Test of the Day(TOD) for SSC CGL 2017

Dear students, for your improvement and better practice at SSC Adda, we provide you a test of 20 questions i.e. Test Of the Day(TOD) which play a vital role in your practice. In TOD, You’ll find all 4 subjects in a single Test. We wish you Good luck for your SSC CGL /MTS / CPO exams. We are making all the possible efforts to make your Studies fun and Interactive.


Directions (1-5): In this section a number of sentences are given. The sentences are given in different parts. Read each sentence to find out whether there is an error in any part. No sentence has more than one error. When you find an error in any of the parts indicate your response. Q1. They all met in a room a)/which was close to the Centre b)/to discuss about the plan of action. c)/No error d)
They all met in a room
which was close to the Centre
to discuss about the plan of action
No error
(remove 'about' after 'discuss')
Q2. Two hundred miles a)/ are not a great distance. b)/ in these days of fast travel by aero planes. c)/ No error d)
Two hundred miles
are not a great distance
in these days of fast travel by aero planes
No error
(use singular verb 'is'. here, two hundred miles is considered a single distance/unit)
Q3. When the police accused him with theft a)/ nobody believed them b)/ as he was well-known for his honesty. c)/No error d)
When the police accused him with theft
nobody believed them
as he was well-known for his honesty
No error
(use preposition 'of' in place of 'with')
Q4. This text-book in Physics, which has been a)/ written for undergraduate students b)/ comprises of fourteen chapters. c)/ No error d)
This text-book in Physics, which has been
written for undergraduate students
comprises of fourteen chapters
No error
(comprise is followed by a noun/noun phrase, not by preposition 'of')
Q5. He went to England to work as a doctor a)/but returned back b)/as he could not endure the weather there. c)/ No error d)
He went to England to work as a doctor
but returned back
as he could not endure the weather there
No error
(use of 'back' is superfluous.)
Q6. A man sells a plot of land at 6% profit. If he had sold it at 10% profit, he would have received Rs. 200 more. What is the selling price of the land?
Rs. 5000
Rs. 5300
Rs. 4800
Rs. 5500
Q7. A man buys two cycles for a total cost of Rs. 900. By selling one for 4/5 of its cost and other for 5/4 of its cost, he makes a profit of Rs. 90 on the whole transaction. Find the cost price of lower priced cycle.
Rs. 360
Rs. 250
Rs. 300
Rs. 420
Q8. A manufacturer makes a profit of 15% by selling a colour TV for Rs5750. If the cost of manufacturing increases by 30% and the price paid by the retailer is increased by 20%, find the profit percent made by the manufacturer.
Q9. Anil bought an article at Rs. 200 and sold it at a profit of 10%. What would have been the increase in the profit percent if it was sold for Rs. 230?
None of these
Q10. A owns a house worth Rs. 10,000. He sells it to B at a profit of 15%. After some time, B sells it back to A at 15% loss. Find A’s loss or gain percent.
2.25% gain
6.25% gain
17.64% gain
17.25% gain
Q11.Who wrote the ‘Harshacharita’?
Q12. Rath Temples at Mahabalipuram were built during the reign of which Pallava ruler?
Narasinghvarman I
Nandivarman I
Q13. Mention the place where Buddha attained enlightenment
Q14.“My own belief is that congress is tottering and one of my great ambitions is to assist it to the peaceful death.” Who said it?
Winston Churchill
Mohammad Ali Jinnah
Lord Curzon
Lord Dufferin
Q15.Who was the first Indian to become a member of the British Parliament?
Badruddin Tyabji
W.C. Banerjee
D.N. Wacha
Dadabhai Naoroji
Q16. In this question, there is a certain relationship between two given words on one side of : : and one word is given on another side of : : while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with this word as the words of the given pair bear. Choose the correct alternative. Touch : Feel : : Greet : ?
Touch is felt and greet is acknowledged.
Directions (17-18): Choose the odd numeral pair/group in each of the following questions: Q17.
75 - 100
74 – 40
85 – 60
103 – 78
In all other pairs, the difference between the two numbers is 25.
7 : 23
8 : 32
10 : 32
13 : 41
In all other pairs, 2nd number = (1st number × 3) + 2.
Q19. After walking 6 km, I turned right and covered a distance of 2 km, then turned left and covered a distance of 10 km. In the end, I was moving towards the north. From which direction did I start my journey?
Clearly, the route is as shown in the diagram. Thus, the man started his journey from the South and moved northwards.

Q20. In this question, one term in the number series is wrong. Find out the wrong term. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 96
Each term of the series is obtained by multiplying the preceding term by 2. So, 96 is wrong and must be replaced by (64 × 2) i.e. 128.

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