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SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam Analysis 20th June 2024, All Good Attempts

Staff Selection Commission has scheduled the SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam 2024 for the 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, and 26th June 2024 at various exam centers. Lakhs of examinees will be competing for the 2049 vacancies for 10th-pass, 12th-pass, and graduate-level posts in various central government departments. Here we are covering the SSC Selection Post Exam Analysis 2024 for the upcoming shifts and days respectively.

Candidates who are looking forward to the examination and also who have appeared must understand the exam review obtained by the candidates. This will help you to analyze the overall difficulty level, section-wise breakdown, and opinions to provide proper guidance for future preparations.

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SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam Shift Timings

SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam 2024 will be conducted for 4 different shifts. The exam duration is 60 minutes. Here are the shift timings for the 5-day exam.

Shift  Timing
Shift 1 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Shift 2 11:45 AM to 12:45 PM
Shift 3 02:30 PM to 03:30 PM
Shift 4 05:15 PM to 06:15 PM

SSC Selection Post Exam Analysis 2024: Difficulty Level

The difficulty level provided below is based on the reviews obtained by the candidates who have appeared for the examination. We can say that this is valuable to understand the difficulty of each section and focus on that for the next stage as well.

Difficulty Level
Shift 1
Shift 2 Shift 3 Shift 4
General Intelligence Easy-Moderate Easy-Moderate Easy-Moderate Easy
General Awareness Moderate Easy-Moderate Moderate Moderate
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate Moderate Easy-Moderate Easy-Moderate
English Language Easy Easy Easy-Moderate Easy

SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Section-Wise Exam Analysis 2024

SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam 2024 includes four subjects: General Intelligence, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Language. Section-wise exam analysis will analyze your performance in the exam which helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses for the next shifts.

SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam Analysis for General Awareness

The section covers the current affairs mostly from the past 4-5 months along with the questions from the static part i.e. history, geography, polity, and science, etc. Check the questions asked below..

  • One question related to Dance
  • Kannoj War has been fought between? Ans: Shersha Suri and Humayun
  • Right to Privacy– Article 21
  • PM Ujjwala
  • UNESCO Sites related one question
  • Who have established the Lodhi Dynasty?
  • The great path of Mohenjadaro was built with which material?
  • Classical Dance related question
  • AM which type of monsoon climate
  • Chilika Lake Location
  • Schedule related to Oath
  • Which Delhi Sultanate Ruler used Intelligence officers?
  • Kuchipudi Dance related question
  • Yakshagaan Related to which state
  • Folk Song – Maharashtra
  • PM Svanidhi Scheme
  • Population Density of Arunachal Pradesh
  • First train In India related question
  • Attorney  General Qualification
  • FSSAI Chairman
  • Classical musical instrument artist-related question
  • History question related to Dominion Status
  • INC Poorna Swaraj related question
  • Thaneshwar lies in which state
  • Question based on the periodic table
  • Question related to species and population
  • Question related to the Islamic calendar and Eid

SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam Analysis for General Intelligence

It would include questions of both verbal and non-verbal types. Check the type of questions asked in today’s shift for 50 marks.

  • Coded Blood Relation
  • Coding Decoding
  • Figure Series
  • Venn Diagram
  • Statements and Conclusions
  • Set Based Analogy
  • Syllogism
  • Letter Series – Repeated Series
  • Mirror Image
  • Embedded Figures
  • Statement & Conclusion
  • Dice related question
  • Venn Diagram question
  • Sign Change related question -mathematical operation
  • Missing Numbers
  • Alphabet Series

SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam Analysis for Quantitative Aptitude

This is a bit calculative part let’s discuss the question asked from quantitative aptitude. The questions may be slightly difficult or calculative. Go through the questions asked here.

  • Most of the questions asked from Arithmetic for Matriculation level
  • 80% weightage to Arithmetic in Graduation Level Exam
  • sin A + cos A (given) then find tan A + cot A
  • Profit % given on two transactions. Find overall profit %
  • Simple Interest – interest rate given, time given and amount given. Find SI.
  • Discount –  different scenarios given, find in which scenario the discount will be maximum.
  • Time & Work – A & B together start working together and A leaves after some time, how much time does B take to finish the remaining work?
  • A question Based on median and side relation in a triangle
  • Maximum radius of a circle inscribed in a rectangle
  • Divisibility Rule based question

SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam Analysis for English Language

Candidates’ understanding of the Basics of the English Language, its vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, synonyms, antonyms, correct usage, etc./her writing ability would be tested. Let’s go through the questions asked for the exam.

  • Synonym of Adundent
  • Active- Passive related question
  • Antonym of Assemble
  • Verb and Adjective Related error
  • Cloze Test – source (The Hindu)
  • idiom – snake in the grass
  • idiom – leaps and bounds
  • Comprehension related to folk dance in India

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SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam Pattern 2024

There will be a total of 4 subjects i.e. General Intelligence, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude (Basic Arithmetic Skill), and English Language (Basic Knowledge) and the total number of questions will be 100 for 2 marks.

SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam Pattern 2024
Subject Number of Questions Maximum Marks
General Intelligence 25 Questions 50 Marks
General Awareness 25 Questions 50 Marks
Quantitative Aptitude (Basic Arithmetic Skill) 25 Questions 50 Marks
English Language (Basic Knowledge) 25 Questions 50 Marks
Total 100 Questions 200 Marks

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Where can I find SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam Analysis 2024?

Candidates can refer to this article for detailed SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam Analysis 2024 conducted on 20th June 2024.

What was the overall difficulty level of SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam 2024?

The overall difficulty level of SSC Selection Post Phase 12 Exam 2024 is easy to moderate.

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