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‘Top To Total’- Agriculture Scheme For Atmanirbhar Bharat

The agricultural produce had a hard time with perishable items due to the existing broken supply chains. It hardly worked in the farmer’s favor, who bore the brunt of losses in the present state of affairs. Hence the Government has worked around these issues and called it the ‘Operation Greens.’ They have found that perishable items like fruits and vegetables that were considered in this scheme have now the inclusion of tomatoes, onions, and potatoes well.

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Several farmers now will reap the benefit of the Agriculture Scheme and be able to make some kind of earnings that will help them, in turn, lead better lives. The miseries they faced all along due to intermediaries, no storage facilities, transportation, no fair pricing, and, of course, the perennial debt that they would carry to the grave. The plight of the farmers will be voiced, and several such addressing concerns will be put to rest if the schemes are followed through.

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The scheme is made in line with the vision that the prime minister has set for the country which was focused on agricultural production and allied services

  • Agriculture 
  • Fisheries
  • Food processing

The Rs.500 crore scheme was to acknowledge the disruptions that were caused in the supply chain and rectify and find better and more significant options for the farmers to get their farm-produce to sell better and get the right prices. There was a definite need to look into the distress sale that prevails when

Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan: Press Conference By Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

  • There is overproduction
  • Drop-in prices
  • Lockdown like situations 

The farmer is in a predicament at the loss of investment as there is no way he will be able to recover the cost apart from huge losses, which makes them vulnerable to the loans procured. Many farmers then get tied up in vicious debt cycles that lead them to commit suicides. The COVID-19 reality has starred in the face and the realization that many such situations are not as chaotic as this, but similar circumstances should not cause the disruption of the supply chains; hence the ‘top to total’ scheme is being introduced in the farmer’ favor. The consumers also will find it affordable to buy in this kind of situation as well.

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The scheme introduced will have 

  • 50% subsidy on transportation from the surplus to deficit markets
  • 50% subsidy on storage inclusive of cold storage facilities

The Agriculture Scheme will be running on a pilot basis for a period of six months, and the results will be assessed to check on what results can be achieved by it as well as how it can be better and implemented in a more significant way. With better results, there will be an extension of the scheme as well. It is one of the major steps in the reduction of wastage when so many of our fellow brethren are impoverished and malnutritioned. The need to preserve fruits and vegetables and help farmers make a difference in their lives as well as able to reach more markets is the step towards progress. Which is what the prime minister has reiterated in his speech of making ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat.’ 


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