WBCS Preparation: Crack all the 3 stages of WBCS

WBCS Preparation

West Bengal Public Service Commission conducts the West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) exam to recruit the Group A, B and C officers in administrative departments of West Bengal. The exam consists of 3 stages namely Preliminary, Mains and Interview. How can you prepare for the WBCS and crack all the 3 stages of WBCS? Check out the preparation strategy for WBCS Preliminary exam.

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WBCS Preparation: Preliminary Exam Pattern

The prelims consist of 8 subjects with Multiple choice questions to be attempted in 2.5 hours. The subjects are as mentioned below:

Subject Marks No.of Questions Duration
English Composition 25 25 2.5 Hours
General Science 25 25
Current events of National & International Importance 25 25
History of India 25 25
Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal 25 25
Indian Polity and Economy 25 25
Indian National Movement 25 25
General Mental Ability 25 25
Total 200 200

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Subject Wise strategy for WBCS Preliminary exam

  1. English Composition

The English section of WBCS preliminary examination consists of the following topics:

    • Synonyms and Antonyms
    • Vocabulary Test
    • Phrasal Verbs
    • Homophones
    • Fill in the qualifying words
    • Idioms and Phrases

You can ace the English section by improvising your reading skills and learning basic English. Try to memorize the topics such as phrasal verbs, vocabulary, idioms and phrases by reading them on a daily basis. For synonyms and antonyms, you must read books, magazines, newspapers as much as you can. Note down 5 new words on a daily basis and use them while framing sentences.

2. General Science

The general science questions asked in the exam from the following topics:

    • General appreciation
    • Matters of everyday observation
    • Understanding of science
    • Experience as expected from an educated person not having made special studies of scientific disciplines

Refer to a book where you can get all the topics related to General Science. Practice daily quizzes and make notes of the important topics.

3. Current Events of National and International Importance

    • Significant events affecting India with its relations to the world

Learn the current affairs on a daily basis and stay updated with national & international news. Revise all the current affairs of the week on weekends to memorize them.

4. History of India

      • Ancient
      • Medieval
      • Modern

History of India will be based on the 3 sections namely Ancient, Medieval and Modern. You must read the important events, learn dates and not miss the personalities of that Era.

5. Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal

    • Economic Geography
    • Physical Geography
    • Social Geography

Make sure you have a map of India and West Bengal in your room while studying this subject. You can learn from the free videos that will help you understand in a better way.

6. Indian Polity and Economy

    • Indian Constitution
    • Constitutional Bodies, etc.
    • Panchayati Raj

Learn all the articles, amendments, acts, schedules of the constitution to score well in this section. Solve quizzes to make sure you can memorize them properly.

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7. Indian National Movement

    • Nature and character of Nineteenth-Century Resurgence
    • Growth of Nationalism
    • Attainment of Independence

This topic must be studied thoroughly as it contains the history of India independence. The questions asked in this section can be complex. You must understand the topic before answering the questions. Make short notes to memorize all the events.

8. General Mental Ability

    • Logical Reasoning
    • Common Aptitude

Practice will help you ace the General mental ability section. Attempt quizzes daily and take a stronghold on the basic concepts. You must be well acquainted with the short tricks and formulas to score in this section.

Some tips to keep in mind while preparing:

  • Stay calm and motivated while preparing for the exam as it is a tedious process that can exhaust you.
  • Take breaks between studies to relax your mind
  • Do not take extra stress or pressure instead keep working hard towards your goal
  • Attempt mock tests and analyze your performance to improve further
  • Revision is an integral part and must be done regularly
  • Polish your strong subjects and strengthen your weaker subjects
  • Just remember that nothing is impossible and you have the ability to crack the exam
  • Don’t forget to refer to the previous year papers to understand the topics asked over the years.

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