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Total lunar eclipse will take place today across the globe

Total lunar eclipse: The total lunar eclipse that occurred today is the last one for the following three years. A partial lunar eclipse is already visible in regions of North and South America since the eclipse has already started. At 3.46 PM IST, the eclipse’s total phase will begin. The eclipse’s partial phase will last until 6.19 PM IST, with the total phase ending at 5.12 PM IST.

Total lunar eclipse: Key Points

  • When the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, it creates a lunar eclipse by blocking some or all of the Moon’s sunlight. As a result, the Moon’s surface casts a shadow, which is what we can see from Earth.
  • The Moon will still get some sunlight during a total solar eclipse.
  • Blue light will be scattered in all directions by a phenomenon known as Rayleigh scattering as it travels through the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • The Moon appears reddish during the eclipse because it can pass through and reflect the redder light.
  • The whole phase of the eclipse will be in process during moonrise in the Eastern regions of the country, including Kolkata and Guwahati, according to the Ministry of Earth Sciences.
  • However, totality would not have been complete for other cities, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru, until Moonrise. India cannot now see the eclipse because it is still daylight.

Total lunar eclipse: About

  • The lunar eclipse will reach its totality, or total coverage of the Moon by the shadow of the Earth.
  • The Moon currently appears to be entirely obscured, as seen in the image below, however this is only because the dazzling reflection from the uncovered portion obscures the covered area.
  • According to NASA scientist Noah Pedro, the same thing occurs when you see the eclipse with your eyes because of the way your brain interprets light.
  • The Moon will appear to be completely lit by a dim red light when the total lunar eclipse starts.
  • This is due to the fact that part of the Sun’s light will still reach the Moon after travelling through the atmosphere of the Earth.
  • The bluer wavelengths of this light will disperse in all directions as it travels through the atmosphere, making way for the redder wavelengths.
  • The lunar eclipse is already underway, with significant portions of the Moon already hidden in several locations around the globe.
  • A partial lunar eclipse is currently visible in regions of North and South America as the lunar eclipse has started.

When will the eclipse begin?

  • The eclipse will start today at 2.39 PM IST, according to a statement from the Ministry of Earth Sciences of the Indian government. From 3.46 PM IST until 5.12 PM IST, there will be a total moon eclipse. At 6:19 PM, the lunar eclipse will be over.
  • A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are, by definition, at opposite ends of the Earth.
  • This means that a brief window will exist for Indian astronomers to view the eclipse since the Moon will be below the horizon until the Sun sets.

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