What Do Colours Represent In Our Life?

The festivals of Colours, Holi is being celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm. On this day, people smear colours on each other’s faces to celebrate the joy of this festival. You may already know why we celebrate this festival but do you know the importance of colours in our lives? What does each colour signify? What values can you learn from different colours? The importance of colours in everyone’s life can be determined by this quote from Oscar Wilde; “Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways” Colours can speak their own languages with their own wonderful meanings. Each one of us should learn the meanings of colours and incorporate them into our lives. Take a look at what each colour represents and signifies in our life:


Red is a colour of Danger, Passion, energy, and love. Red is known to symbolize a powerful meaning with 2 extremely contradicting nature. On one hand, it represents love and passion while on the other, it signifies aggression, anger and danger. Just as this colour, you must be passionate about your goal and must prepare for it aggressively.


Blue symbolizes calmness. The colour of the ocean and the sky is blue. When you stare at the ocean, it provides a soothing sensation to your soul leading to harmony. This colour can also be associated with sadness, truthfulness, and trustworthiness. You must remain calm even when you fail in life as only with patience can you pave your way into success.


With every other colour destroying the perfection of this colour, white is a colour of peace and purity. It represents innocence and simplicity just as this colour looks in reality. Just as this colour, a peaceful mind is a must when struggling for life goals.


Yellow is one of the most vibrant colours of all. This colour brings warmth and happiness just like the sunshine in the rain. This colour is generally used in the festivals as it brings joy to the family. Just as this colour, you must stay happy and content with whatever you have. Live and let others live.


Pink is categorized as a ‘Girly’ colour due to the stereotype associated with it. Figuratively, pink is a colour that represents diversity, youthfulness, and gentle nature. It offers a great level of intensity. Bring diversity and variety to your life just like the shades of pink.


Green represents nature, health and wealth. It shows that one must remain close to nature and take care of their health as it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. While aiming for something, remember to give priority to your health, as it won’t come back to you just like our nature and environment.


Purple represents majesty and royalty. It also signifies spirituality and mysterious quality. This colour comes between red and blue and hence it maintains a balance between aggression and calmness. A balanced life with wisdom and dignity must be the ultimate mantra for success.


As negative as it may look, black has its own significance. The powerful nature of this colour can be told with the fact that it nullifies the effect of all other colours. One one hand it represents a mysterious and powerful nature while on the other, it represents evilness, darkness and death.


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