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Science Quiz Based on NCERT

Science Quiz Based on NCERT_2.1
1: Which of the following instrument measures time with the most accuracy?
A.sun dial
B.sand clock
C.quartz clock
D.mechanical clock with gears

1: (c)

2: The basic unit of speed is:
A. km/min
B. m/min
C. km/h
D. m/s

2: (d) 

3: A faster moving object covers:
A.Less distance in more time
B.More distance in more time
CLess distance in shorter time
D.More distance in shorter time

3: (d)

4: 36 km/hr can also be expressed as:
A.10 m/s
B.3.6 m/s
C.100 m/s
D.36 m/s

4: (a) 

5: If the an object moving along a straight line, keeps changing its speed then,
A.The motion is said to be a uniform motion
B.The motion is said to be a non-uniform motion
C.The object is said to be stationary
D.The motion is said to be a fast motion

5: (b) 

6: The motion that repeats itself after regular intervals of time can be ___.
A.To and Fro Motion
B.Circular Motion
C.Rectilinear Motion
D.Periodic Motion

6: (c) 

7: The metallic ball in a pendulum is called as _______

7: (d) 

8: Which of the following relations is correct?
A.Speed = Distance × Time
B.Speed = Distance ÷ Time
C.Speed = Time ÷ Distance
D.Speed = 1/(Distance × Time)

8: (b) 

9: Which of the following is a scalar quantity?

9: (a) 

10: The meter that is used to measure the distance moved by the vehicle is known as _____

10: (b)