How to Score 40+ Marks in Quant Section of SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam 2018-19

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In an exam like SSC CGL,  the key to success indubitably lies in making the best use of your strengths. Quantitative aptitude holds an important part in SSC CGL and hence it is necessary to score good marks in the same. You may take it leniently but don’t forget that it comprises of 200 marks in Tier 2 as well, hence it is really important to strengthen your concepts of maths. If you are good at quantitative aptitude, then you must aim to score a minimum of 45 marks in this section. The more marks you grab in this section, the better it is in the later stages of the examination. Even if you are weak in this subject, you can start from the basics and then move forward to zenith. 
In this article, let us peep into some of the basic tips of approaching the questions. These will surely help you in crossing the 40-mark threshold adding to your score.
First of all, let us take a look at the topics and questions asked in the previous years:

SSC CGL Tier 1Quantitative Aptitude questions asked

For your convenience we are providing exact number of questions asked from respective topics in Previous Year SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam.

In Quantitative Aptitude, the last 2 year exam analysis for this section reveals an increase in number of questions in Topics like Trigonometry and DI dispensing with the reduce in number of questions in Geometry and Mensuration. However this minuscule rise and fall in number of questions from particular topics is acceptable in this year SSC CGL Tier 1 Paper Set as well. So be prepared in advance and practice each section equivalently.

S.No. Topics No. Of Questions asked in SSC CGL 2016 No. Of Questions asked in SSC CGL 2017
1 Ratio 1 1
2 Average 1 1
3 Number System 1 1
4 Simplification
5 Time & Work 1
6 Time, Speed & Distance 1 1
7 S.I. & C.I. 1 1
8 Profit & Loss 2 2
9 Co-ordinate Geometry
10 Geometry 5 4
11 Mensuration 2 1
12 Trigonometry 2 3
12 Percentage 1 1
12 Algebra 4 4
13 DI 4 4
Total Questions 25 25


In order to score high marks, first you need to look for the topics containing most number of questions and then start working on it. Just remember, Accuracy and Time Management is the key to score in Quantitative Aptitude. 

1. Geometry/Mensuration

This is one of the most important topics considering SSC CGL Tier 1 because over the years SSC has increased the number of questions asked from this topic. The level of difficulty has also been on the rise. At least 5 to 6 questions are asked from this topic.
For Geometry, you need to remember all the important theorems, Pythagoras triplet, all the formulas of the area of triangle and circle. Above all draw figures correctly to get quick answer. Thorough understanding of the basics is the key to score good in this section.
For Mensuration, you need to focus on Prism, Pyramid, Sphere, and Tetrahedron. You have to use Formulas like curved surface area, total surface area and volume. New types of questions from Polygon, hexagon etc can be asked. Make sure to get yourself equipped with the basics and learn all the concepts thoroughly.

2. Algebra/Trigonometry/Height and Distance

Algebra includes basic formulas of cubes, squares, trigonometric ratios and identities. Questions can be repeated from this section for which you need to practice the previous year papers. 2-3 questions will be asked from Algebra. Make sure to solve these questions in minimum time. Try to solve few questions from option if you don’t find any way to solve. Learn all the trigonometric identities useful for the exam. Overall 5-6 questions can be asked from these topics.

3. Ratio/Percentage/profit, loss and Discount

Basic Concepts of Percentage and ratio are the foundation of the chapters like profit, loss and Discount. For Quick solving, you must remember all fractional value up to 30 in terms of percentage. Overall 3-4 questions can be asked from this topic. Profit, loss and discount revolve around 4 terms and that is C.P, S.P, M.P and Discount. Understand the concept of CP, SP, MP and discount given on MP and relation between them. Practice from the books as much as you can. It will help you to solve the questions quickly and accurately.

4.Time speed and distance/ Train/ Boats and Stream

Inverse relation and direct relation between time speed and distance can help you a lot. The concept of relative velocity will help you in solving problems of trains, Boats and Stream. All these topics are based on the same concept. Gun and Bullet problem, Train accident problem, Effect of increasing/decreasing speed on time, these problems are often asked in exams. Overall 3-4 questions can be asked from these topics.

5.Time and Work/pipes and Cistern

Time and work questions can be solved with the help of LCM method which reduces a lot of time while solving the questions. The concept of alternate work, efficiency and work and wages are important points to cover. Make sure to use your own tricks for solving these questions. Overall 2-3 questions are expected from this topic.

6. Data Interpretation 

DI is considered an easier topic in SSC CGL as compared to others. 4-5 questions are confirmed to be asked from this topic. The DI asked over the years has been simpler to solve but you never know when it comes to SSC. Do not take any topic or subject lightly as the exam can be full of surprises and you need to be prepared before hand for what may come.

Now, for the remaining days before the tier-1 examination, the best you could do is to start taking online mock exams twice a day and analyse your performance thoroughly. For the rest of the time, start solving previous years’ questions. As you practice more, you will be able to solve the questions with a much better pace and this will surely help you boost your morale. 

A bit of increased focus and a pinch of smart work will serve you the purpose to score 40+ in SSC CGL Tier 1 for sure.

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