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How To Prepare For the SSC CGL Exam With Job?

Every year the Staff Selection Commission conducts one of India’s largest recruitment drives i.e. the SSC CGL Exam. It offers the youth of the nation an opportunity to work in some of the most prestigious departments of the Indian Government along with various perks. The candidates applying for this exam belong to various social and financial backgrounds.

Some candidates dedicate their entire time to the preparation for the exam. However, some candidates are courageous enough to prepare for such a highly competitive exam along with a full-time job. Those who decide to take such a challenge need to have a foolproof strategy to ensure that their hard work and sacrifices are rewarded with a good result. In this article let us discuss how to prepare for SSC CGL 2024 with a job.

How to Prepare for the SSC CGL Exam With Job?

The candidates who decide to prepare for the SSC CGL Exam with a full-time job should be aware of the fact that there will be significant changes in their lives and daily routines in order to prepare for the rising competition levels. They should inculcate the following qualities before starting the preparation process.

  • Time Management
  • Smart Work
  • Efficient use of Technology
  • Sacrificing fun and entertainment
  • Making the most out of the time available

With these qualities, they will be able to adapt to the cut-throat competition in the CGL Exam. Now let us look at the specific strategy that will help the candidates manage their preparation along with a full-time job.

SSC CGL Preparation Strategy

Almost every candidate preparing for the SSC CGL Exam is aware of the basic steps of the preparation process i.e. analyzing exam pattern, syllabus & previous year papers; learning concepts & practicing questions and attempting mocks & revision. In this article, let us look at these steps molded according to an aspirant who is already in a job.

Analyzing the Exam Pattern, Syllabus and Previous Year Papers

The very first step of the preparation is going through the exam pattern, syllabus and previous year’s question papers. The candidates need to dedicate the first week of their preparation to this step. This will provide them with an idea about what and how to prepare. It is advised to have a printout of the detailed syllabus in front of the study space to avoid wasting precious time on irrelevant topics. The previous year’s papers are the biggest friend and guide of a candidate preparing for the CGL Exam.

Learning and Practicing Concepts

The SSC CGL Exam is taken in two stages i.e. Tier 1 and Tier 2 and tests the candidates on a wide range of subjects. One of the most important aspects of this preparation is to decide which resources can help prepare for the exam in as little time as possible. Such resources should be comprehensive, exam-oriented and up-to-date. The working candidates should allocate a fixed time to learning and practice of concepts.

Attempting Mocks and Revision

This step is the most important part of the preparation process as it helps the candidates to give shape to their knowledge according to the requirements of the exam. It helps them solidify the concepts learned, minimize mistakes and manage time in exam-like conditions. Repeated revision of the concepts and solving questions again and again help the candidates recall the required information in a matter of seconds in the examination hall.

Preparation Tips for Candidates with a Full-Time Job

The strategy given above applies to almost all the candidates preparing for the SSC CGL Exam. In this section, let us discuss what are some of the steps that the candidates who are preparing on a part-time basis should follow in order to succeed and secure selection.

1. Analyze your time: A person who is employed in a full-time job has to dedicate almost 10 to 12 hours daily to their work. This leaves them with 3 to 4 hours on average for preparation for the upcoming exam. This time needs to be utilized very efficiently.

2. Start the preparation as early as possible: The preparation for the SSC CGL Exam is a long-term endeavor. The working candidates should begin the preparation at the earliest as they get very little time on the daily basis to prepare as compared to their competitors.

3. Previous Year Questions and Mock Tests are your guides: During the preparation process, it is natural to have queries and doubts regarding the strategy. To avoid misinformation and bad advice, the candidates should seek guidance from PYQs and mocks to analyze what has been asked and what can be asked in the exam. Aligning this with the exam pattern and syllabus will surely help the find the answers to all their preparation-related queries.

4. Find time in gaps: When a person is on a job, he/she takes breaks for entertainment and socializing. This time can be used to revise concepts, take quick tests, cover current affairs and much more. Similarly, time can be squeezed out of the daily routine by avoiding social media, getting up a little bit early, going to bed a little late, listening to video tutorials or going through PDFs during commute.

5. Weekends are a boon: Some candidates work for 5 days and some for 6 days a week. As discussed above, this leaves them with very little preparation time during weekdays. So the time they get on the weekends holds very high importance. This can be utilized to learn concepts, practice, revise, take mocks and cover current affairs.

The candidates should keep in mind that the points discussed above are mere suggestions and they can adjust this strategy according to their strengths and weaknesses. We here at Adda247 stand in support of those candidates who are willing to take up the task of preparing for the SSC CGL Exam with a full-time job. To assist them in their preparation, we provide classes on YouTube, study materials, quizzes and tests free of cost. However, they are welcome to join our paid initiatives as well.

Wishing all the aspirants the Best of Luck in their preparation journey.


Is it possible to prepare for the SSC CGL Exam along with a full-time job?

Yes, a proper strategy and study plan can help the candidates prepare for the SSC CGL Exam along with a full-time job.

What should be the strategy to prepare for the SSC CGL Exam?

The strategy to prepare for the CGL exam varies for each candidte. However, a time tested strategy involves Analysing exam pattern, syllabus & previous year papers; learning concepts & practicing questions and attempting mocks & revision.

When will the SSC CGL Notification 2024 be released?

The SSC CGL Notification 2024 will be released on 11th June 2024 at ssc.gov.in.