Tricky questions of Reasoning for SSC CHSL

Direction (1-3): In each of the following questions, series is given with one or more terms missing as show by (?). Choose the missing terms out of the given alternatives.

Q1. 11, 10, 101, 100, ? , 1000, 10001
(a) 1011
(b) 1001
(c) 1101
(d) 9990

Q2. Which term comes next in the series: YEB, WFD, UHG, SKI, ?
(a) QOL
(b) QGL
(c) TOL
(d) QNL

Q3. Z, ?, T, ?, N, ?, H, ?, B
(a) X, Q, K, E
(b) W, R, K, E
(c) W, Q, K, E
(d) X, R, K, E

Q4. Acting : Theatre : : Gambling : ?
(a) Club
(b) Casino
(c) Bar
(d) Gymn

Direction (5-6): Choose the odd numeral pair or word in each of the following questions:

Q5. Choose out the odd one.
(a) Madagascar
(b) Thailand
(c) Cuba
(d) Greenland

(a) 7 : 18
(b) 9 : 26
(c) 11 : 36
(d) 13 : 42

Q7. In a certain code language, BEAT is written as YVZG, then what will be the code of COLD?
(a) XNRW
(b) XOWR
(c) XLOW
(d) XROW

Q8. B is the husband of P. Q is the only grandson of E, who is wife of D and mother-in-law of P. How is D related to B?
(a) Nephew
(b) Cousin
(c) Father-in-law
(d) Father

Q9. A is elder to B while C and D are elder to E who lies between A and C. If C be elder to B, which one of the following statements is necessarily true?
(a) A is elder to C.
(b) C is elder to D.
(c) D is elder to C.
(d) E is elder to B.

Q10. Starting from a point P, Avinash walked 20 metres towards South. He turned left and walked 30 metres. He then turned left and walked 20 metres. He again turned left and walked 40 metres and reached a point Q. How far and in which direction is the point Q from the point P?
(a) 20 metres West
(b) 20 metres East
(c) 10 metres West
(d) 10 metres North

Q11. In this question, arrange the given names in the order in which they would occur in a telephone directory and choose the one which appears second last.
(a) Mohammad
(b) Mohammed
(c) Muhammad
(d) Mohummad

Q12. In this question, jumbled letters of a meaningful word are given. You have to rearrange these letters and select from the given alternatives the word which is almost opposite in meaning to the rearranged word.
(a) Innocent
(b) Docile
(c) Repair
(d) Renew

Q13. If with the third, fourth, fifth, seventh and tenth letters of the word PERSONALITY, a meaningful word is formed, then last letter of the word is the answer. 
(a) O
(b) T
(c) R
(d) S

Direction (14): Study the following arrangement of symbols, letters and answers to answer the question given below it:
δ = β F 2 * K S 7 5 # $ P L V 8 @ M U E 6 ↑ Q G © 9 3 & T Y £

Q14. How many such consonants are there in the above arrangement each of which is immediately followed by a consonant but not immediately preceded by a symbol?
(a) Nil
(b) One
(c) Two
(d) Three

Q15. Akash is 16th from the left end in a row of boys and Vikrant is 18th from the right end. Girish is 11th from Akash towards the right and 3rd from Vikrant towards the right end. How many boys are there in the row?
(a) 40
(b) 42
(c) 43
(d) None of these

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