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What Happened On This Day In History: 15th March

“Et Tu Brute” – The famous dialogue of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare has defined many backstabbers by now. It was the “Ides of March”, 15th of March when Julius Caesar was assassinated or backstabbed by his best friend Brutus along with other senators. 

Other than the tragic story of the Roman king Julius Caesar in 44 BC, there are many more incidents to remember about the 15th of March. 

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  • World Speech Day

Public speeches can change lives and can encourage the audience to stand up and put forth their thoughts and words. Humankind is blessed with the power of speech and this should be utilized in its best way.  

The World Speech Day was started in the year 2015 at Athens Democracy Forum. Since that day, the 15th of March is celebrated as World Speed Day across the globe. It is about live speeches through different events and encourages the power of speech. 

  • World Contact Day

The outside world in the space has always remained a point of interest for scientists Also; it gives birth to intense curiosity in the general public too. Scientists are busy finding an answer to the unknown personalities that may be surviving in some other part of the universe. 

It was in the year 1953 when International Flying Saucer Bureau mentioned 15th March to be celebrated as World Contact Day every year. IFSB decided that on 15th March of every year, the members will try to establish a connection with the outer world in the space. 

  • World Consumer Rights Day

The consumer is the king. This concept was not there a long time back. Retailers used to have their own rules and it was the customer who used to get exploited. Things actually got changed with the date and event since when World Consumer Rights Day started. 

It was in 1960 when World Consumer Rights Day started in the form of offering different rights to the consumers such as the right to knowledge, the right to take action, and many others. It is now better known as the International Consumer Rights Day. 

  • International Day Against Police Brutality

Police forces are there for the safety of the public. But there are a number of times when police need to take the path of violence too. But there has to be a limit to this violence that at times may get converted into extreme brutality otherwise. 

The event of action against police brutality started in Montreal in 1997 and this got transformed into a massive occurrence with the Black Flag in Switzerland. 15th March is considered the International Day against Police Brutality now as a symbol of protest again the extreme brutality towards the public.

It seems 15th March marks an important date on the calendar with many of the important events that took place. These events are not just something to be remembered but also that impacts human society to a great extent. It is due to the starting of these events and dates when many things are getting streamlined slowly. 

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