2+ y^2-xy = 13 Find x^2+y^2?
  23. Out of 450 apples 30 % are rotten find how many apples are not rotten?
  24. In how many years Will the principal of 3000 Will yield an SI of 1080 at 12% Rate of Interest?
  25. Divide 550 Rs among ram and shyam in the ratio of 5:6?
  26. A:B = 3:5 , B:C = 7:9 then C:A is?
  27. cosec A = Root 5/ 2 then find sec A + tan A – Cot A sin A?
  28. In a Triangle PQR angle bisector of angle Q & R intersects at I. If Angle I is 107 then find angle P?
  29. Antonym-> Resolve
  30. Antonym-> Precious
  31. Synonym-> Prevalent
  32. Synonym-> Extent
  33. Idioms & phrase-> Fool paradise

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam Questions Asked : SSC CHSL Exam Questions_3.1




What was the level of an overall examination of SSC CHSL TIER I First shift 2nd August 2023?

The level of examination was Moderate.

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