History : Quiz

1. The staple food of the Vedic Aryan was
A) Barley and rice
B) milk and its products
C) rice and pulses
D) vegetables and fruits

2. Who composed the Gayatri Mantra
A) Vishvamitra
B) Vasishtha
C) Indra
D) Parikshit

3. The title “Sparrow” is given to
A) Sardar Vallabhai patel
B) Rajinder Singh
C) Nelson Mandela
D) Porus
4. Patanjali is well known for the compilation of 
A) Yoga Sutra
B) Panchatantra
C) Brahma Sutra
D) Ayurveda
5. Which State is called the ‘ Cradle of Buddhism ‘?
A) Sikkim
B) Bihar
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) Madhya Pradesh

6. Which one of the following dynasties was ruling over North India at the time of Alexander’s invasion
A) Nanda
B) Maurya
C) Sunga
D) Kanva
7. Chinese traveller Hiuen-Tsang studied at the University of
A) Taxila
B) Vikramshila
C) Magadh
D) Nalanda
8. Gandhara school of art came into existence in
A) Hinayana sect
B) Mahayana sect
C) Vaishanava sect
D) Shaiva sect

9.Out of the following remains excavated in indus valley,which one indicates the commercial and economic development
A) Pottery
B) Seals
C) Boats
D) Houses
10.Buddha’s preaching were mainly related to
A) belief in one God
B) practice of rituals
C) purity of thought and conduct
D) idol worship

11. Where has the World’s largest Monolithic statue of Buddha been installed
A) Bamiyan
B) Hyderabad
C) Kandy
D) Lhasa

12. Vikramshila Mahavihara was established by the ruler of
A) Pushyabhuti Dynasty
B) Barman Dynasty
C) Sen Dynasty
D) Pala Dynasty

13.Who of the following kings was ardent follower of Jainism
A) Bimbisara
B) Mahapadmananda
C) Kharavela
D) Pulkeshin II

14. The ancient India ,the earliest capital of Magadha kingdom was at
A) Pataliputra
B) Rajgir
C) Vaishali
D) Varanasi
15. The indus Valley Civilization was Non-Aryan because
A) It was Urban
B) It has a pictographic script
C) It had an agricultural economy
D) It extended up to the narmada Valley

3. B
4. A
5. B
8. B
10. C
12. D
13. C
14. B
15. A

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