World History : Quiz

1.The first news paper in the world was started by ?
A) Japan
B) China
D) India

2.Which among following is called “Gift of the Nile” ?
A) China
B) India
C) Iraq
D) Egypt

3.Who started the construction of Colosseum in Rome ?
A) Nero
B) Titus
C) Victor
D) Vespasian

4.What was the name of the atom bomb dropped by USA on Hiroshima in Japan during the second world war ?
A) Little Boy
B) Little Fly
C) Little Devil
D) None of these

5.In which year Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany ?
A) 1932
B) 1933
C) 1944
D) 1945

6.Russian revolutionary, who founded the Communist Party was
A) Karl Marx
B) Stalin
C) Lenin
D) Trotsky

7.With which of the following is the term Liberty, Equality and Fraternity associated?
A) Industrial Revolution
B) Russian Revolution
C) French Revolution
D) Olympic Games

8.Who said that ” Man is a political animal” ?
A) Aristotle
B) Karl Marx
C) Lenin
D) Plato

9.Which is considered as oldest civilization of the world ?
A) Mesopotamian Civilization
B) Harappan Civilization
C) Chinese Civilization
D) Egyptain Civilization

10.Which country has always remained free from foreign rule?
A) Phillipines
B) Nepal
D) Laos

11.Who is also known as the founder of scientific socialism ?
A) Karl Marx
B) Lenin
C) Rousseau
D) Engels

12.When did the first Railway Train begin to carry passengers and freight?
A) 1814 AD
B) 1830 AD
C) 1853 AD
D) 1784 AD

13.In which year American Revolution started ?
A) 1774
B) 1775
C) 1776
D) 1777

14.Which period in medieval western Europe is known as ‘Dark Ages’?
A) Early Middle Ages
B) Late Middle Ages
C) Entire Middle Ages
D) Mid Middle Ages

15.French Revolution was started in the Year ?
A) 1786
B) 1787
C) 1788
D) 1789

16. Who was the first to sail round the world ?
A) Francis Drake
B) Columbus
C) Magellan
D) Vasco da Gama

17. Which of the following civilization is associated with ‘Laws of Twelve Tables’?
A) Roman Civilization
B) Arab Civilization
C) Greek Civilization
D) Iranian Civilization

18. What is the name of autobiography of Adolf Hitler ?
A) First Attack
B) Mein Kampf
C) My Spirit
D) Ray of Hope

19.Which of the following countries is associated with ‘Glorious Revolution’?
A) France
B) Russia
D) England

20.Who is the First Test Tube Twins Babies in the World?
A) Louise Brown & Vesli Multinder
B) Stephan & Amanda
C) Harsha & Indhira
D) Elizabeth Car & Carl Wood

2. D
3. D
4. A
5. B
6. C
7. C
8. A
9. A
10. B
19. D
20. B

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