Test of the day for SSC CGL and SSC CPO

1. What should come in the place of (?) in the given 

(a) KKK
(b) JKI 
(c) HJH
(d) IKL
2. Statement: Sachin’s mother instructed him to return home by train if it rains heavily. 
I. Sachin may not be able to decide himself if it rains heavily.
II. The trains may ply even if it rains heavily.
(a) Only assumption I is implicit
(b) Only assumption II is implicit 
(c) Either I or Ii is implicit 
(d) Neither I nor II is implicit

3. On morning after sunrise Vikram and Shailesh were standing in a lawn with their back towards each other. Vikram’s shadow fell exactly towards his left-hand side. Which direction Shailesh was facing?
(a) East
(b) West
(c) North
(d) South

4. Which answer figure is the part of the following question figure?
Question Figure: 

Answer Figures:

5. Find the value of 1/5+999494/495×99
(a) 90000
(b) 99000
(c) 90900
(d) 99990

6. The sides BA and DC of quadrilateral ABCD are produced as shown in figure. Then which of the following statements is correct?

 (a) 2x°+y°=a°+b°

(b) x°+1/2 y°=(a°+b°)/2
(c) x°+y°=a°+b°
(d) x°+a°=y°+b°

7. Two pipes can fill a cistern separately in 24 minutes and 40 minutes respectively. A waste pipe can drain off 30 litres per minute. If all the three pipes are opened, the cistern fills in one hour. The capacity (in litres) of the cistern is:
(a) 800
(b) 400
(c) 600
(d) 500
8.The sum of five consecutive integers is a and the sum of next five consecutive integers is b. Then (b-a)/100 is equal to:
(a) 1/4
(b) 1/2
(c) 4 
(d) 2
9. By Convention, who of the following is the Chairman of Press Council of India?
(a) An eminent journalist of India 
(b) A senior Civil Services Officer 
(c) A retired Judge of the Supreme Court of India 
(d) The Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting

10. Alauddin Khalji captured the Delhi throne after securing fabulous wealth from:
(a) Chanderi 
(b) Gujarat 
(c) Devagiri
(d) Madurai 
11. Who was the first Indian native ruler to accept the system of Subsidiary Alliance?
(a) Scindia of Gwalior 
(b) Nizam of Hyderabad
(c) Dalip Singh of Punjab
(d) Gaikwad of Baroda 

12. In which game does Suman Bala represent India?
(a) Chess
(b) Women’s Hockey 
(c) Shot-put
(d) Women’s Cricket 

Directions In these questions, some of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. If a sentence is free from errors. (d) is the answer.
13. Most of the Uttar Pradesh is (a)/ an extremely fertile plain between (b)/ which the river Ganga flows. (c)/ No error (d) 
Directions In these questions, four alternatives are given for the Idiom/Phrase printed in bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given Idiom/Phrase and mark it in the Answer Sheet.
14.I did not mind what he was saying, he was only through his hat.
(a) talking nonsense
(b) talking ignorantly 
(c) talking irresponsibly
(d) talking insultingly 

Directions (Q.15-16): In these questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence. 

15. An office with no work but high pay
(a) Honorary 
(b) Sinecure
(c) Ex-officio
(d) Reticent 
16. The act of looking back upon past events 
(a) Introspection 
(b) Retrospection
(c) Extrospection
(d) Circumspection 
1. (a)
2. (b)
3. (d)
4. (a)

Quants Ans.
5. (b)
6. (c)
7. (c)
8. (a)

G.S. Ans.
9. (c)
10. (c)
11. (b)
12. (b)

English Ans
13. (b)
14. (a)
15. (b)
16. (b)


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