Economics Questions for SSC CGL 2017


Here we are providing an Economic Quiz of 15 Most important Question with accordance to the syllabus of SSC CGL. It will help you to fetch more marks in final exam 

Q1. The famous economist Thomas Robert Malthus, in his views regarding population, is  
(a) optimistic 
(b) partly optimistic and partly pessimistic 
(c) pessimistic 
(d) None of the above 

Q2. IRDP was launched during the 
(a) Third Five Year Plan 
(b) Sixth Five Year Plan 
(c) Fifth Five Year Plan 
(d) Fourth Five Year Plan 

Q3. Who advocated the adoption of ‘PURA’ model to eradicate rural poverty? 
(a) MS Swaminathan 
(b) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad 
(c) Dr APJ Abdul Kalam 
(d) AM Khusro 

Q4. The objective of ‘Jawahar Rojgar Yojana’ is to  
(a) provide employment to youth in rural areas  
(b) create employment opportunities for unemployed persons 
(c) strengthen the rural economic and social structure 
(d) All of the above 

Q5. Globalisation means 
(a) integration of economy 
(b) integration of financial market 
(c) integration of the domestic economy with the world economy 
(d) integration of the various sectors of economy 

Q6. The Minimum Wages Act was first passed in India in the year.  
(a) 1947
(b) 1948
(c) 1950
(d) 1951

Q7. Disinvestment in public sector is called 
(a) liberalisation 
(b) globalisation  
(c) industrialisation 
(d) privatisation  

Q8. ‘Hire and Fire’ is the policy of 
(a) capitalism 
(b) socialism 
(c) mixed economy 
(d) traditional economy 

Q9. Economic development depends on 
(a) natural resources 
(b) capital formation 
(c) size of the market 
(d) All of these 

Q10. Nature of unemployment in agriculture in India is 
(a) only seasonal 
(b) only disguised 
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of the above 

Q11. NREGP is the abbreviated form of 
(a) National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme 
(b) National Rural Educational Guarantee Programme
(c) National Rapid Educational Guarantee Programme 
(d) National Rapid Employment Guarantee Programme 

Q12. The gradation and standardisation of agricultural products are conducted through  
(a) Food Corporation of India 
(b) Directorate of Marketing and Inspection 
(c) Indian Standards Institution 
(d) Central Statistical Organisation 

Q13. Which of the following is a better measurement of economic development? 
(a) GDP 
(b) Disposable income 
(c) NNP
(d) Per capita income 

Q14. A mixed economy works primarily through the 
(a) market mechanism 
(b) central allocative machinery 
(c) market mechanism regulated by government policy 
(d) market mechanism guided by government participation and planning 

Q15. One of the objectives of Industrial Licensing Policy in India was to ensure 
(a) creation of adequate employment opportunities 
(b) free flow of foreign capital in Indian industries 
(c) use of modern technology 
(d) balanced industrial development across regions 

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