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The Hindu Newspaper Vocabulary| Intelligence Bureau Recruitment 2017

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Dear students, English language is the flavor of the millennium. In every aspect of life, we need great English language skills to stand out and be a success in your chosen field. In your competitive Exams for govt. jobs, English section is the most challenging. The best way to improve your language skills is by Reading newspapers. We are providing 10 vocabulary words from The Hindu Newspaper Editorial. Read and learn.

1. Vicinity (noun)

Meaning: the area near or surrounding a particular place.
Synonyms: surrounding district, surrounding area, neighbourhood, locality, locale, local area, area, district, region, quarter, sector, territory, domain, place, zone.
Example: Shortly after, the girl was spotted riding her motorcycle around the Kaylana lake on Jaisalmer Road. Mr. Sihag said the police team repeatedly called out to her and asked her to come back but she rushed to the cliff and jumped into the lake. A group of divers in the vicinity rescued the girl from the lake.
2.Hapless (adjective)
Meaning: (especially of a person) unfortunate.
Synonyms: unfortunate, unlucky, luckless, out of luck, ill-starred, ill-fated, jinxed, cursed, doomed.
Example: By contemplating deportation of the hapless refugees, India undermines itself
3.Callousness (noun)
Meaning: insensitive and cruel disregard for others.
Example: The dispensability of the Rohingya is clear and so is the callousness of the nation state. India can no longer criticise the West for being hostile to Syrian and Sudanese refugees.
4.Exodus (noun)
Meaning: a mass departure of people.
Synonyms: mass departure, withdrawal, evacuation, leaving, exit.
Example: Persecuted by the army and the Buddhist majority, they began a slow exodus over India, Bangladesh, spreading to States such as Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, moving as far as Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Their exodus has once again a cynical side to it as agents arranged for their travel.
5.Beleaguer (verb)
Meaning: lay siege to.
Synonyms: besieged, under siege, blockaded, surrounded, encircled, hemmed in, under attack
Example: A country which offered a home to the Parsis, the Tibetans, the Afghans and the Jews cannot turn a little minority of helpless people back. One hopes civil society protests, challenging the indifference of the state. It is not just a question of saving a beleaguered people, it is question of saving the soul of India. The idea of India is being threatened today. Should civil society remain mute and indifferent? There is a Rohingya in all of us.
6.Promulgate (verb)
Meaning: promote or make widely known (an idea or cause)
Synonyms: make known, make public, publicize, spread, communicate, propagate, disseminate, circulate, broadcast, promote, announce, proclaim.
Example: Under the new Constitution promulgated in 2015, seven provinces have been created and significant decentralisation of powers has taken place.
7.Inflationary (adjective)
Meaning: characterized by or tending to cause monetary inflation.
Example: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has categorically said  States must generate their own resources to fund such largesse, and the Reserve Bank of India has warned of inflationary risks from fiscal slippages caused by large farm loan waivers. 
8.Renaissance (noun)
Meaning: the revival of European art and literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th–16th centuries.a revival of or renewed interest in something.
Example: The fine balance struck by India and the U.S. culminated in the Agenda 21, raising hopes 
for a renaissance in the areas of both environment and development.
9.Mitigation (noun)
Meaning: the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something.
Synonyms: alleviation, reduction, diminution, lessening, easing, weakening, lightening.
Example: The Accord deals with the global commitments of countries regarding emissions, mitigation, adaptation and financing from 2020. The allegation that China, Russia and India are only contributing to pollution and not to climate change fund has no basis whatsoever.
10.Commensurate (adjective)
Meaning: corresponding in size or degree; in proportion.
Synonyms: equivalent, equal, corresponding, correspondent, comparable, proportionate.
Example: The advantage that the U.S. and other developed countries have gained from the Paris Accord is that all economies, including China and India, are being made to take action on climate change without any commensurate guarantees from the former on funding and transfer of technology.

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