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Target SSC CGL Tier 2: How to score full marks in Reading Comprehension?

Target SSC CGL Tier 2: How to score full marks in Reading Comprehension? The answer to this question is provided in this article. SSC CGL tier 2 exam dates can be out any time soon. Paper 2 of SSC CGL Tier 2 will contain 200 questions from the English Language section carrying one mark each to be attempted in 2 hours. Out of the 200 questions, reading comprehension consists of 25 questions for 25 marks. In order to score 180+ marks in paper 2, you must be well acquainted with the concept of all topics and score full marks wherever possible.

SSC CGL Tier 2  Reading Comprehension is one of the most dreaded sections by many of the aspirants appearing for SSC CGL Tier 2 exam. It is used to test the reading skills and basic understanding of a candidate. It shows your ability to draw inferences from what you read. How can you score full marks in the reading comprehension section? What is the right way to solve reading comprehension questions? What is the strategy that you can adopt to gain full marks? Check out the article below:

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Major Categories of Questions

What kind of questions are asked from the RC section? The major categories of questions based on the RC given are:

  1. Main idea/ central theme/ tone of the passage
  2. To the point questions asking for specific details that can be directly answered from the passage.
  3. Meaning of words or phrases asking either antonym or synonym
  4. Inference or assumption based questions
  5. Identify the true or false statements related to the passage

Tips to Score full marks in Reading Comprehension

To deal with the various categories of questions asked in the RC, you must follow a particular strategy that will help you answer the questions in a short span of time. Here are the tips you can follow to score full marks in questions related to reading comprehension:

  1. Improve your reading skills

The first step towards solving the RC questions is to read the passage. Improvizing your reading skills is the primary factor while solving the questions related to reading comprehension. You must have thorough reading skills to read 4-5 RCs with a calm mind. Solving 200 questions of the English language can be exhausting and requires concentration. Here are the tips following which you can enhance your reading skills:

  • Reading newspapers, or online news articles on a daily basis.
  • Read Novels regularly. You can read fiction novels that have a gripping story to keep you indulged while improving your reading skills
  • Watch English movies and shows with subtitles and try to find the meaning of the words that you find difficult.

2. Understand the passage

  • Only reading the passage will not help you answer the questions. You must understand the basic idea of the passage without which your reading speed is useless.
  • While reading, you must keenly observe what the author wants to convey in the passage.
  • Extensive practice of the RCs will help you to polish this skill.
  • You should develop the habit of correlating the sentences read in the passage and extracting the important information in your mind.

3. Stronghold on General English with up to the mark vocabulary

General English helps you in not only answering other questions but in Reading comprehension as well. You must know the actual meaning of the passage and for that, you must be well equipped with the general English along with a good vocabulary. With a good vocabulary, you can grasp the true meaning of the sentences and words. You will have to draw on the resources built by your own vocabulary to understand the passage. Here are the tips to develop a strong vocabulary and improve your general English:

  • Read from various sources and search the words that trouble you
  • Learn the roots of the words and try to implement it
  • Make a habit to learn new words everyday
  • Diversify your reading list. Read from different sources as that will help you in recognizing new words.

4. “Questions First” or “Passage First”?

A general question that aspirants ask is whether they should read the passage first or the questions. If you think you will remember all the points after reading the complete passage once and answer all the questions then it is not possible. Also, there are some questions for which you must read the passage to understand the deeper meaning. Follow the tips to answer correctly:

  • Scan the questions quickly if the passage is long.
  • Now, go through the passage once to know about the points that the author is trying to make. Don’t read it in detail but it should be scanning in nature.
  • Answer the questions that are directly asked from the passage.
  • Now as you know the points, you can directly go that part of the passage from which the other questions are asked.
  • Read-only that portion in detail from which the questions asked are complicated and require in-depth reading.

5. Elimination Method

While answering the direct questions based on vocabulary, where you are confused about the right answer, you can opt for the elimination method. You must look for the options and the words given in it. Try to understand the meaning of the word based on its usage given in the passage. Then, eliminate the irrelevant words from the options to give you the right answer.

6. Practice enough RCs before appearing for the exam

Practice makes a man perfect. Make sure you practice enough RCs before sitting for the exam. It will help you to improve your reading skills and manage your time. Solving RCs is not a difficult task, it just needs the right strategy to answer the questions.

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