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Tribes of Uttar Pradesh: Know about famous Tribes of Uttar Pradesh

Tribes of Uttar Pradesh: Uttar Pradesh is one of the most inhabited states in India and is also dwelling to many tribal communities. Some of the major tribes in the state are Baiga, Agaria, Kol and more and some of them have been acknowledged as the Scheduled Tribes of Uttar Pradesh by the Government of India.

In this article, we will discuss about the famous Tribes of Uttar Pradesh in details. Some of the tribes which inhabit in the state of Uttar Pradesh are as follows:

  • THARU tribe is mainly found in Gorakhpur and terai regions, stretching from Kushinagar to Lakhimpur Kheri districts in the northernmost parts. Most of them are forest dwellers and practice agriculture. The word Tharu is believed to have derived from Sthavir meaning followers of Theravada Buddhism. The eat Dhikri which is a dish of steam rice eaten with curry along with Ghongi an edible snail cooked in spices along with alcoholic beverages. They celebrate Diwali as mourning day and give offerings to their ancestors.
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  • BUKSA live mainly in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh in Bijnora They are indigenous people granted the status of the Scheduled Tribes. They speak Buksa language which can be compared to Rana Tharu. After abandoning their animist traditions, they are now basically Hindus. They worship the tribal deity of Shakumbari Devi. William Crook called them as lineage of Rajputs. Rice and fish are the main food of this tribe. They are also called Bhoksa.
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  • BAIGA are commonly found in Uttar Pradesh, this tribe practices ‘shifting cultivation’ that is slash-burn or Dahiya cultivation. Baiga have tattooing as an integral part of their lifestyle. They are the successors of the Dravidians. The tattooing artists are known as Godharins. They consume usually coarse foods includes kodo, coarse grain, kutki, eat some flour and drink pe They also hunt for small mammals and fish and eat fruits like char, mango, tendu and jamun.
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  • KOL are mainly found in the Prayagraj, Varanasi, Banda and Mirzapur districts, the Kol is the largest tribe in Uttar Pradesh. This community migrated from the central parts of India almost five centuries ago. They are one of the Scheduled Castes available in UP. Divided into exogamous clans like Monasi, Rautia, Thaluria, Rojaboria, Bhil, Barawire, and Chero, they are followers of Hinduism and speak in Baghelkhandi Kols depend upon the forest for the income. The leaves and firewood is collected by them and sold at the local markets.
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  • GHASIYA OR GHASIA also known as the Ghasiyara are a Hindu caste. They have the status of the scheduled caste and are found in Uttar Pradesh. Traditionally, the word ghasiya means the grasscutter. They are one of the many tribal communities from Sonbhadra and Mirzapur in the southern parts of Uttar Pradesh. According to their claims, they have migrated from Madhya Pradesh’s Surguja district and at some point of time, they were the rulers but since they lost their rulings, they started cultivation.
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