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| Updated On February 24th, 2020 at 05:45 pm

English Introduction

All prominent govt. exams contain English Language Section as a part and parcel element. And SSCADDA being there for you as a coalescence of essential subject quizzes based on SSC Exam pattern equips you with a much required platform to practise and sharpen your subject skills. Lack of resources for exam preparation puts a spanner in the works for aspirants. To do away with this hamper, SSCADDA comes up with pages dedicated to the piles of Daily Quiz for English Language Section, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness and Reasoning to make short work of the problems you face while preparing for competitive exams.

As a beginner it is of utmost importance to be familiar with the subject topics which are going to be a part of respective exam as it maintains the insight of particular subject. English Language is a lavish dish with ingredients like Grammar and Vocabulary. And to enrich the deliciousness of this dish, remembering Grammar rules comes handy which are thoroughly revised via SSCADDA Daily English Quiz for CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, SSC Selection Post and such other exams. Efforts are hurled by our content team to provide you with the best study content and bring forth Daily Quiz, Mock Tests, Online Videos for you. To raise the graph of your performance, attempt Daily English Quizzes on SSCADDA, which integrate all topics and give you a fair chance to outshine.

Below all the topics of English Language Section are covered

  1. Comprehension
  2. Active and Passive Voice
  3. Adjectives
  4. Antonyms
  5. Synonyms
  6. Articles
  7. Noun
  8. English grammar
  9. Letter Writing
  10. Sentence Completion
  11. Subject and Object
  12. Verbs
  13. Syllogism
  14. Vocab
  15. Idiom
  16. Word Families
  17. Error Detection
  18. Practice Paper of English Exams

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English Language Quizzes and Notes


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