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If you are preparing for any competitive exam it is very important to learn English Language and this language is used as an official language in most of countries around the globe and has become a prominent language for communication. English, just like any other language has its own semantics and symbols. The symbols are the mere alphabets and it’s the semantics part that you need to master.

Grammar and Vocabulary are the keys to master any language and the same is the case with English. Unlike mathematics, you need not learn and by heart one formula after another, you don’t have to perform any calculation here, you just need to understand the grammar rules and build your English Vocabulary.

All prominent Staff Selection Commission exams like CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, SSC Selection Post contain English Language Section as a part and parcel element. English Language is a lavish dish with ingredients like Grammar and Vocabulary. And to enrich the deliciousness of this dish, remembering Grammar rules comes handy which are thoroughly revised.

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