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SSC CGL Posts List, Job Profile, Salary and Post Description

All SSC CGL Post, Details, and Description

Staff Selection Commission conducts the Combined Graduate Level Examination which is an examination conducted to recruit candidates for various Group B and Group C posts in government departments and ministries. SSC offers multiple posts under the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam. The posts under SSC CGL are categorized into different groups, and each post has its job profile, salary, and responsibilities. After Tier 2, candidates are provided a Post-Preferance form to fill out and submit in the given time window. Most of the times candidates faces difficulties while filling their preferences.  This is a very important step during the recruitment process.

We have often received many queries from candidates over the same confusion, So we decided to sort this out for you Here we are posting you about the nature of the jobs and positions of responsibility in them. Hope this will help you to some extent.

Posts Under SSC CGL

Staff Selection Commission recruits suitable candidates for various posts like:

  • Auditor In CAG
  • Junior Statistical Officer In the Ministry of Statistics And Program Implementation
  • Sub Inspector in Central Bureau Of Investigation
  • Assistant Section Officer in Central Secretariat Service, Ministry of Railway, Ministry of External Affairs
  • Sub Inspector In National Investigation Agency
  • Inspector In Central Bureau of Narcotics, CBIC
  • Inspector Of Income Tax In CBDT
  • Tax Assistant In CBIC
  • Accountant In CAG

Here is the detailed list of posts that are going to be filled with the recruitment in SSC CGL 2024.

Name of the Post
Assistant Section Officer
Assistant Section Officer
Assistant Enforcement Officer
Junior Statistical Officer
Sub Inspector
Sub Inspector
Sub Inspector
Tax Assistant
All other posts

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Assistant Section Officer: CSS

  • ASO in Central Secretariat Services is one of the entry-level posts in SSC CGL, where the selected candidates can do clerical work; like typing, noting, drafting, and file-related work. Clearing the Typing Test in CGL Tier 2 is mandatory for selection in this post.
  • This is one of the dream posts for female candidates and people who want to work in Delhi as the job has regular timings and provides a great work-life balance.
  • Non-Corrupted Job, No Under Table Income, New Delhi posting in various ministries, one can get the power once he/she reaches the level of undersecretary.
  • An A
  • An ASO in CSS can be promoted to the next post – SO (Group-B Gazetted Officer) in two ways- one by taking the departmental exam and passing it which will be held after 05 years of service so after 06 years one can get his first promotion and secondly one can normally get promotion after 10 years of service.

Career Progression in CSS

Designation Grade Pay
ASO (Assistant Section Officer) Rs. 4600
SO (Section Officer) Group B Rs. 4800
SO (Section Officer) Group A Rs. 5400
US (Under Secretary) Rs. 6600
DS (Deputy Secretary) Rs. 7600
Director Rs. 8700


Income Tax Inspector

Generally, Income Tax Inspector is the first choice of many candidates when filling the post preference. It is also one of the most respected posts in the CGL recruitment process. Some of the features of this post are:

  • An Income Tax Inspector generally can be posted at either of the two types of seats which are transferable on a cyclic basis. Work-related to assessment of tax or non-assessment of tax.
  • When on an assessment seat, the selected candidate is supposed to oversee the work related to the assessment of income tax to be imposed on an individual, partnership firm, company, etc; and refund it in case someone has deposited in excess.
  • Candidates also have to undertake work related to Tax Deductions at Source (TDS) besides accompanying a raid team.
  • The first promotion in this job is as Income Tax Officer (Group-B Gazetted office), then Assistant Commissioner, then Deputy Commissioner, and Finally Commissioner. One can get the first promotion in this job after completing eight years of service after clearing the departmental exam.
  • The promotion period differs from zone to zone since there is zonal seniority. The additional advantage of this post is that one can be entitled to 30 liters of petrol if posted on the assessment seat. Also, he gets a sim from the department on which all STD calls on every type of BSNL/MTNL phone are free; and 400 minutes on other phones. This is an all-India posting job.

Central Excise Inspector

After Income Tax Inspector, candidates opt for the Central Excise Inspector post the most. Here are some of the highlights regarding the Central Excise Inspector post.

  • Central Excise Inspector is an inspector post. If anyone is posted in Headquarter then he/she has to do Clerical or file-related work. If one is posted in the field then he /she has to do Executive work like augmentation of central excise & Service tax etc, detection of evasion of taxes, etc. Wearing the uniform (Khaki) is optional.
  • The first promotion in this job is as Superintendent (Group-B Gazetted office), then Assistant Commissioner, then Deputy Commissioner, and Finally Commissioner. One can get the first promotion in this job after completing eight years of service after clearing the departmental exam. The promotion period differs from zone to zone since there is zonal seniority. This is an all-India posting job.

Assistant Enforcement Officer

Continuing with the Inspector level posts, next in the order is Assistant Enforcement Officer. It can either be a desk job or a field job.

  • Assistant Enforcement Officer is an inspector post. If anyone is posted in Headquarter then he/she has to do Clerical or file-related work. If anyone is posted in the field then he /she has to do Executive work like prevention of money laundering, conducting searches of suspected persons, conveyances, and premises and seizing incriminating materials (including Indian and foreign currencies involved), to arrest and prosecute the person suspected to be involved in the act of money laundering, etc. Duty is round the clock means day as well as night shift jobs.
  • The first promotion in this job will be as Enforcement Officer (Group-B Gazetted office), then Assistant Director, Deputy Director, and Finally Director. No fixed promotion period and it purely depends on zone to zone & vacant posts.

Sub-Inspector (SI) in CBI

Working for CBI is one of the main inspirations for candidates preparing for the CGL Exam. It is one of the most attractive posts offered by CGLE. Even with Rs. 4200 grade pay, it is equivalent to Rs. 4600 grade pay. Find out more regarding the post below.

  • Sub Inspector CBI post is of grade pay of RS 4,200. but its salary is almost equal to the total salary for the grade pay of Rs 4,600 as CBI executive staff is entitled to an additional 25% on BASIC PAY + DA and in addition to that salary of 13 months instead of 12 months year.
  • Life in CBI is stressful due to the heavy workload and deadlines there. Training duration is 32 weeks in Ghaziabad and involves physical training as well as training on criminal and anti-corruption laws.
  • It is a very hectic job generally the work stretches beyond the usual working hours like one has to work till 8 or 9 pm. Usually on Saturdays, if the workload is more, the work goes on as usual; though Sundays are spared. Also in some branches like Special Crime etc, the job involves a fair bit of travelling especially in the starting years. The nature and hours of work also differ from branch to branch and from place to place. Some branches have less workload and so the personnel can take it easy. No uniform required

Inspector of Posts

The Postal Department is one of the threads that binds our country together. Every last mile of India is connected via Post Offices and they are one of the core institutions in many communities. Getting selected as Inspector of Posts is a great opportunity to serve your country.

  • Every Postal division has an Inspector of posts in its office.
  • Every district has two or more divisions.
  • With a Grade pay of 4200, Inspector of Posts is a post that sees multiple transfers in the career cycle.
  • The Inspector of Posts has to promote Postal Life Insurance and Post Office Deposit accounts to help the community.

Auditor in CAG and CGDA

Providing services to the CAG and CGDA offices of the Indian Government is one of the most prestigious opportunities. Candidates can be given the post of Auditor in these departments. following are some of the features of the post.

  • The Auditor Post is the best post among all Non-Interview posts. Auditors are recruited under the CAG and CGDA departments. 08 Hours office job & 05 Days working Job.
  • This is also one of the most favorable jobs for selected candidates to have a great work-life balance.
  • Promotion wise this job is job offered by SSC through CGL. One will get the first promotion to Senior Auditor (grade pay 4200) after 3 years of service.


Import and Export is one of the lifelines of the Indian Economy and the post of Examiner provides oversights of the rules and regulations to be followed in the process. Many candidates give this post higher preference. Let’s take a look at why.

  • The examiner is an inspector post. If one can be posted in Headquarters, he has to do Clerical or file-related work. If he/she can post in the field he/she has to do executive work like examining the goods imported or to be exported and assessing duty on that, In this job uniform is not mandatory.
  • The first promotion in this job is as Appraiser (Group-B Gazetted office), then Assistant Commissioner, then Deputy Commissioner, and Finally Commissioner. One can get the first promotion in this job after completing three years of service.
  • The examiner post is considered to be the best among all CGLE posts. One of the main reasons is faster promotions as compared to the other posts of CGLE. This post is mainly for coastal regions.

Postal Inspector

  • Inspector of Posts (IP) is either posted as a Sub-divisional Inspector or IP-PG(Public Grievance).He/she is in charge of about 60-70 post offices within his/her subdivision.
  • He/she is appointing authority for GDS (Gramin Dak Sevaks) and conducts their interview. He/she is assisted in his work by two Mail overseers and gets a separate office and monthly allowance for internet and telephone (Rs 750).
  • He/she is provided with a laptop and he gets his traveling expenses reimbursed by submitting TA(about Rs 2000 for 10 days on tour ).

Various Aspects of Service and Top Posts

Aspect Best posts
Promotion ASO in CSS, ITI, Assistant AFHQ
Exposure ASO in CSS & MEA, SI in CBI
Pay MEA(posting outside India), ASO in CSS & Indian Railway and ITI
Nature of work ASO in CSS & MEA, SI in CBI, and Auditor CAG & CGDA
Home Posting Auditor, Accountant & Junior Accountant, Statistical Investigator
Authority SI in CBI, Examiner and Divisional Accountant
First Preference of Candidates (most common) ITI, Examiner, ASO (MEA, CSS & AFHQ)
Training SI in CBI and ASO in MEA & CSS
Work-life Balance ASO (MEA, CSS & AFHQ), Auditor


Power-wise Different Posts

Following are some points showing different aspects of various posts in terms of the type of power invested in them. Candidates who aim to hold power and authority in their careers should keep these points in mind while mapping their post preferences.

  • To show power to corporate when investigating big economic offenses:- Assistant Enforcement Officer though he only does what he is directed to.
  • Power-wise (in day-to-day matter):- Examiner
  • To handle different types of cases of the most powerful people: the CBI
  • Power in policy-making:-Assistant in CSS
  • Power in gaining money:-Examiner or Excise- Inspector
  • Power in pin-pointing mistakes:-Auditor
  • Risky posting (situation-wise):-SI in CBI, Assistant Enforcement Officer, Preventive Officer
  • To know some biggest secrets of the country:- Assistant in CSS only
  • To know some secrets related to intelligence gathering:-Assistant in the Intelligence Bureau or Assistant in CSS equally, Cypher Assistant in MEA, SI in CBI.

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Auditors are recruited under which department?

Auditors are recruited under CAG and CGDA departments.

Which are the best posts under SSC CGL exam?

The best posts to get recruited to under the SSC CGL exam are as follows:

Income Tax Inspector
Assistant Section Officer
Central Excise Inspector
Assistant Audit Officer
Public Finance – K K Andley and Sundaram
Assistant Enforcement Officer

What is the age limit to apply for SSC CGL exam?

The age limit to apply for SSC CGL exam differs for different SSC CGL posts. The minimum age to apply for SSC CGL exam is 18 years.


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