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What Happened On This Day In History: 22nd March

22nd March can be noted as a special day for a number of events. A good number of personalities took birth on this day such as the British scientist Katherine Jones, the English poet Edward Moore, the chess grandmaster Kenneth Rogoff, and many others. 

Also, this is the day when a number of events took place about which the modern man does not know even. 

  • In 1995, the Russian Cosmonaut named Valeri Polyakov came back to Earth after spending 436 days in space. 
  • It was today in 1993 when the first Pentium chip was shipped by the Intel Corporation. 
  • Columbia – the Space Shuttle of NASA was launched on its 3rd mission from the Kennedy Space Center in 1982. 
  • In 1972, the Equal Rights Amendment by the United States Congress. 
  • Going back to the 1700s, it was in 1739 when Nader Shah stole the precious Peacock Throne. 

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Apart from the above-mentioned events, there are certain reasons that make 22nd March special. 

Why is the 22nd March special?

There are some observations that are held each year on this day.

  • Emancipation Day:

This day is celebrated in many colonies of the Caribbean Islands and nearby places. This day is observed to celebrate the emancipation of slaves who were of African origin. Each year, this day is observed important as it reminds them of freedom from slavery. 

  • World Water Day:

Water is precious and this does not need any reminder. But the way people are wasting water, it is necessary that they are reminded to put a brake on it. 22nd March is observed each year as World Water Day. This is an initiative by the UN to protect the freshwater available on Earth. It has mentioned several guidelines about how water can be used without saving. 

  • The Janta Curfew:

This is the latest event that is about to happen on 22nd March 2020 in India. The day will be observed as a self-imposed curfew by the Indians across the country against the epidemic disease Coronavirus that has affected China and Italy drastically. The impacts of the virus are also increasing in India and hence this is considered as a step towards it as a precautionary measure. It is said to be the largest or first such curfew and if it gets successful, this day is going to be remembered in the pages of history soon.  


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