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United Nations Public Service Day 2021: 23rd June: Theme, History & Significance

United Nations Public Service Day: The United Nations observes 23rd June as Public service Day. It is the day that all these essential workers toil day in and day out to protect, recognize, and invest their lives. They put in their time and dedication with remarkable acts of service and contribution to humanity. The first celebration was started in 2002. There is a host country selected to honor those who have been major contributors to society. Big support is extended to those who have contributed to public institutions and have been responsive enough for sustainable development in public administration.

This day was commemorated  for the following reasons

  • To celebrate the value as well as the virtue of public service to the community
  • It highlights the contribution of public service for development and progress
  • Recognizes the work of public servants
  • It encourages people to join the public sector

United Nations Public Service Day 2021 Theme:

Due to the ongoing pandemic and lockdown in many countries, the event this year will be a virtual one where the Division of Public Institutions and Digital Government of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, are coming together with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to host a one-and-a-half-hour event online.

This event will bring together key stakeholders, public servants, and UN officials from all over the world to respect and honor the work of public servants.

The event will focus on innovation and technology playing an important role in the delivery of public services. It will also look at preparing the future public service for a new era, so as to reach the 2030 sustainable development goals. It will highlight how countries and public servants have quickly adopted and used online mechanisms to continue their work during the coronavirus pandemic.

United Nations Public Service Day 2021 Theme:- “Innovating the Future Public Service: New Government Models for a New Era to Reach the SDGs”.

There are several participants wherein they get to check out capacity development workshops. It definitely is a space wherein world leaders, policymakers, government authorities, and world bodies come together to debate on 

  • trending issues 
  • to make changes,
  • bring in better practices
  • Accelerate actions
  • Get innovative approaches
  • Effective service delivery
  • Transforming institutions

The above sustainable development goals help governments of various nations understand the primary responsibility and review the development over the years. They could check into the 

  • National levels
  • Regional levels
  • Global levels
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The whole idea behind this public service day is to improve the lives of people. Upgrading public administration as per the changing times and throwing out medieval laws. There is a need to make room for better and more responsible arrangements in public administration. Understanding the administration needs better and getting capable administrators in place so that sustainable development doesn’t fall short.

The award was set up for excellence and innovation, and Public service day was the apt date to give away those who had made creative achievements and contributions through public institutions.

The COVID-19 has shown that public healthcare workers have risked their lives to save others. They have worked round the clock to make sure they could be there for those afflicted with the virus. It just showed how public service and public servants are vital to get any sustainable development. They play a huge role in everyday lives but especially during times of crises such as these.

You will find that public servants are hardly acknowledged, and the assumption is made that they have it easier than private employees. To dispel that myth, United Nations has, therefore, felt that public administrators have to be recognized and given their due which wasn’t coming in for many years despite years of putting themselves out there for the people and the nation they serve.

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  • Who heads the Public Service Day?

Ans: The United Nations Department of Economic and social welfare (UN DESA) will be heading it.

  • When is Public service day celebrated?

Ans:  It is celebrated on 23rd June.

  • How many participants can be found on commemoration day?

Ans: There can be more than 800 participants on such forums.

  • What is discussed on such forums?

Ans: The topic of discussion is sustainable development goals.

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