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Why reading from physical books is more beneficial? 5 reasons

Ever thought of why you need to shift your focus a bit towards the ‘book side’ ?


Here we are to provide you 5 good reasons why you should sway away a lil bit from those ‘screens’.

1-Keep your eyes healthy People hooked to their screens, is a common sight these days. Long working hours as well as the online classes do not let them take a break off the screens. However, in the process, our innocent eyes have to suffer a lot. Blurry vision , redness, fatigue, irritations are common eye problem symptoms that have grown recently. However, holding on to the book pages can help provide you some rescue while not hampering your learning as well. You can read as many of them and still keep your eyes healthy.

2-Absorb and retain more Studies have proven that people who learn from physical books are likely to absorb more information and hence retain more as well. Being able to hold a book and feel it on your skin impacts your brain differently. It signals it to learn absorb good, retain better and learn the best.

3-Multiply the joy of reading No matter how advanced the technology gets, nothing can replace the feeling of the book in your hand. Being able to swap the pages whenever and wherever you want is something that amplifies your reading satisfaction and lets you enjoy your learning even more.

4-Helps you sleep better Scrolling through your social media and electric screens is definitely a bad idea when it comes to getting yourself a good sleep. These are proven to hamper your health and sleep patterns. However, immersing yourself in some good books before sleeping is a real good idea for your mental health. You can always try them to fall asleep better.

5-Less distraction Lots of popups, hyperlinks, flash etc. are enough to suck you into the rabbit hole of the internet. They call it business but they are bad for your concentration. With printed books, there is nothing in between just you and its pages. So if you want to stay focused, grasp more and comprehend the best, choose books over screen. They help you learn and prepare better.

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