Illustrious Vocabulary For SSC CHSL, CGL And CPO Exam 2018: 19 March 2018

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In this modern era, everything seems incomplete without the involvement of English in our daily life. And no one can deny the importance of Vocabulary that is a momentous section to score up to the mark. SSC CHSL Exam has already started from 4 March and will be conducted until 26 March and other exams conducted by SSC are in a loop this year which include pristine Exams like SSC CPO and and SSC CGL where dealing with English Section may demand a grip over enticingly illustrious words.

Envisaging the anxiety and perplexity of the aspirants who find it an uphill task to learn new words, we are providing important vocab facilitated with synonyms, antonyms, their proper usage through examples which will surely ease your grapple of storing apt number of  words in your memory for longer time and in an effective way. It will be our pleasure to add up in your efficiency with each passing day leaving you well prepared for vying part of life.

1.  MUZZY (adjective): व्याकुल
Meaning: unable to think clearly; confused.
Synonyms: groggy, faint, dizzy, shaky, muddled, befuddled, addled, befogged, dopey, woozy
Antonyms: clear, definite, obvious, unequivocal, blatant, candid, clear, clearheaded, comprehensible, conscious, defined, definite, distinct, explicit, forthright, foursquare.
Usage: Feeling muzzy from the blow on his head, he got up very slowly.

2. NEBBISH (noun) : मंद बुद्धि
Meaning: a person, especially a man, who is regarded as pitifully ineffectual, timid, or submissive.
Synonyms: banal, jejune, mundane, trite, vapid, prosaic, tame, tenuous, inane.
Antonyms: fancy, precocious, sharp appetizing, exhilarating, hard-working, vigorous, alert vivacious.
Usage: The nebbish refuses to take responsibility for his actions, always too afraid to admit that he made a mistake

3. ADUST (adjective):उदासीन
Meaning: Gloomy; melancholic.
Synonyms: despondent, downcast, dejected, crestfallen, disappointed, disheartened, , desolate, glum, doleful, melancholy, woebegone, mournful, forlorn, subdued, wretched, lugubrious, sepulchral, saturnine.
Usage: The last two, he says, are particularly dangerous because they cause the humors to turn inward and become adust.

4. EXTENUATE (verb) : शांत करना
Meaning: (of a factor or situation) acting in mitigation to lessen the seriousness of guilt or an offence.
Synonyms: mitigating, exonerative, palliating, justifying, vindicating, exculpatory; moderating, softening, tempering, diminishing, lessening.
Antonyms: maximize, burden, discomfort, exacerbate, aggravate, extend, expand.
Usage: The court reduced the criminal’s sentence because of extenuating circumstances.

5. TRAMMEL (noun) : बाधा
Meaning: restrictions or impediments to freedom of action.
Synonyms: restraint, curb, obstacle, barrier, handicap, block, hindrance, encumbrance, snag, stumbling, shackles, fetters.
Antonyms: aid, assist, facilitate, help, liberate, release, untie, encourage, emancipate, rescue, untangle.
Usage: No longer trammeled by his responsibilities as chairman, he could say what he wished.

6. PILLORY (verb) : निंदा करना
Meaning: attack or ridicule publicly.
Synonyms: attack, criticize, censure, condemn, denigrate, lambaste, flay, savage, denounce; bash, crucify, slag off, roast, deride.
Antonyms: accolade, laud, esteem, eulogy, encomium, kudos, commendation, greeting, honor.
Usage: The museum has an actual pillory that was once used to punish criminals in the center of town.

7. HEBETUDE (noun) : बुद्धिहीनता
Meaning: the state of being dull or lethargic.
Synonyms: dullness, languidness, lassitude, torpidity, torpor, drowsiness, stupor.
Antonyms: perspicacity, gusto, verve, vivacity, liveliness, impetus.
Usage: When Jessica stays up all night, her mind goes into hebetude, and she can’t focus in class.

8. LOLLYGAG (verb) : समय बर्बाद करने वाला
Meaning: spend time aimlessly; idle
Synonyms: crawl, creep, dally, dawdle, delay, dillydally, drag, lag, linger, loiter, mope, tarry.
Antonyms: barrel, dash, fly, hasten, hurry, race, run, rush, scurry, speed, whirl, whisk.
Usage: We can’t lollygag around and expect to maintain the sharpness we need.

9. SLIPPAGE (noun) : सफलता में बाधा बनने वाला 
Meaning: failure to meet a standard or deadline.
Synonyms: drop, fall, lag, slump, sliding, decline.
Antonyms: upsurge, escalation, mend, parity, success, accuracy.
Usage: The smallest slippage could delay completion of the project.

10. SEGREGATION (noun) : अलगाव
Meaning: the action or state of setting someone or something apart from others.
Synonyms: separation, setting apart, keeping apart, sorting out, restriction, isolation
Antonyms: gather, combine, associate, connect, unite, link
Usage: In certain countries, religious segregation is the norm.

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