Tricky questions of Reasoning for SSC CHSL & RRB NTPC

Directions (1-2): Find the missing character in each of the following:

(a) 12
(b) 13
(c) 14
(d) 15

(a) 8H
(b) 12J
(c) 16H
(d) 18K

Q3. If ‘+’ means ‘divided by’, ‘−’ means ‘add’, ‘×’ means ‘minus’ and ‘/’ means ‘multiplied by’, what will be the value of the following expression?
[{(17 × 12) – (4/2)} + (23 – 6)]/0
(a) infinite
(b) 0
(c) 100
(d) 111

Directions (4-5): Study the number series given below and answer the questions that follow:
7  8  9  7  6  5  3  4  2  8  9  7  2  4  5  9  2  9  7  6  4  7

Q4. How many 7s are preceded by 9 and followed by 6?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5

Q5. Which figures have equal frequency?
(a) 2, 5, 3
(b) 2, 4, 5
(c) 3, 7, 5
(d) 8, 6, 5

Directions (6): Unscramble the letters in the words given in this question and find the odd one out:

(b) NGRI

Directions (7): In this question, some letters are given. Arrange the letters properly to make a meaningful word and indicate the index of the letter, i.e., (a), (b), (c) or (d) that you have chosen to put last in the word, as your answer.

Q7. e r a l m v s u o 
(a) r
(b) s
(c) v
(d) l

Q8. If the positions corresponding to the multiples of 5 in the English alphabet are replaced by symbols and that of multiples of 7 by digits, how many letters will be left?
(a) 16
(b) 20
(c) 18
(d) 17

Q9. How many T’s are there in the following sequence which are immediately preceded by P but not immediately followed by S?
S  T  P  Q  T  S  P  T  R  P  T  S  R  P  S  T  Q  P  T  R  P  T  M  P  T  S
(a) None
(b) One
(c) Two
(d) Three

Q10. If the words in the sentence, “She sells sea shells on the sea shore” are rearranged in the alphabetical order, which will be the middle word?
(a) shells
(b) she
(c) sea
(d) shore

Q11. Q’s mother is sister of P and daughter of M. S is daughter of P and sister of T. How is M related to T?
(a) Grandmother 
(b) Father
(c) Grandfather
(d) Grandfather or Grandmother

Q12. In a certain code, ‘786’ means ‘study very hard’, ‘958’ means ‘hard work pays’ and ‘645’ means ‘study and work’. Which of the following is the code for ‘very’?
(a) 8
(b) 6
(c) 7
(d) Cannot be determined

Directions (13): In this question, a word is represented by only one set of numbers as given in any one of the alternatives. The sets of numbers given in the alternatives are represented by two classes of alphabets as in the two given matrices. The columns and rows of Matrix I are numbered from 0 to 4 and those of Matrix II from 5 to 9. A letter from these matrices can be represented first by its row and then the column number e.g., in the matrices for questions 1 to 4, M can be represented by 14, 21, etc.; O can be represented by 20, 32, etc. Similarly you have to identify the correct set for the word given in each question.
(a) 57, 12, 31, 56
(b) 57, 21, 23, 79
(c) 66, 44, 42, 96
(d) 75, 30, 31, 87

Q14. If in a code language, PAINT is written as 74128 and EXCEL is written as 93596, then how will ACCEPT be written in that language?
(a) 733961
(b) 544978
(c) 554978
(d) 455978

Q15. If in a certain language, GRASP is coded as BMVNK, which word would be coded as CRANE?

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