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World Music Day 2022, 21st June, Theme, History and Significance

World Music Day 2022

“Music is everybody’s possession. It’s only publishers who think that people own it”. -John Lennon

World Music Day: The world celebrated World Music Day on the 21st of June every year. This is the day when the world celebrates music at its best. Music is something that is loved by everyone. People may have different tastes and preferences, but mainly there would hardly anyone who would say no to music. Over time, there have been different types of music that we have come across or different nations have shared with each other. 

When did the Music Day Celebration start?

In the year 1982, Fete de la Musique or known as Music Day in English was organized in Paris by Jack Lang who was the then Minister of Culture in France. They even got successful with the help of Maurice Fleuret who was the appointed Director of music for the event. 

The event became a huge success with many of the citizens coming out on the streets to play different forms of music. This event was appreciated by nations across the globe and soon about 120 different nations soon adopted the culture. This is the day when different musicians display their music on the streets and in other public places. Also, now different concerts are organized for free to celebrate the day. 

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World Music Day 2022 Theme

This year’s social distancing is the only way to curb the spread of coronavirus, so the world music day will not be celebrated the way it used to be. The theme for World Music Day 2022 is “Music on the intersections”.

Why is the day celebrated?

The start of World Music Day was with the motto of spreading awareness about the soothing nature of music. Also, there were two of the most obvious reasons among which the first is to offer amateur professionals a platform to display their talent in front of an audience. Along with this, the second reason is that a number of free concerts can be organized so that the audience can know about the different genres of music and can come across various forms of music from across the world. 

Many countries also believe that World Music Day is celebrated to spread awareness about the benefits of music. Some of the amazing benefits of music that everyone will agree to are:

  • It makes everyone happy
  • It helps to sleep better
  • It helps in reducing stress
  • It helps in setting up a particular mood 
  • It helps in putting in life at a party

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How is World Music Day celebrated now?

Different countries celebrate World Music Day in different ways. France maintains the traditional way since when the culture started and arranges events where the musicians can play music on the streets. There are many countries today that follow the same pattern as France. 

But also there are many other nations that have derived also other ways to celebrate World Music Day. Some small organizations or groups may conduct a flash mob show at a public place such as a mall or any busy street to attract the attention of the people and then may come up with a music show. They might also invite people from the public who wish to join them for the event.

Also, in many nations, big concerts are organized where big musicians participate to display their music mind but do not charge any compensation for it. 

Even in many places, there are different friendly competitions arranged among the upcoming and amateur musicians so that they can get recognized by the public in this way. 

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So, there are different ways how the world celebrates World Music Day. Though the ways may be different today for different people and nations, the concept or the aim of celebrating the day is still the same. The aim is to make music reach out to more people and to encourage people to accept music in their daily life. 

“The idea of music is to liberate the listener and lead him to a frame where he feels he is elevated” – AR Rahman

World Music Day Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is World Music Day still popular like before?

Ans: With passing years, World Music Day is getting even more popular. 

Q2. How does World Music Day benefit the general public?

Ans: The general public gets to know about different genres of music and also listening to music is something that everyone loves. 

Q3. Is Fete de la Musique still organized in a traditional way?

Ans: Yes, the day is still organized and celebrated in France in almost the same way.

Q4. How many countries today celebrate World Music Day?

Ans: Today, as many as 130 nations across the world celebrate World Music Day. 

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