Tricky questions of Quant for SSC CHSL

Q1. By selling an article for Rs. 102, there is a loss of 15%. When the article is sold for Rs. 134.40, the net result in the transaction is:
(a) 12% gain
(b) 12% loss
(c) 10% loss
(d) 15% gain

Q2. A shopkeeper sold his goods at half the list price and thus lost 20%. If he had sold on the listed price, his gain percentage would be 
(a) 20%
(b) 35%
(c) 60%
(d) 72%

Q3. A builder purchase 25 windows at 25% off the total price of Rs. 120000. If the builder receives an additional discount of Rs. 7500 for the purchase, then the cost of each window is- 
(a) Rs. 3100
(b) Rs. 3200
(c) Rs. 3300
(d) Rs. 3400 

Q4. In a coconut grove, (x + 2) trees yield 60 nuts per year, x trees yield 120 nuts per year, and (x – 2) trees yield 180 nuts per year. If the average yield per year per tree be 100, find the value of x.  
(a) 4
(b) 2
(c) 8
(d) 6

Q5. Visitors to a show were charged Rs. 15.00 each on the first day, Rs. 7.50 on the second, Rs. 2.50 on the third day. Visitors total attendance for three days were in the ratio 2: 5: 13. Find out the average charge per visitor for the entire show.
(a) Rs. 7 
(b) Rs. 5
(c) Rs. 9
(d) Rs. 11 

Q6. If a man rows 4 km downstream in 3 hours and 2 km upstream in 2 hours, then how long will he take to cover 8 km in stationary (still) water?
(a) 5 hours
(b) 9 hours
(c)8 hours
(d) none of these

Q7. The speed of a boat in still water is 30 km/hr and the rate of current is 12 km/hr. The distance traveled upstream in 20 minutes is –
(a) 6 km
(b) 5 km
(c) 9 km
(d) 8 km

Q8. Sandeep can row a certain distance downstream in 5 hours and return the same distance in 7 hours. If the stream flows at the rate of 2 km per hour. Find the speed of Sandeep in still water.
(a) 14 km/h
(b) 15 km/h
(c) 13km/h
(d) 12 km/h

Q9. The rate of flow of river water is 4 km/hr. A boat goes 6 km and back to the starting point in 2 hours. Find the speed of the boat in still water.
(a) 6 km/hr
(b) 8 km/hr
(c) 9 km/hr
(d) 10 km/hr
Q10. A man can row 30 km upstream and 44 km downstream in 10 hrs. Also, he can row 40 km upstream and 55 km downstream in 13 hrs. Find the rate of the current(v) and the speed of the man(u) in still water.
(a) u = 5, v = 4
(b) u = 6, v = 5
(c) u = 8, v = 3
(d) None of these

Q11. A circle and a rectangle have the same perimeter. The sides of the rectangle are 18 cm and 26 cm. The area of the circle is [Take π=22/7] 
(a) 125 cm2
(b) 230 cm2
(c) 550 cm2

(d) 616 cm2


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