Tricky Sentence Improvement Questions Quiz for SSC CGL Tier-II 2017

Dear Students, English section of CGL Tier-2 Exam is very challenging. You need to gird up your loins to score maximum marks.Today, in this English quiz we are providing Sentence Improvement holding a captivating weightage of 18-20 questions.Attempt this quiz, learn important grammar rules effectively in just a needed time and prepare for the CGL Tier-2 2017. We wish you good luck for the CGL Exam.

Directions (1-15): In the following question, a part of sentence is bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is required, choose “No Improvement” option. .

Q1. We were unable to call on you because of the rain.
(a) help
(b) be called
(c) visit
(d) No improvement

Q2. To alleviate the pain of losing his son, he took up meditation.
(a) lessen
(b) minimize
(c) decrease
(d) No improvement

Q3. Although he was tired, he went out for playing.
(a) goes out for playing
(b) goes out to play
(c) went out to play
(d) No improvement

Q4. The article should not exceed more than hundred words.
(a) exceed beyond
(b) exceed than
(c) exceed
(d) No improvement

Q5. During his long discourse, he did not touch that point.
(a) touch upon
(b) touch in
(c) touch of
(d) No improvement

Q6. The pioneer spacecraft went beyond Pluto.
(a) made its way past
(b) went across
(c) went after
(d) went

Q7. The gentry of the town was invited.
(a) is invited
(b) has been invited
(c) were invited
(d) No improvement

Q8. He was too glad to see his friend.
(a) very glad
(b) so glad
(c) to glad
(d) No improvement

Q9. Suraj looked at Sunil with a question.
(a) questioningly
(b) questionably
(c) wistfully
(d) No improvement

Q10. You must endure what you cannot cure.
(a) accept
(b) suffer
(c) prevail
(d) No improvement

Q11. The Sutlej has changed its path.
(a) journey
(b) course
(c) line
(d) No improvement

Q12. The boss impatiently told him to get up with his work.
(a) to get on
(b) to get by
(c) to get under
(d) No improvement

Q13. Owing to his respiratory problems the doctor has told him to refrain from smoking.
(a) to not refrain from
(b) to refrain to
(c) refrain from
(d) No improvement

Q14. I was impressed of it.
(a) by
(b) on
(c) to
(d) No improvement

Q15. The fire service personnel put off the fire with much difficulty.
(a) Put on
(b) Put out
(c) Put away
(d) No improvement

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