How to crack SSC CGL Exam in the first attempt?

SSC CGL 2019 Exam, which you can call the Exam of the year, will be conducted from 2nd to 11th March 2020. Such one myth about the SSC CGL exam which has turned into the latest fad lays bare that SSC CGL can’t be cracked in the first attempt. Candidates appearing for the first time for SSC CGL must be in a dilemma on how to crack this exam in their first attempt. The idea may seem to be unbelievable but anything is possible if you believe in yourself and have the zeal to work toward your goal. Here is the strategy and tips that candidates must follow to crack the SSC CGL 2019 exam in the first attempt:

1. What actually counts is your result, not attempts:

You may come across many aspirants who have been preparing for the SSC CGL exam for an embarrassing number of years yet struggling hard to crack it in a single attempt. What puts them on the back foot is excessive study hours which are barely qualitative and don’t help in accelerating the pace needed to crack SSC CGL Exam. Undermine the value of time is also one of the reasons behind bearing the brunt of unexpected failure in this crucial exam. Follow the SSC CGL Study plans as given below and practice regularly.

2. Shift your focus from the whole exam syllabus to the fragments:

As only the last 2-3 months are left for the exam, studying the complete syllabus won’t be a smart step to be taken by the aspirants appearing for the first time. Instead, go through the previous years’ papers, exam analysis and cut off. Check out your weaker areas and work on them. Click on the links given below useful to start studying smartly for the exam:

3. An effectual prioritization of the subjects to be asked in the exam:

This is one leading cause that sets your performance apart from others. For e.g. there are at least one or two sections that don’t bother an SSC CGL aspirant at all. Judging providently, hold on the subject you are not so good at or which bags your attention to the most. The rest of the story ends up with consistency in solving maximum questions, revising the topics, repeating the practice with Daily Quizzes, Mock Tests, Online Test Series and Practice Sets.

4. Mock Tests To Your Rescue

A lot many aspirants abruptly hit the reality while taking Mock Tests or the real exam to come to know that while studying they became totally oblivious of the speed skills much required to solve maximum questions in minimum time. This applies to both categories of aspirants who just started their preparation and who have been preparing for a long time. Speed and accuracy are all competitive exams seek for. Even if you have less than 2 months in your pocket to perform extraordinarily in SSC CGL Exam, allot your last 15-20 days to take as many Mock Tests as you can.

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Stick to the fact that a knowledgeable person can face the failure while one with limited knowledge but appreciable speed skills can get through it easily which implies the fact that the time period of 2 months can award you with your selection in SSC CGL 2019 Exam.

5. Disciplined Time Management:

A well-known but the least applied action involved is a disciplined Time Management. If you have already wasted the whole year, you are more prone to failure unless you don’t follow a strict Time Management Strategy. If not 100% of your time, at least give 75-85% of your day to learn, practice and solve questions. After all, success is not as lenient as you would be thinking of it. It calls for an adequate amount of effective action.

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