Previous Years English Questions for SSC CGL Tier-II 2017

Dear Students, English section of CGL Tier-2 Exam is very challenging. You need to mug up all the grammar rules, vocabulary and practice a lot of mock tests to score maximum marks. Today, in this English quiz we are providing questions based on fill in the blanks, antonyms, synonyms, spellings. Attempt this quiz, learn better and be prepared for the CGL Tier-2 2017. We wish you good luck for the CGL Exam.
Directions (1-5): In the following question, sentence given with blank to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for the question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by selecting the appropriate option.
Q1. The gate _______ by the watchman on duty.
(a) opened
(b) was opened
(c) were opened
(d) was Opening
Q2. The king was _______ while he was addressing his subjects.
(a) murdered
(b) executed
(c) assassinated
(d) exterminated
Q3. Her parents will never give their _____ to such an unsuitable match.
(a) acquiescence
(b) consent
(c) apology 
(d) willingness
Q4. The authorities would not ______ to the strikers’ demands.
(a) accept
(b) accede
(c) accession
(d) access
Q5. They are so ______, they could not put up a tent properly while camping.
(a) red
(b) white
(c) blue
(d) green
Directions (6-8): In the following question, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.
Q6. Mordant
(a) stupid
(b) pensive
(c) senseless
(d) sarcastic
Q7. Pragmatic
(a) theoretical
(b) realistic
(c) perfect
(d) simple
Q8. Apposite
(a) kind
(b) favourable
(c) eloquent
(d) appropriate
Directions (9-11): In the following question, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.
Q9. Generous
(a) stoic
(b) stingy
(c) poor
(d) specific
Q10. Barren
(a) oily
(b) polished
(c) sorrowful
(d) fertile
Q11. Profound
(a) mysterious
(b) difficult
(c) superfluous
(d) superficial
Q12. In the following question, four words are given, out of which only one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.
(a) Liaison
(b) Laiseon
(c) Laision
(d) Liesion
Q13. In the following question, four words are given, out of which only one word is correctly spelt. Find  the correctly spelt word.
(a) Supernumarary
(b) Supernumerary
(c) Supernumarery
(d) Supernumarey
Q14. In the following question, four words are given, out of which only one word is correctly spelt. Find  the correctly spelt word.
(a) Hemerhage
(b) Hemorage
(c) Hemorrhage
(d) Hemerrege
Q15. Four words are given, out of which only one word is spelt correctly. Choose the correctly spelt word  and click the button corresponding to it.
(a) Serendipty   
(b) Serendipity   
(c) Serndipity  
(d) Serinipidity 
S1. Ans.(b)
Sol.  Correct Answer: “was opened”. According to the structure of the sentence, passive voice structure  will be used. 
S2. Ans.(c)
Sol. Correct Answer: assassinated
assassinate: murder (an important person) for political or religious reasons.
S3. Ans.(b)
Sol. Correct Answer: consent
consent: permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.
S4. Ans.(b)
Sol. Correct Answer: accede
accede: agree to a demand, request, or treaty.
S5. Ans.(d)
Sol. Correct Answer: green
green: Pale or sickly in appearance.
S6. Ans.(d)
Sol. Correct Answer: sarcastic
mordant: (especially of humour) having or showing a sharp or critical quality; biting.
S7. Ans.(b)
Sol. Correct Answer: realistic
Pragmatic-dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.
S8. Ans.(d)
Sol. Correct Answer: appropriate
apposite: apt in the circumstances or in relation to something.
S9. Ans.(b)
Sol. Correct Answer: stingy
stingy: mean; ungenerous.
S10. Ans.(d)
Sol. Correct Answer: fertile
barren: (of land) too poor to produce much or any vegetation.
S11. Ans.(d)
Sol. Correct Answer: superficial
superficial: existing or occurring at or on the surface.
S12. Ans.(a)
Sol. Correct Answer: Liaison
S13. Ans.(b)
Sol. Correct Answer: Supernumerary
S14. Ans.(c)
Sol. Correct Answer: Hemorrhage is correct spelling. 
S15. Ans.(b)
Sol. serendipity is correct spelling.

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