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GA Questions Asked in SSC CGL Exam 2023, All Topics and details

GA Questions Asked in SSC CGL Exam 2023

Are you looking for the GA questions asked in SSC CGL Exam 2023? General Awareness holds great importance in SSC CGL Exam. The Staff Selection has scheduled to conduct SSC CGL Exam 2023 from 14th July 2023 to 27th July 2023 in four different shifts. The article mentions the  General Awareness questions asked in all the different shifts. The General Awareness (GA) section of the SSC CGL exam covers a wide range of topics such as current affairs, history, geography, science, politics, economics, and more. To ace the GA section and score decent grades in the examination applicants are advised to keep themselves updated with the trending news across the globe, read newspapers and magazines, solve previous years’ questions, etc. The questions provided here will the aspirants analyze the type of questions they can expect in the upcoming exams. Check the list of questions asked from the GA section in the SSC CGL Exam conducted on 14th, 17th & 18th July 2023.

SSC CGL General Awareness Questions: (18th July 2023) Overall Shifts

  • Festival-Related Question (Garba)
  • Chattisgarh Veerni Award
  • Human Development Index (2022)
  • Chemical Structure of Ozone
  • Dance of Nagaland
  • First woman to win Olympic Gold Medal
  • India’s First Gold Medal
  • Question-related to Surface Tension
  • Article 312-322 (Statement-based question)
  • Black Soil-Related Question
  • Komagato Maro Incident
  • Article 18

SSC CGL General Awareness Questions: (17th July 2023) Overall Shifts

SC CGL Tier 1 Exam (17 July) Overall Exam Analysis for the General Awareness is here –

  • First Draft of the Indian Constitution?
  • Question on Part 9B?
  • Isotope of Iodine?
  • Vitamins and their source?
  • Question related to the salary of Judge of the Supreme Court?
  • Article 148?
  • Modern History?
  • Polity- 2 Questions?
  • Current Affairs 2021-22?
  • Medieval History?
  • Starch Related Question?
  • Which of the following hill stations doesn’t receive snowfall in winter?
  • Current affairs from november 2022?
  • On going down the group atomic radius —-?
    Remain same
  • 1 question was based on Alauddin khilji war general?
  • Mahanadi and godavari?
  • Which of the following are part of the Peninsular river drainage system?
  • Center and state list based question. Statement based?
  • Fundamemtal duties are included on the recommendation of which committee?
  • Revenue expenditure is more than revenue receipt than it is known as?
  • Ashoka sent his daughter and son in which country to promote Buddhism?
  • Cricket worldcup 2031 will be hosted by which country?
  • How many on field umpires are present in a cricket match?

SSC CGL General Awareness Questions: (14th July 2023)

  • Who was the guest of Republic Day 2023?
  • Vitamin Related Question
  • Article 14 related question
  • President Related Article
  • Dance form Related Question
  • Question-Related to G20
  • Questions asked from Sports
  • Question from Niti Aayog 2015
  • Algae
  • Question Related to India’s Ranking
  • Question asked from Battle of Chanderi
  • Kanchenjunga Belt.
  • Article 143
  • One question asked from Uniform Civil Code.
  • One question related to article 44-UCC
  • One question from Noble Prize 2001
  • One Question asked related to TAPI Basin
  • Who is the Father of the Indian Constitution
  • Art and Culture- 2 Questions
  • Article 31
  • Citizenship comes under which article?
  • One question from Blue Green Algae
  • Economics- 1 Questions
  • Census 2011

GA Questions Asked in SSC CGL Exam 2023, All Topics and details, Read this in Hindi

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How many questions are asked from GA section in SSC CGL Exam 2023?

25 questions are asked in SSC CGL Exam 2023.

Where can I find GA Questions asked in SSC CGL Exam 2023?

The article above mentions the GA Questions asked in SSC CGL Exam 2023.

What is the date of SSC CGL Exam 2023?

SSC CGL Exam 2023 is being conducted from 14th July 2023 to 27th July 2023.