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What to expect From SSC CGL TIER 1 EXAM 2018-19 in Upcoming Shifts?

What to expect From SSC CGL TIER 1 EXAM 2018-19 in Upcoming Shifts?_30.1

Dear Aspirants,

SSC CGL exam has commenced from 4th June 2019 and many aspirants can be seen struggling to attempt questions as per their expectations. This year aspirants are having a hard time as Mathematics and General Awareness section are tougher as compared to the other two sections. Candidates appearing for the upcoming shifts are advised to stay calm and motivated. Here are some points useful for the aspirants going to sit for the exam in the next few days based upon the exam held from 4th to 7th June:

– Do not attempt questions that you are not sure of. If the exam is difficult then it will be difficult for the other aspirants as well. Panicking will only worsen the situation.
– Do not get distracted or demotivated. Just focus on the accuracy of the questions attempted.
– As mathematics section is appearing to be lengthy, attempt easier questions first and do not spend much time on a particular question.

In this article, you can check which topics are important for upcoming shifts as we are comparing all the questions asked in all the shifts of SSC CGL Examination which was held from 4th June to 7th June 2019.

Important Topics From Different Sections Of SSC CGL Tier 1 2018-19 Exam : 

General Awareness Section : 

  • Current affairs cover a major portion of the General Awareness section as seen from the previous shifts. Make sure to revise the important current affairs from the past few months.
  • Mainly Questions were from Static Portion of the Section.
  • In History, many questions were asked from Ancient History & Mughal Empire
  • In Polity, the question was from different articles in the constitution, sources of the constitution and Important Amendments of the constitution.

In the table given below, you can check different question which was asked in different shifts of the examination and topics which are important when considering upcoming shifts of the SSC CGL Tier 1 Examination.


Questions: 4th June Questions from the Same Topic: 6th June Questions from the Same Topic: 7th June Important Topics For upcoming Shifts
Lady who fought during the Mughal period First Muslim ruler who conquered almost all the India covering north to south

Who was the Founder of Syed dynasty?

Who is the Mughal emperor at the age of 13 when the father died?

Son of Akbar took ___ name, which means ‘the conquer of the world’?

Who is the founder of the Mughal empire?

” Important Founders of Mughal Dynasty ”

” Questions from Nobel Prizes ”

” Questions based on Rivers of India & world with there tributaries ”

” Questions based on Folk Dance of Different States of India ”

” Question-Based On different Sports Tournaments of the World ”

” Questions Based on Different Articles of the Constitution ”

” Chairmen of Important Governmental Organizations of India ”

” Persons Related to Judiciary System Of India ”

” Brand ambassadors Of different organizations ”

” Sources of the Constitution Borrowed from which countries ”

” Important Days Of the year and their Themes ”

” Different Hormones of the human Body and their Importance ”

” Important Current Affairs From January 2019 to May 2019″

JJ Thomson got Nobel prize for? Indian who won the Nobel prize after mother Teresa? Nobel prize of madam curie related to which?

Who got a Nobel prize for the neuron in 1906?

Bima river is the tributary of which river? Which river flows in the thar desert? Dispute of Krishna river is between which 2 states?

The river which flows through highest no. Of countries?

which of the following is the Longest river in Asia?

The Olympic 2018-19 ceremony was held in which country? What was the Theme of special Olympics 2019?
Dance of Himachal Pradesh. One question on Ottamthullal Folk dance?

Dhaman folk dance belongs to which state?

Helsinki Finland Geebee boxing 2019 winner only gold for India? 2 questions asked on Geebee boxing tournament
Question-based on article 41\43? President rule comes under which article?

What is mentioned in Article 61 of the Indian constitution?

Who is the Chief of INA? ISRO chairman at the time of launch of Mars Orbiter? who is currently NGT chairman

On 31 May 2019 who became the 24th Admiral of Navy?

Who was the first Judge of Supreme Court? The 1st chief justice of Delhi high court?
Residuary powers of parliament of India has been taken from which of the following? Constitutional Remedies was borrowed from which country?
Which hormones control other hormones?
Who is the brand ambassador of the red bus? Name of the actress who is made the brand ambassador of a campaign related to girls saving
The theme of World Down Syndrome Day? Earth Day is celebrated in which year?

No one should be left behind was the slogan of which day?

World meteorological day ??
Hormone to propel milk out of mammary glands Which hormones control other hormones?

One question on IND-INDO CORPAT 2019.

Which the reform took place from March to April 2019 in Andaman Island

Carnot Award 2019 was given to?

Who won the Abel Prize 2019?

GDP Of India in 2019?

Vaishvik shikhar sammelan 2019 was held in?


Mathematics Section : 

  • As mathematics section is appearing to be lengthy, attempt easier questions first and do not spend much time on a particular question.
  • Revise all the important formulas and theorems of advanced maths.
  • The main topics from which questions are being asked in quantitative Aptitude section are
  1. Time and work:  Questions form this topic was really calculative when considering previously conducted examination by SSC for CGL. So, calculating values fast will help you solve these question early and it will save some time for other questions.
  2. Geometry: Revise all the theorem related to Triangles, Circles, and Quadrilateral.
  3. Mensuration: Remember all the formula of volume, lateral surface area and Total surface area of different 2D and 3D figures.
  4. Trigonometry: 3-4 questions were being asked from this topic. Questions based on different formulas of Trigonometric Ratios, but the questions are bit lengthy to solve so remembering all the formulas will help you in solving the questions fast.
  5. Time Speed Distance: Questions from this topic is of easy level, so solving question from this topic will help you save some time for other questions.
  6. Ratio and Proportion: Questions from this topic were many from Ages portion and of easy level?
  7. Data Interpretation: This time DI in the examination is bit calculative when comparing it with the previously conducted examination which will consume time if you don’t solve it fast.
  8. Other topics of this section are of easy-moderate level which can be solved easily if your basic understanding of the topic is clear.
Questions Asked: 4th June Questions Asked from the Same topic: 6th June Questions Asked from the Same topic: 7th June Important Topics for upcoming Examinations
ABC is a right angle triangle with sides 20 ,21 ,29 , find the inradius?

If O is the center of the circle and PQ and PR ne two chords of equal length of each 12 cm .PO intersects QR at S . The find the length of OS

Two circles intersect each other at P & Q if distance of the common cord between them is 20, and radii of two circles are 10 and 8 respectively find the distance between them?

ABC and DEF are similar triangles. If the area of ABC is 100 and DEF are 49 ..altitude of ABC is 10 then find the altitude of DEF?

In triangle ABC, AD divides angle A into 2 halves and AD is perpendicular to BC. Length of AB, BC, AC was given. It was told to find the length of BD.

In a circle of radius 10 cm, two equal chords PQ and PR of length 12cm find length of QR?

ABC is a triangle such that AD bisect angle BAC and point D lies on BC. If the length of AB=c, BC=a, AC=b then find the length of BD?

” 3-4 Questions from Geometry: Properties of Triangles and Circle ”

” 2-3 Questions from Time and Work ”

“1 Question from Compound Interest ”

” 2-3 Questions from Trigonometry ”

” 2-3 Questions From Algebra”

” 2 questions From Profit and Loss”

“2-3 questions form Mensuration ”

“4-5 Questions from Data Interpretation ”

” 1 Question from Percentage ”

“2 Questions from Simplification ”

” 2 Questions from Number System “

if ratio of efficiency of A,B,C is 4:5:3 , if they can complete a job in 25 days, then in how many days 35 % of total work will be completed by A & C? A+b+c can do work 15 days,they start together.when 1/3 work is done a leave now the work will complete 4 days more.when 2/3 work done b leave now the work completed 2 days more. C alone can do?? One person decided to finish work in 12 days so he gave work to some people but 6 people are absent and the work finished in 20 days despite of 12 days.
For an article CP is 170 % of profit. If CP is increased by 20 % but SP remains same then find the new profit percentage? Principal 15000 r 16% find the difference between 2year and 3year of CI A sum of money becomes 18300 in 3 years and 27600 in 6 years find the principal?

P=8100 R=8 % , Find compound interest per 5 months

2 + tan A + cotA/cosec A * sec A =?

Simplify sin ^2 A -2 sin ^2 A / (2 cos ^2 A – cos ^2 A)^2 + 1 ?

If 4cos^2 A = 3( cot ^2 A – Cos ^2 A) , Find the value of A?

Sin£=4cos£ to sin£cos£=? If Tan2x-sex+3=0 , find Tanx+secx?

Simplify 1/ (secx-tanx) -cosx ?

If x+y+z = 19 , X2 + y2 + z2 = 133 , xz = y2

If X2 -22x+11=0 then find (x-8)2 – 1/(x-8)2 = 0?

If (a+b+c)= 2, a^2+b^2+c^2= 26, then find a^3+b^3+c^3=? If x=2-p, find the value of x^2+2xp+8
For an article CP is 170 % of profit. If CP is increased by 20 % but SP remains same then find the new profit percentage? A person sale 2 product in Rs.624 at a lose of 1% in first and 14% profit on second. And SP is same the find CP? Ram buys a product at 20 % discount then marks the CP at 25 % above the price on which he purchased then gave a discount of 20% on the marked price, Then Find the profit of Ram?
The total surface area of the hemisphere is 41.58 square cm Find its curved surface area?

Area of triangle 15 cm sq and radius of circle 3 then the perimeter of the triangle?

3 faces of a cuboid are given. Find the volume of the cuboid?

From a cylinder of base radius 3 cm and 10 cm,two connes of height 4 cm and having same base radius as that of cylinder are cut off from two end of the cylinder.find total surface area of reaming part??


Reasoning Section  : 

– Reasoning needs to be attempted in the minimum time as this section is easiest among all.

Topics Expected Number Of Questions in Upcoming Shift
Analogy 2
Odd One Out 2
Series 2
Statement & Conclusions 2
Directions 1
Sequence (Acc. to Dictionary) 1
Word Formation 1
Coding-Decoding 2
Mathematical Operations 1
Matrix 1
Blood Relation 1
Mirror Image 1
Venn Diagram
Paper Folding Image 1
Missing Term 1
Hidden Figure 1
Cube 1
Counting Figure 1
Complete Figure 1
Misc. 1


English Section

– English needs to be attempted in the minimum time as this section is easiest among all.

Topics Expected Number Of Questions in Upcoming Shift
Fill in the Blanks 1-2
Sentence Improvement 2
Error Detection 2
Sentence Rearrangement 2
Idioms and Phrases 2
Synonyms 2
Antonyms 2
Active Passive 3
One word substitution 1-2
Word Correction in the sentence (bold word)
Spelling Correction 2
Cloze Test 5


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