Wishing You a Very Happy Lohri!

ADDA247 wishes you all a very Happy Lohri! May this Lohri spread positivity, peace, happiness, and love.

Lohri is a popular Punjabi festival that is mainly celebrated in Punjab as a winter folk festival. The new year is here and we already said goodbye to 2020, a year that was full of ups and downs, not actually ups and downs but only lockdowns. The harvest festival Lohri is here, and people are looking forward to celebrating this first festival of the new year with social distancing considering the Coronavirus pandemic.

Lohri is being celebrated on 13th January, every year mainly in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and parts of Himachal Pradesh. People around the country celebrate Lohri with great excitement. Lohri marks the end of winter and is a traditional welcome of longer days and the sun’s journey to the northern hemisphere by Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab region.

Lohri is a festival that is all about social gatherings, family get-togethers around the bonfire performing bhangra and gidda around it. People gather around huge holy fire-throwing popcorn, Rewari, and puffed rice in the holy fire. Lohri is also considered to be one of the last days of truly cold winter as Lohri has the shortest day and the longest night.

May this Lohri bring abundant opportunities your way, and all dreams turn into reality. Have a joyous and prosperous Lohri!

Happy Lohri!