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Vijayanagara Empire, Complete Details about History, Founders and Dynasties

Vijayanagara Empire

Vijayanagara or “city of victory” was the name of both a city and an empire. In the year 1336 AD, Harihara and Bukka of the Sangama dynasty established the empire. For the upcoming exams, this page provides all the necessary facts about the Vijayanagara Empire.

Vijayanagara Empire History

Sangama, Saluva, Tuluva, and Aravidu are the four dynasties that made up the Vijayanagar Empire history. The empire was founded in the fourteenth century (1336 AD) by Harihara and Bukka of the Sangama dynasty. They made Hampi the capital city. In 1986, Hampi was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Capital of Vijayanagara Empire

Hampi is the capital of the Vijaynagar Empire. The present-day Hampi is surrounded by the remains of the empire. In Hampi, there are numerous municipal, military, and religious monuments, including the Virupaksha Temple. Other marvelous architectures are Vijaya Vittala temple, Achyutaraya temple and The King’s balance. Hampi was also one of the biggest trading centers in the world. It is referred to as “the city of ruins.”

Vijayanagara Empire Map

Located in the Deccan, the Vijayanagara empire was a south Indian kingdom. It stretched from the river Krishna in the north to the extreme south of the peninsula.See the Vijayanagar Empire map given below.

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Founder of Vijayanagara Empire

Two brothers named Harihara and Bukka, who were soldiers in Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq’s army are the founder of the Vijayanagar empire. In 1336, they seceded from the Delhi Sultanate and founded an independent state in Karnataka, with Vijayanagar as its capital city on the banks of the Tungabhadra River.

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Vidyaranya, a saint and contemporary scholar, assisted and motivated Harihara and Bukka in establishing their empire.

Vijayanagara Empire Dynasties

Four separate dynasties ruled Vijayanagar:

  • Sangama dynasty (1336–1486);
  • Saluva dynasty (1486-1506)
  • Dynasty of Tuluva (1506-1565)
  • Dynasty of Aravidu (1570-1647)

Details of the Vijayanagar Empire dynasties is given below-

Sangama Dynasty (1336–1486)

  • The Vijayanagara empire was first ruled by the Sangama dynasty. This dynasty
    included the empire’s founders, Harihara and Bukka. It held power from 1334 to
  • Harihara was succeeded by Bukaraya as king.
  • Kamparaya, the son of Bukka, annexed Madurai. Gangadevi, Kamparaya’s wife,
    wrote this episode as Madhuravijayam in Sanskrit.
  • The first significant ruler was Devaraya I. He was the pioneer in building a dam
    across the Tungabhadra River.
  • Deva Raya II was the Sangama dynasty’s greatest emperor. His army included
    Muslim archers and he was the first vijayanagara ruler to collect tributes from
    cylon. After his death, Sangama dynasty became weak.
  • The final king, Virupaksha Raya, was overthrown by Saluva Narasimha Raya 1, his commander, and he began the Saluva dynasty reign.

Saluva Dynasty (1486-1506)

  • The Saluva dynasty, founded by Narasimha, succeeded the Sangama dynasty as the second dynasty of the empire. It ruled from 1485 to 1505 AD. They ruled over almost the whole of South India.
  • During this time, Annamcharaya lived.
  • Veeranarasimha started rule of Tuluva dynasty

Tuluva Dynasty (1506-1565)

  • The third dynasty to dominate the Vijayanagar Empire was Tuluva, which was established by Vir Narsimha. It was this dynasty that produced Krishna Deva Raya, the most well-known ruler of the Vijayanagar Empire. It reigned from 1491 to 1570.
  • Krishna Deva Raya was a great commander and an efficient administrator. He assaulted Gulbarga and released the three Bahamani princes who were held there after totally decimating the Adil Shahi armies of Bijapur. He assisted them in regaining control of Gulbarga, and Krishna Deva adopted the title Yavanarajya sthapanacharya in recognition of his assistance. In 1513 AD, he launched his eastern campaign.
  • The first fort that Krishnadevaraya took control of was Udayagiri.
  • Portuguese governor Alfanso de Alburque concluded a treaty with Krishnadevaraya.
  • He was referred to as Andhra Bhoja and was a strong supporter of literature and the arts.
  • At his royal court were eight great academics called as Ashtadiggajas
  • At the Battle of Talikota in 1565, Rama Raya was defeated by the Bahaman confederacy (combined armies of Bijapur, Ahmadnagar, Golkonda, and Bidar).
  • Rama Raya was detained and put to death. Vijayanagar’s city was completely devastated. The Vijayanagar Empire was commonly thought to have ended with this war.
  • But the Aravidu dynasty continued to rule over the Vijayanagar state for another century or so.

Aravidu Dynasty (1570-1647)

  • Aravidu, founded by Tirumala, was the fourth and last Hindu dynasty to rule Vijayanagar kingdom in South India.
  • The notable kings of this dynasty were Thirumala, Sri Ranga, and Venkata II.
  • Sri Ranga III was the last monarch of the Vijayanagar state.
  • In the Battle of Vandavasi in 1647, Mir Jumla of Golconda defeated Sri Ranga.
  • With this, the Vijayanagar dominion was destroyed.

Vijayanagara Empire- FAQs

Q1. Who was the founder of Vijayanagara Empire?
Ans. The Vijayanagara Empire was founded in the fourteenth century by Harihara and
Bukka of the Sangama dynasty.

Q2. Whose court was adorned by Ashtadiggaja (group of 8 scholars)?
Ans. A group of 8 scholars, known as Ashtadiggajas adorned Krishnadevaraya’s court.

Q3. Who led the Vijayanagara Empire in the Battle of Talikota?
Ans. The Vijayanagara Empire was led by Ram Raya in the Talikota Battle.

Q4. The Vijayanagara Empire was founded near the bank of which river?
Ans. The Vijayanagara Empire was established near the banks of Tungabhadra river.

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