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SSC CGL Sub-Inspector in CBI, Salary, And Job Profile

SSC CGL Sub-Inspector in CBI

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is one of the topmost investigating agencies in India. Thousands of people dream of working for the CBI. You can fulfill your dream by qualifying for the SSC CGL exam, which recruits for the post of Sub-inspector in the CBI. The job responsibilities include investigating criminal cases, collecting evidence, and apprehending criminals. The working hours are long & flexible and the work environment can be stressful. The job requires frequent transfers and there is always the risk of danger. We are providing you with the salary, job responsibilities, working hours, location, and promotion of the Sub-Inspector (SI) in CBI.

SSC CGL Salary Sub-Inspector in CBI

The salary of a CBI Sub-inspector is in the grade pay of 4600 which is equivalent to a 4600-grade pay central Govt employee as he gets 25% extra of Basic + DA and also he is paid 13 months’ salary in a year. The approx salary without the extra amount is:

Pay Level of Posts Pay Level-7
Payscale Rs 44900 to 142400
Grade Pay 4600
Basic pay Rs 44900
HRA (depending on the city) X Cities (24%) 10,776
Y Cities (16%) 7,184
Z Cities (8%) 3,592
DA ( 42%) 18,858
Gross Salary Range (Approx) X Cities 62,664
Y Cities 58,672
Z Cities 54,680

Sub-Inspector in CBI: Job Responsibilities

Most of us are aware of the importance of the Central Bureau of Investigation as a social institution. The designation of Sub Inspector is one of the most crucial posts in this organization as it carries a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. It is a very exciting and adventurous job as it provides the selected candidates with a lot of learning opportunities and interaction with many sections of society. In the following points, let us look at the job responsibilities of an SI in CBI.

  • The work includes inquiries, investigations, and gathering information.
  • You have to look after the cases in Courts during the trial which is initiated on the recommendations of the CBI. Thus, it requires frequent visits to the courts.
  • You have to take criminals to the courts safely. For such a role, you shall be provided security by the police.
  • You have to travel a lot all across India if you are allotted a case to perform the investigation. But in such investigations, you shall have complete authority over state police and other involved departments.
  • So, it is a stressful job and your family & personal life suffer.
  • It is considered to be a tough profile.
  • It is a non-uniform job.

Sub-Inspector in CBI: Training

The training is the most important phase of the career of a Sub Inspector in CBI as in this period the selected candidates are put through intense physical and mental preparation for the SI role. The day of training starts with physical exercise at 5:00 AM and ends with dinner at 9:0 PM. Throughout the day the recruits have to attend classes and physical drills. Candidates also make career-long friends in the training period and learn teamwork and cooperation.

  • For Training, you will be sent to CBI Academy Ghaziabad.
  • After successful completion of training, zones are allotted based on your preference.
  • The total training period is 59 weeks out of which 42 weeks training held in CBI Academy.

cbi training

Sub-Inspector in CBI: Promotion

As the name suggests the post of SI is subordinate to many posts in the CBI. The first promotion of the SIs is to the post of Inspector in which they have to serve for a long time before the next promotion.

  • Promotion opportunities are quite good at CBI.
  • To become an inspector you have to wait for 5 years i.e for your first promotion.
  • The second Promotion to Deputy Superintendent takes usually 12-13 years.
  • The hierarchy for the promotion of CBI sub-inspector is given below:

CBI promotion

SSC CGL Inspector Salary and Job Profile

CBI Sub-Inspector: Working hours

As we saw earlier, the roles and responsibilities of Sub Inspector in CBI vary according to the requirements of the department. An SI should be ready 24/7 to be called for duty. The working hours change according to the job at hand. Some assignments involve a lot of file work, some require a lot of travel and some require immediate attention. You need to extend your working hours or may even work on Saturdays.

CBI Sub-Inspector: Work location

After finishing the training at Ghaziabad, the selected candidates are posted in various locations across the nation as per the vacancy and requirements. However, the initial few years, they have to deal with office/desk work more than field and as the CBI has its headquarters in Delhi, more than 90% of the candidates are allotted the Delhi zone only.
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What is the job profile of Sub Inspector in CBI?

The work includes inquiries, investigations, and gathering information.

What is the career growth of SI in CBI?

It takes 5 - 6 years to become an Inspector which is the first promotion. Then one gets promoted to the level of Deputy Superintendent after 8-10 years. After serving as deputy superintendent for 10 years, one reaches to the level of Additional Superintendent.

What is the payscale of SI in CBI?

The payscale of SI in CBI is Rs 44900 to 142400.

What is the total training period of SI in CBI?

The total training period is 59 weeks out of which 42 weeks training held in CBI Academy.

What is the full form of CBI?

The full form of CBI is Central Bureau of Investigation.

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