Introduction Noun

A noun is a part of speech that names a person, place, thing, animal, or idea. Like Ram, happiness, chain, etc. Noun can be classified into four groups.
Which are as follows:
(i) Proper Noun (ii) Common Noun (iii) Collective Noun (iv) Material Noun
(i) Proper Noun: Proper Noun Denotes a particular person, place or thing. For Ex – India, Calcutta, Ramesh, The Ganga, etc.

(ii) Common Noun: Common Noun is the name given in common to every person or thing of the same class or kind. For Ex – Table, Glass, Town, King etc.

(iii) Collective Noun: Collective Noun denotes a group or collection of similar individuals considered as one complete whole.

Some of the collective nouns are given below:
1. A band of musicians.
2. A board of directors, etc.
3. A bevy of girls, women, officers etc.

(iv) Material Noun: Material Noun denotes matter or substance of which a thing is made. For Ex – Iron, Silver, Gold, Milk, etc. The Noun- Number (Singular/Plural) On the basis of number, there are two types of noun. (a) Singular Noun (b) Plural Noun

Singular Noun: A noun that is used to denote a single (one) person or thing is called a singular noun. For Ex- Boy, girl, man, bird, tree, etc.

Plural Noun: A noun that is used to denote more than one person or thing is called plural Noun
For Ex- Boys, girls, men birds, trees, etc.

There are some rules which must be followed to ensure grammatical accuracy.
Rule 1: Hyphenated nouns do not have plural forms.
Ex – (a) He gave me two hundred-rupees notes. (change ‘rupees’ into ‘rupee’) (b) He stays in five-stars hotels. (change ‘stars’ into ‘star’)
Rule 2: Certain nouns/words are used in colloquial English in India which is wrong as the word is literally translated from English to Hindi. Ex –

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